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alameen wa salatu salam O Allah,

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Allah Allah us heavy as my word.

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We continue with

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our topic of how religion

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we are talking about those for whom the agenda was real

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and believed in the promises of Allah subhanaw taala and for whom the promises were less nano tala came true.

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He talks about the incident of Satan a blood in Nevada Delano

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go as we know when I was Indian

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and African slave,

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he was bought and he was the slave of

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a man called myadmin Hello.

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Now Mavin help was one of the worst enemies of Allah.

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And will Allah Delano was his slave when the Salah is Allah Salaam

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proclaimed Islam

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so after a while will Allah Delano when to listen to us or Rasul Allah once

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and when he heard him immediately he accepted Islam.

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Now in a way I've been helped him to know that his slave virol has accepted Islam.

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We have been have started torturing him.

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So used to beat bilello. Delano.

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And then he would

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put him on the hot sand

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of Makkah.

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And he would be dragged

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on the sand until the skin of his back came off.

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And sometimes he would

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put on armor on him and then put him on the sand and put a big rock on his chest.

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So we literally sort of cooks in that armor.

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And whenever we hear these stories,

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and there are so many of them, may Allah subhanaw taala grant the highest daraga in the agenda for the Sai Baba surah Selim.

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We hear these stories for us their stories

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on bricks, our foot.

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That is the extent of pain we know. Or we have a headache one day or a backache someday or a toothache someday. What do we know what it feels to be dragged on the ground until the skin of your back comes off?

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What do we know of all the pain after that?

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Because if people read to put it that, not then going to take Bilal or Delano to a hospital for him to be dressed up and for them to apply bombs on his back.

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With not just the injury, it is also what happens after the injury.

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And although this entire torturing process will allow the learners to keep saying I had done I had I had done I had

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Now there were many others I have were also tortured.

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And many of them look under the torture

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and some of them

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to save themselves, they recanted.

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And they said Karima of COVID.

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And then like a Martinez event was Rosa Rosa loving the city as well. I was in this terrible state why I couldn't help it. But I had to say it. And as soon as I said what was the state of your heart? And he says, My heart goes on Islam

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said then there is no harm in using whatever you have to say, to save yourself from the torture or from death. And if you have to say it again, you can say it again.

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But of course at the same time you had the parents of unmarried males who did not say and who prefer to be killed by a vagina.

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And belaga Renault was one of those who they could never make him say any kalamalka

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so whenever there are no they will not break, and we will help us to torture him and torture him until he got tired.

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But bilenda durano continued to say as I had done that. Many years later somebody asked with Allah Delano This is why did you say this ahead?

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What was the reason? Why did you say I don't know what he said because that used to make me

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crazy with anger.

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Imagine, you know, he's saying something divine is torturing him. And he's saying something which he knows makes him more angry, which means that the torture will become more.

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They said, I have to say it because I know that that is what used to drive him crazy

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ideas, the thinking of the SAT or something else.

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And then there's bill Allah there are no wonder so Lazarus, Allah was passing.

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He knew what was happening. So he came to his companions and he said, Isn't that somebody who can buy that man and Freeman What? Why is it that he has to be taught to like

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the workers or the language to may have been help and he said, will you sell me the slave?

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So he said, Yes.

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So he said how much he said that can hold enough.

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That will go to the delana went home, he brought 10 dinner and gave it to my uncle.

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So my oven had started laughing.

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So he said,

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Rosella know why we love you. He said, because if you had bargained with me

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and asked me to reduce the price is that I would have sold Israel for one euro

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but you gave me 10 times the price

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was 11 said if you had bargained with me,

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I would have bought this lay for under dinner.

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Not for 10

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I will go to the hotel and then what will Allah there are no and realistic freedom

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many years later,

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below there are no after the death of Allah Allah after sauces and bust away

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below they are. Delano

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couldn't bear to stay in Medina.

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Now many stories of phases and so on. He couldn't bear to stay in Medina.

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So he went double Casa de la Rosa dilys me and allow me to go from here.

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I said, No, I want you to stay and I want to be with me.

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Will Allah Delano said if you bought me for yourself, then I have nothing more to say.

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But if you want me for the pleasure of Allah, let me go

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around and said you will.

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And will Allah there are no they went away.

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And then in the hills of Missouri patata Delano, when Jerusalem was conquered,

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and must be the Luxor was fried.

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The Zara asked, and they're all they're all the Zara was there at that time, they were all there in Jerusalem.

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They asked and that was you know, the story he went, he was asked to come to take the keys of Jerusalem and he went

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and after digging the keys, all the xaba were there they said, please ask below the line who to call the other in the Luxor.

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So Bill Allah Delano cordia, that in Allah says Allah

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Subhanallah Delano is perhaps the only savvy who had the honor of calling the ASEAN in all the three massages of Allah in the Quran, but vs Allah in mercy, the NaVi and in homage Eros

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is the only serve you had the honor of calling in all three P's.

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And finally the story of hatanaka

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whereas Allah is Allah Salah when Makkah was conquered, again, all the zaba or withdraw pseudo Saracen about that time

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Okay, so there was there was there everyone, all the all the covering the Sahaba porridge, they were all but also realize, as Bella Delano

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to claim on top of the car

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on the roof of the cup, and he said call the plan from this.

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So without their honor is the only person

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the only human being the only saddles are actually stood on top of the car

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and called the other.

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And there is no one in the world who could have ordered anyone else to stand on top of the car. And there is no one in the world who was given this order that he had to study stood on top of the cover and he called the other.

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Rosa was around once tasks Malala Delano. It was so nervous, after certain further to turn around and to give some nausea or he used to sometimes

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narrate one of his dreams.

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Or he would ask the Sahaba Has anyone seen a dream and if they have seen a dream, he would interpret the dream.

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So one day he turned around out a buzzer and he said

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Hello there I know he said the last night I was chosen.

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And as I was walking in Gemini I heard your footsteps ahead of me.

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We said what is it that you do that I heard your footsteps in Jannah ahead of my head of me.

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So we'll all have their arms around so that whenever I may go to he said whenever my rubrics after that I immediately make Moodle and immediately after making Moodle, I pray two rakaat enough inshallah, the here the rule

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is that I'm pray to Allah, he did not use the term they have the rules. I'm saying that because that's how we recognize that Salah. He said, I pray to Iraq and immediately after, although I pray to Allah,

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He said that is the only ama that I do. And as soon as the law Salaam said for that allegation.

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These are the stories of people who recognize the law or a connection with Allah, the people who believed the promises of Allah, Allah, Allah.

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The point and purpose of narrating the stories is for us to ask this question to ourselves

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and say that Allah is the same,

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and his promises are still true. The question is, do we believe in those promises.

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And if we believe in the promises, then that belief has to be expressed in terms of actions. Because every one of these stories is not talking about the savvy, talking about his belief, but living that belief, investing in that belief, and giving and, and and donating and giving and investing everything that they had, including their lives, in order to fulfill the covenant with Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it possible for us and easy for us to do that which is pleasing to Him, to open our hearts to the reality of his promises. And for us to have faith in his promises, so that we can live a life that is free from stress, and free from every kind of

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strain in this world, and then shall agenda in the Euro, or Salalah helana will carry while he was how he made that article.