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The speaker discusses how Google collects data on phone calls and emails, creating a profile for users, and recording all phone conversations. The government is setting up new rules for recording all phone conversations, and insPEAKER's deeds will be revealed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of privacy policy and avoiding forgotten deeds, and discusses the need to ensure individual privacy and address mistakes. They also touch on forgiveness from a woman and address her actions, but not discussing forgiveness.

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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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della, so the milk,

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he said was heavy. In La Moneda De Soto,

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Allah said that whether you speak in secret, or you speak openly

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in La mumbi, that sudo

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Allah Subhana, Allah knows what is in your hearts.

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So that's another thing is not only the know and is aware of and sees and hears, what we speak and what we do. But Allah Subhana data is also aware of our thoughts and feelings,

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in the deepest recesses of our minds and hearts, what we are thinking and what we are feeling, and also how not Allah knows this, and he is aware of this.

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remind myself and knew about the importance of us being aware of the fact that Allah Subhana, Allah knows

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what we say and do and what we think and what we feel.

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Thinking just now Google has come up with a privacy policy,

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where Google collects all sorts of data.

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They are collecting keystrokes, they are collecting, which sites you search, and they create a profile for you. Where

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any time you search, and use the Google search engine, it pops up for you those things which you are used to.

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And this is only as much as we know, now you have no idea what Google is also doing with the information that they collect.

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And that's why I tell people if you want something to be confidential, don't,

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don't write anywhere.

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Because all emails

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are recorded, all emails are read.

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They are in searchable databases, and people can have the access to that they can search for whatever they want to search for. Similarly, in this country, the government has now made it legal for the

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for the authorities to routinely tap and record all telephone conversations, they're setting up new servers, whereby every phone conversation, every phone call will be recorded. And it can

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be monitored, it will be monitored, it is searchable, it can and will be recorded.

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The point I'm making is

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that whenever we hear these things, that some government is tapping phones, or we hear that some search engine is collecting data about the people who use search engine. If we feel very insecure,

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we feel Oh my god, you know, now they know about me, I don't know what they will do.

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So if I'm going to do some search on Google, I better not search certain things because we don't know now what else will pop up from there.

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So if I go to certain sites,

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which previously maybe I used to do

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today, I will feel hesitant about going to the same sites. Because we don't know

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what will pop up where it will pop up.

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If someone else uses my computer, we don't know what will pop up before them so they will know what I have been doing and where I have been searching and what I will looking at.

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What I remind myself is a new is

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what about the fact that Allah subhanaw taala knows all of this and more anyway.

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What about the fact that on the Day of Judgment, we will be shown our deeds.

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And Allah subhanaw taala knows

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that Alice mother has a three year old Miss Carla.

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the idea is to see

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the question is that

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we don't know what is the nature of how Allah subhanaw taala will show this.

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But imagine

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that unless Allah subhanaw taala protects,

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what will be shown will be shown in public.

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Others will also see

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so May Allah protect us But

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supposing wind only goes up

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goes to the can only imagine what we have experience of

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you suddenly find that there is a huge

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50 foot wide plasma screen, on the day of judgment, and all your life is playing on the screen.

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And then that screen is not only playing what

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the world knows about us, but what is playing also on the screen is all that we had hidden from the world.

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And we thought that no one knows.

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But they forgot that Allah knows

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what if that happens?

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How will we then look

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before all those people who used to respect us and we used to think highly of us, because everything will be revealed,

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every single thing will be revealed

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as colors to protect us from this public disgrace.

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But the way to do that is to make our because insha Allah, Allah and Allah subhanaw taala causes not only the

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book of deeds to be wiped clean, but it also causes the angels to forget

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there is no record of this deed and of course, inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will also convert the bad deeds into good deeds, but we need to make our immediately and then we need to ensure that Allah that our lives are never out of line with what Allah subhanaw taala audits.

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Because just like we are frightened of Google's privacy policy, and the need to be frightened, that is privacy policy

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we have in mind, the whole key is that we really believe that we are going to stand up for others. Ultimately, the bottom line is that no matter what you want to call it, ultimate bottom line is that do we want Allah subhanaw taala?

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Do we are we aware that Allah Subhana Allah is watching and what is it that we want to show?

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It is the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he will, inshallah not hold us accountable for and will not punish us for our thoughts, and our feelings. But definitely speech and actions. These are, these are things we accountable for.

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And if Allah wishes, then he can also hold us accountable for other things. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his pardon and forgiveness and for his mercy. And we asked him to cover us with His mercy and to save us from this disgrace on the Day of Judgment.

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And then finally, with this beautiful Hadith

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that he said that a slave will be produced, the Wallace ran out on the Day of Judgment. And I'll ask him,

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and remind him one by one, all the wrongs that he used to do. Now, let's say on the day you did this,

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he did correct. And he will say, yes, it is correct. And then he will say a lot of others on this day you did this, and one by one, and also has that I will remind him of all the evil that used to do.

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And the slave will accept every single one of them because how do you do an ls? ls that is correct.

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And then doesn't as well, as Adam said that there was a arboleda made in the world, when I was doing all these things, you will never reveal it to anybody. You hid this from everybody. And people thought that I was a good man. But today in front of this whole room in front of this all the all these people, all the people I know and everything else. And remember in that in that crowd will also be Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And what do you want us to see about us?

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So this man was a terrible alameen On this day, when all the MBR here and all my people are here and all my family and everybody, our friends, all those respected, we are all here. And now in front of all of them, I have been dismissed, all in the world, you are hitting me and hitting my sins from these people. And as soon as rassilon will say said that Allah subhanaw taala will say to turn around and look. And when he turns around and looks he will find that there is a curtain between him and the rest of mankind.

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Allah will say Oh, my slave. This is between you and me.

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I hate your evil, and I hate your sins from the people during the work during your life. And I'm not going to I will not discuss it here. I have also hidden them here. This is only between me and you. Now I have forgiven you. And intergender Go ahead.

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ask Allah Subhana makers, all those about whom this ad is mentioned, that Allah will not disgrace us in this world

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and on the Day of Judgment, as callous about Allah for his mercy and we asked him for his forgiveness.

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We ask Him to forgive our sins, those that

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he knows, and those that the world may know or may not know. We ask forgiveness from those sins. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala not to disgrace us on the Day of Judgment before

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Salah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy with me