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The speakers discuss the acceptance of animal behavior and the three conditions for acceptance: the animal must not be impure, the race must not be against the race, and the soul must be the source of people. They stress the importance of knowing and sharing information to avoid becoming a problem and measure success to avoid becoming a problem. The speakers also emphasize the need to measure success and avoid giving up on one's success to achieve greatness.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala shuffle MBA when masa de la la la he was

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let's run that as it was zero colavita Ruby in a while even without sudo

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LS Roger said that whether you hide what do you say? Or do you say it openly? Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware of it. And I was aware of whatever is in your breasts in your hearts.

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I remind myself I do

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that if lasagna

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is a shout out the acceptance Allah

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and Allah subhanaw taala does not accept an animal which has no less. You have been speaking about sort of the mound the last few days, and that is one of the DeLisle that Allah. Allah does not accept an animal without

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without sincerity, Allah does not accept the Salah, which is to show people, Allah does not accept the Salah, which is out of laziness. So also with all of that

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the flesh of the Nia of the animal is one of the fruit of the acceptance of the of the AMA. There are three shareit three conditions for the acceptance of any action. The first one is that the Amal must be in accordance with the Sharia, the animal must not be something which is haram in itself. The second one is that the animal must be in keeping with us on our salatu salam or at least it must not be something which is against the Sunnah.

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Because there may be some Amal, which was not part of the Bardo, the times it may not be the sun nine and exact same in terms of its content, but in terms of its content or intent, or in terms of the what it implies it should not be against us. And the third one is that the animal must have your flesh must be done only for the pleasure of Allah Spinoza. All these three conditions must be met, you can't have one and not the other you cannot have an animal which is according to the Sharia, but no a class like the Salah, which is which is the lesser Sharia. But if the Salah does not have a class if the Salah is to show people then it is not accepted by Allah. And similarly you might have

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an AMA with the class, but the AMA itself is not according to Sharia. For example, you might say we want to please Allah subhanaw taala and therefore we gather and we celebrate the birthday of Rasul Allah, Allah Allah is not in this area. So it is not acceptable even though

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even though the people want to gather, because they want to they think they are pleasing Allah, but they are not pleasing Allah, they are actually doing an AMA which is against the Sharia, and so on. So therefore, the I remind myself that Allah is rather is a, that he knows what is in the heart, meaning the place for his losses are

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not the time we can claim anything we want.

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That doesn't make any that doesn't have any effect and doesn't make any difference. As long as the place for it last left lasagna is where the NEA is the NEA is in the UK. So, therefore, the class is also that what is what are we doing the animal for?

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And that is a very important thing for us to continuously remind ourselves can say, why am I doing this, I'm going forward.

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And Allah subhanaw taala knows what it is for, and realize that Allah Subhana Allah is pure and he does not accept anything which is impure.

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So, lack of your class is

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his ship in the near

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lack of his lack the sugar mania. And therefore Alice mother does not accept an answer which I should.

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So we have to be very careful in terms of our actions to ensure that the action is done only and the for the pleasure of Allah.

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Sometimes, may Allah protect us

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knowledge becomes a problem, knowledge actually becomes a problem and if the knowledge comes without tarbiyah knowledge comes without

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the Sasha doll of Allah subhanaw taala when the knowledge will lead you to do things wrong.

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And that's what I mentioned in the Quran that there are some of these people is that when one is wanted as a prisoner of Allah is that that thing which has been sent to you by from Europe which is the operand is that is the soul is it becomes the source of people to become a go against the two people actually start disobeying the Quran after reading the Quran.

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knowledge which comes without hardware and knowledge which comes without, such as Allah can actually lead you to do in things which are wrong.

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For example,

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the knowledge will tell you that you have to pray

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you have to press Allah

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Where is it fourth in the Quran that the Salah must be prayed in the masjid.

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If you get this thought in your head then this is from faith and this is not from Allah

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because Allah Allah made it very, very clear that this is the place for Salah for the man is the budget man does.

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So get out of the house and go to the masjid. Right. But shed I will tell you and he's using knowledge.

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He thinks Allah is what?

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And he will say no, no, this is the Sunnah is so nice.

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So the mothers are watching nobody.

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You're the one who is not for Salah. Then what is the vegetable.

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So the issue is

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to acquire knowledge and with knowledge and before knowledge, to have her share of Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts

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and to have the tarbiyah so that the Asian which we receive

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comes in the right way and just in the right place.

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And reminds us of the flesh that is due for us and reminds us that Allah subhanaw taala in the who is a man without the sudo that he is aware of what is in our hearts. So no matter which animal we do with how much of

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what whatever greatness of the hour.

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If there Amel is done, whether it is being done with your class or not alumnus

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and therefore, what should we do is continuously make Toba.

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And that is why Rasulullah sallallahu taught this to oversee the Delano and together I have to make Toba after doing a good deed

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Alemany that I'm done as the roll man cuz you're undoubtedly

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So after doing a good deed he made over.

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Because it is to safeguard our class.

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We did damage but Allah knows best. How good does Emily's

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insolite sell for example, man, I didn't I was a little upset. That when the slave standards Allah and now his directory is towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then when he his attention wanders go somewhere else,

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a lot of us always live that thing which you are thinking of? Is it better and bigger and greater than me?

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And I said that if the attention comes back that 100

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is the attention does not come back. Unless once again, that thing which you are thinking of, is it better than me? Is it greater than me, you're standing in front of me and you're looking thinking about something else, you're sharp or something, whatever.

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And then we tell ourselves that after the third time, the slave is left like a camel without a halter.

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Let him go and wander anywhere, doesn't matter that Allah is not valid anymore.

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We ask Allah to protect us and not to hold us accountable for these things. Because if we actually if we actually measure this is the standard, whether we like it or not, this is the standard, but if our Salah is measured measured on the standard

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and so Allah Allah Allah you know, at this, I can say for myself that Allah knows best where I will land whether I will land in the in the jungle or in the middle of Jan number the

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for praying the in with the way that I pray, May Allah forgive me and forgive you.

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So the key thing is to ensure that our reflects

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and is pure. And the way to ensure that is to continuously make Toba after doing good deeds,

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and not allow them to fool us, especially not allow Japan to villas using knowledge.

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There will be very, very clear about this.

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No matter how much of knowledge we think we have.

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It's not even a drop in the ocean with regard to what real knowledge is even in this dunya we are not doing comparing is a question of comparing knowledge is Allah subhanaw taala. I'm talking about even comparing knowledge with this in this dunya itself, no matter how much we have.

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It is not even a drop.

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And if anyone thinks that his knowledge is more than that, then he was getting himself and others.

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To others live in a lie that Allah Allah gives us some few words to speak we speak and Allah put the level of an insert in the hearts of people otherwise

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As my chef has to say,

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he said yes I'm Joe. The ultimate ticket delivery.

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Ticket tailors me a camo tie

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as far as I can with the material gaghan guy oh can we do

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my ticket get Elizabeth closer to Dara to Santa Rosa

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used to say that you are not even like a

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like a glob of sand, you know like like like a brick. He said with that brick you can make the Hara. When you go to the toilet

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with that brick you can use the brick for the hair or the brick is will clean you either with you We can't even clean you.

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Either you are less than that. But to get Hillary butter

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it will be very very clear in our minds.

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lobbyism right that Allah has given us something with tanglers Toba never never never allow that thing to come in your mind and think I am something I am less than a motyka Jayla clod of sand which is used to clean urine and less than that

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that clot clean something I can't even clean you can't even use me or my hand or my head to clean that happy dark note there are

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so let us be very clear this is our actual happy cup This is our excellent

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what's give me joy I love I love 11 gorgeous cars I'm gonna let them die well you know what the winners of the gamma requires? A dedicated me

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remind myself that this is my my reality. This is my situation and ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept and to forgive. And to enter us all into Ghana by His mercy for cotton or Salahuddin Abdul Karim Allah Allah. He was heavy as main