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The history and use of the term Islam in various cultural and political settings is discussed, along with a tour they took to El Basy Verily and a video they created to advertise their tour. The importance of "people's behavior" and the need for caution and understanding of one's actions is emphasized, along with the importance of witnessing actions and events. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding the right path for one's health and behavior and using the gift of Islam to fulfill one's obligations and use it as leverage to achieve their goals.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin via you will mousseline Muhammad Rasool Allah He SallAllahu Riley Riley he was. He was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira cathedra from Abba.

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Haka Isla,

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although we learn human or shape on your resume Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Allah Subhana Allah the surah we have the la el Amin al Masjid Al haram, El Masri de de la casa el Merci de la cosa, the baraka Hola Hola, Maria, who Mina Tina, in who was me was the

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last rather than said in the first time also to Lisa also known as sort of the Bani Israel

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glorified and pure. How do you translate the words of Han?

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In all the superlative meanings of that

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word Allahu Allah

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is the one who took his slave who took his abd Mohammed Mohammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Mina al Masjid Al haram Isla al Masjid Al Aqsa, promised Israel haram to Masjid Al Aqsa, a la vie Vairocana hula hula in Korea who Mariah Tina,

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Mercy the Aqsa Allah subhanaw taala describes what is Machida? Luxa Allah said this is the one which and the surroundings of which have been purified by Allah subhanho wa barakaatuh hola who there is baraka in that in that masjid and in the surroundings of that budget

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plenary Luria home in Iowa, Tina, so that we may show him our signs in the horse or Elbasy Verily, He is the one who is a semi well Brazil. He is the one who hears everything and who sees everything.

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I begin with this Ayat al Karima of the surah because this is the opening.

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And this is the door through which this greatest gift that Allah subhanaw taala give to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and through him to his ummah, which is which is the salah. This is the door through which that gift came.

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Rasul Allah is Allah alayhi wa sallam was taken. This is not a ban on Mirage, an ESA so I'm not going to talk about the details of that. But Allah subhanaw taala took Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam on a multi dimensional tour

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from one dimension to another dimension to another dimension, from one heaven to another heaven to another heaven, the actual details of which are known only to Allah subhanho wa ala

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Rasulillah Israel SLM was taken to this on this tour, and then eventually at the end of that he was presented before Allah subhanho wa Taala a little. And then whatever happened between the app there is Rob Jalla Jalla, who only his Rob and only the, to whom it happens, happened. No,

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we know what we have been told. And what we have been told is that Allah subhanaw taala then said to them, and gave him this gift of appearing of the right to appear in the Darbar in the court. And in the presence, the glorified Presence of Allah subhana wa Taala 50 times a day.

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Divide 24 hours by that and you get about every 30 minutes

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50 times a day, but more than that, because that's what eight

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to another two times every 30 minutes. And then we know the details of the rest of it also how Musa alayhis salam advised Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the consequence of that advice and eventually, it was this

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honor and privilege of appearing in the giroir of Allah subhanho wa Taala was reduced in number alone to five times a day.

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But it is the Shan and the glory and the magnificence of Myra Jalla Jalla who that what he gives he does not take away. So he said they will appear in my server five times a day what they will give you but they will get the reward of appearing 50 times a day

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because the original thing was 50 times a day.

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This my brothers and sisters is

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The essence of Salah

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Salah is not a burden at all of course, Salah is a fourth but I would like to say even that Salah is not able to be seen as a fourth, Salah is to be seen as the greatest honor and privilege that we could possibly get.

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And that is why rasool Allah is Allah alayhi wa sallam called the Salah, El Mirage will moment. He said this is the mirror of the moment.

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The Mirage of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was when he went on this journey.

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The Mirage of the moment is when he stands before he's up

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in the masjid or wherever he stands.

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And that is the reason why Rasul Allah is Allah sallam said In another Hadith that when the slave makes soju on the earth, he is actually making such though before the throne, the earth of his Rob geladeira

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This is the real value of Salah, Salah is the conversation between Allah subhanho wa Taala and his ad.

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Salah is the place where you talk to Allah subhanho Then you say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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I begin in the name of Allah subhana hotel Adela Jana Lu, who is a Rahman Al Rahim.

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Beneficent, the Merciful at the peak of beneficent and mercy

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Alhamdulillah Hera bailar, Allah Amin, all praise all thanks

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to Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla DeLallo who is Rob Bula Alameen He is the Creator he is the sustainer he is the mentor he is the owner he is the provider for not just for you and me and asked me for all of creation all that we know and all that we don't know.

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Arwa Rahman Al Rahim

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who is

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a rock man

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the same wasn't the same form as Joe an afghan.

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Not when

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extremely hungry, super, extremely hungry. extremely thirsty extremely angry

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but what is the within quotes the problem of any extreme the peak

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the problem of a peak is a peak doesn't stay forever. Peak always declines

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you're extremely hungry until when? Until you get the first morsel of food your stomach doesn't have to fill

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if there was a meter that you could attach to see which showed you the the intensity of hunger

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then even if you had been hungry for three four days, absolutely starving peak of hunger

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and you start eating you haven't eaten your stomach is not fooled you just ate one morsel of food there will be a dip in the pick. Yes

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same thing with just everything with anger are you You are extremely angry absolutely insane with anger. But the moment somebody says I'm extremely sorry please forgive me comes down may not come down completely.

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But you are just now willing to slaughter that person with a blunt knife but okay, now I use a sharp knife you know, not a blunt knife.

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Pick always comes down. But what are the last words are rahmanir rahim? What is Rahim? Same wasn't same form as Jamil Kareem

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beautiful, honorable.

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You're not beautiful? One day and next day you become ugly no

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Allah Masha Allah except for you no accidents and so on. May Allah protect us but otherwise,

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it maintains over time. Our Rahmani Raheem is the peak of mercy which remains forever doesn't come now. Or Rama pika mercy or Rahim that mercy remains forever.

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And who is this? Rahim? Maliki yo MIDI in. He is the one before whom we are going to go.

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He is the Owner of the Day of Judgment.

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He is the king on the Day of Judgment. Liberal mole cool yo de la Hilda he took a hub. This was said in that place. But the beginning Allah did not cry. Haha Allah said Have a

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conversation between the Abdullah Rob

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allege introducing himself I am a Rahmani Raheem, I am the owner of the Day of Judgment so my slave when you come before me don't worry

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don't worry you're coming before the one who's mercy is not exceeded by anybody. There is no one and nothing that can be more merciful that Allah Subhana Allah Allah this is the one you are going to come before

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Rahman Rahim Malik here with you

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and then what is the slave say conversation has been two way right

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so what is the safe say

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he gonna Irabu a kindness there II

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only you I worship

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only you I asked for help.

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Why do you think that?

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He's saying that and he's being taught to say this because this is the collab of Allah subhanaw taala.

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To establish

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and reiterate his connection with his rock Jana, Jana Lu

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who are you? I am yours

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the ally of yours. I belong to you.

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I don't worship anybody else. I was one you

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don't ask anyone else ask only you.

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Like give me because I am asking you

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give me because I don't ask anybody else.

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Give me because only you can give

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and give what if you didn't know surat al Mustafi we

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show me the way to the path of steadfastness.

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Allah did not tell us to say in the unassailable Jana No. Oh Allah we asked you for Jana know the path of steadfastness

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that path leads to Jana. But this life the journey

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Jana is the destination

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a little model is teaching us to ask for the right path because only that path will take us to Jannah to the right destination. And that path is the path of steadfastness throttle was the key.

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And to be able to stay on that path, which is the comet

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which steadfastness

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this is what we have to ask for.

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Is in Estrada loose debris.

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And then we call this the seal. further explanation. What is the rattle muster? Que Sera De La Vina and I'm Charlie him viral Moldoveanu, a Malabo orally.

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What is this path of steadfastness, the path of those who received your pleasure, who received your inner arm, who received your blessings.

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Further, the

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further explanation, not the path of those who earned your displeasure your anger,

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not the path of those who were misguided or misled and who went astray, whoever they might be, we usually translate that as Jews and Christians. But I submit to you that Allah subhanaw taala could have said Yo, Massara.

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Allah does not have to speak in riddles and say something and expect us to find our meanings.

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Allah did not say oh, the wrong one Asara. Allah said those who have incurred Allah's Anger could be anybody including Muslims.

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And those who are misguided or who went astray can be anyone including Muslims.

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There is no guarantee that just because you said Lila Hey Lola, or just because you were born in a Muslim home or just because you call yourself a Muslim, that you are guaranteed that you will never go astray. No.

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And that is the reason why we need to be careful with ourselves and with the kinds of decisions we take and with the kinds of things we do. Our actions and and our

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choices must be made intelligently.

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This is Allah this is what happens when you stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala your star

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meaning before your Rajala general who and you are speaking to him and obviously when you are speaking to him you are asking him for that most important and critical thing which spells the difference between Jana or Johanna, which spells the difference between everlasting

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pleasure and everlasting happiness and everlasting unhappiness in pain.

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This is Salah.

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And this was the gift that was given to Rasulullah sallallahu ala usav You sell them

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and through him, this is the gift given to his ummah,

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the ability to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala five times a day, compulsorily. And then as many times a day as they wish. There is no number limiting the number of Nava fields that you can pray anytime of the day or night except the private times. You can pray as many number field as you like. Allah subhanaw taala has not put a condition on the amount of Nerville that you can pray.

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My brother and sisters, this is this whole class inshallah we will have totally four sessions to two sessions today and two sessions tomorrow is focused on this most important of elements of our deed and that's why I've titled it Salah, the proof of Auriemma Because salah is the proof that we are Muslim.

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When we say Allah Allah Hi, Lola when we How do you enter Islam and Islam by the shot by accepting the shahada into Shahada. I shall we Allah ilaha illAllah wa shawanna Muhammad Rasool Allah.

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So what do you do?

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You believe that in your heart, you say that with your tongue and you act on it?

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Does it will call

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for you cannot be Lisa will Ahmed will occur?

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What is in our heart we know Allah subhanaw taala knows what is on our tongue inshallah. We can all see that and see it now so that inshallah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be witness. So repeat after me I shall do Allah Allah Illallah

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Well, I had one night Mohammad Rasool Allah

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Alhamdulillah so we have said it with our tongue. Now what is the Apple will be ruling what is what are the actions with our hands and feet.

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This applies to all the actions of a person, all of which must be in obedience to the order the oneness with hotel and the sunan visa. But primarily and first and foremost is applies to Salah.

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Within there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhana wa Tada Allah to Allah Allah, Allah Illallah there is no one worthy of worship except Allah.

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And we prove that by doing what by worshiping Allah.

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So if you have somebody who said Lila Hi Lola and then the other one is called Hara salah, but the person does not go for Salah then where is the proof of the month

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and that is the reason why

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rasool Allah Azza wa sallam will look at all the Hadees and so on in the course of this of this lecture, but nevertheless, Selim said this, and all the Sahaba are agreed upon, that a person who deliberately refuses to pray.

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I'm not going into the nuances of what, what what constitutes deliberate refusal, but you know, and I know what it means. So somebody who does not pray, who deliberately refuses to gray has exited Islam, the person is no longer a Muslim.

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And if that person dies, the person has died without demand.

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He has not died as a Muslim, she has not died as a Muslim, if that person has left Salah and therefore we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to appreciate this great gift that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and to not just fulfill that as an obligation, but to use that as leverage to use that in the best form that we can use it.

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So what is Salah as I meant as I mentioned before, Salah is an honor salah is the key to Jannah and Salah most importantly is a reminder of our meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala delusional

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that one day we will stand before Allah.

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We remember that at least five times a day when we stand before Allah subhanho That Salah is like a course correction. You know if you are if you take

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a guided missile for example.

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So what happens to guided missiles, you don't just press a button and it goes as it is going. The server's keep correcting the course. So it goes a little bit to right bring it back a little bit this way and bring it back and up and down and so on. So that it finally hits the target that it was with the seller five times a day is that course correction, whatever I may have done between Fajr and zohore. In czar I correct my course I make my job I ensure that I'm on the right path and then from door to Azur. I do that, quite apart from the fact that we sort of Salam said Allah Subhana Allah forgives the sins between one salah and the other Salah so Hamdulillah we are also forgiven

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those sins, but more importantly is that salah is the reminder and salah is the course correction for us between the two Salawat some Allah Allah Allah will carry value he was

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