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Get out I mean salatu salam, O Allah, Sheila philomela, it was silly. Right? It was savage me.

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But unless you had that I said, my little banana Xena to the hair to dunya. But definitely I decided that

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I'm traveling in Malaysia.

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And we are moving from one place to another, checking into one hotel

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A couple of days later checking out and checking into another hotel.

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And in the process also, we buy this thing and that thing.

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What I'm struck by is

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the transience of existence. And I remind myself, that the way that we are living here, out of suitcases, not really concerned about the state of the hotel room, and the law, they're all good, but we are not really concerned about them. And when we buy anything, it is not for it to be kept in a hotel room. But we buy it with it with the thoughts of how it will look in our house. We buy it with the thought of taking it back with us, to where we belong.

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This is the essence of living our life in this world. Because we do not belong in this world. We belong to the place from which we came, a place from which we were sent. And we were sent with the key of getting back there. And that key is a silver Lyla head of la vida hula Chico, wash has gone now Mohammed Abu al solo

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I find myself a new my brothers and sisters, that the life in this world unless Mandela said Xena to had to do the almal bananas units are here to do

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the world and, and the families and the children

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a declaration for the life of this world. But they will not remain they will have to be left behind. No matter how much wealth we have. No matter how many children we have, no matter how much honor we have, no matter how many people are applauding us, no matter how many people are not applauding us, no matter how many, no matter how many people hate us, no matter how many people love us, no matter how much wealth and power we have, or no matter how

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poor and powerless we might be, whatever be the state of this life, it has to be left behind a day will come when we will have to leave. And on that day, what will matter is what we sent ahead of us, what will matter is, is how we lived what will not matter is how much we had, what will matter is what we did with it, what will not matter is whether we had wealth or power, what will matter is what we did with what we had and that is what we have to keep in mind that everything we do must be measured against the only criterion that there is which is what is the effect of this on the life which is to come and on the honor life that will never end inshallah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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keep us among those with whom he is pleased and to enable us to live and die in a way that he is pleased with and to save us from living and doing anything that displeases him, because on the Day of Judgment, the only thing which will be in our favor, is what we did to please Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us. So Allah Allah Allah will carry values savage made to go mortal enemy