Omar Suleiman – What Are You Willing To Give Up For Allah?

Omar Suleiman
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I'm going to make it short because of the obvious what makes people get soaked on a Friday afternoon to come to salata Juma and especially those that are on the outside May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for them and those that walked in and got their clothes so what makes you take off of your work if you had work sacrifice an hour of earning to come to this message it except for the love of Allah subhana wa tada and I want us to just seize this point on the idea of sacrifice, and how that plays into our long, long goals and how that plays into our relationship with Allah subhana wa tada everything that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about in terms of giving up our food

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and drink for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala is something that Allah subhana wa tada praises and says, Look at my servants, they gave up their food and their drink, especially when it's a hot summer day. And when you're in those last moments of your thought, and your Lord or right before if thought and your Lord is looking at you at 7:45pm when you're dehydrated and tired and hot, and the last some kind of what to how to seize you in that moment making darat to him subhana wa tada asking Him for His goodness even while the food is right around the corner from you you're just thinking about Allah's forgiveness and you are exerting yourself and how does the loss of kind of what's out

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there look at you on the day of alpha i know it's not much time you have a May Allah subhanaw taala write it down for us Allah I mean the day of our fall when the people are gathered dusty, tired sleep schedule off with their hands raised for hours and a loss of hundreds out of boasting to the angel saying look at these people what is it that these people want from me now? Look at them My servants coming out in this open plain bear witness Oh my angels I have forgiven all of them. How does the loss of penalty how to see the servants that wakes up that night to Jaffa? Maharajah yeah their own out of the house and walk on that woman now as of now hongyun coupon fighting with their

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bed. Literally teta Jaffa, Genova Minden, Nevada, your sides, you're flipping from side to side. Is it really time now? Do I have to really wake up now? Should I just sleep through this one? Or should I wake up and should I pray a couple of rock ash that I pray a lot of woods? You know what, let me wake up and pray. How does Allah subhana wa tada Look at you, when you're standing up and making rubble and doing that, even though you are absolutely exhausted. How does the loss of Panama Jonathan, look at you, when you give up since that are so beloved to your hearts, that you are so addicted to? I will never forget? I will never forget the Shahada of a man who I thought to myself,

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and I hope that my London him my assumption of him was correct. Allah must love this person, the Shahada of a man who told me he said, cheers, I'm not giving up family to become Muslim. I've already lost my family years ago. He said, But my only friend has been the bottle twice a day, alcohol come up. And he said, I'm going to give this up for a loss of penance, and I'm going to give it up for a lot I'm going to prove to Allah that I love him because Allah knows that the most beloved people in the world to me could not get me away from this bottle and now Mashallah, he's eight years sober, and I think to myself, so panela This is the stories of those Sahaba that had to

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give up these things, but a lot looks at someone that made really, really, really hard sacrifices for him. And I quote you this Hadith, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah is amazed by this person. A lot admires this person, a lot on thought and report he very happy human being. He was

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a person who on a cold night The scene is set. It's a cold night and you don't have heaters and we remember the winter storm. A cold night gets up in the middle of the night from a comfortable bed, leaves their lover leaves their spouse leaves their comfortable bed on a cold night and goes and freezes themselves making Google and stands up and calls upon Allah subhana wa tada caught Allah azzawajal. Allah, Allah calls the angels. This is not just for everyone standing in autofab this is for the individual, and says about that individual to all of these angels imagine all of them looking in at you. At this one bedroom, and a loss of pants I says,

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look at the service of mine. Look at the servant of mine. Not on philosophy what we thought he human being. He was happy. He knows all that he

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was after.

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He left all of that a comfortable night. A comfortable bed. The person he loves most to a place of extreme discomfort, putting cold water on himself on a cold night.

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All of that out of fear of what is with me and out of hope for what is with me out of fear and hope,

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hope and

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they call upon a lot out of fear and hope. And Allah Subhana which Allah says to the angels

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What do you think caused my servants to do that? And they say to Allah subhana wa Tada. But then Elijah, Oh Allah, out of Hope is with what is with you by a

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mentor who

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says that I have given them what they thought.

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And hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam on an hour so he can he might early he will be here tonight. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our sacrifice and to protect us in this life and the next We ask Allah to give us the best of this life than the next. Well okay Miss Allah or sallallahu wasallam Allah Nabina Muhammad Allah Allah. He was

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