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filler on Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom Gaver mousseline. Her mother also relies on Allahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven cathedral.

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For my brother,

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my brothers and sisters.

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Sometimes we hear especially nowadays,

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evil arguing and justifying

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things which are basically against Islam

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against our principles.

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For example, justifying telling lies in the name of diplomacy,

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justifying breaking oaths.

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You give you a promise somewhere, you break the promise, in the name of political expediency.

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Justifying allowing what Allah made haram, in

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the countries that are ruled by Muslims, for example, into his base banking, for example, manufacture production sale of alcohol and tobacco, for example, gambling

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all illegal, right? in Muslim countries, these are all legal.

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And they're justified.

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usually, the

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excuse given justification given is

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you know, times have changed

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several x one one times have changed another one.

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And this is a I'm only repeating what people say this is not obviously not my position.

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They say well, you know, even the Sahaba differed even the Sahaba foot even the Saba fought wars La Villa hotel level.

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So, in your misguidance you want to also drag this over into it and they give they give the line this is

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and then they say, We are not saying the principle has changed.

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We are saying that what they are doing today, this is justified.

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Now, this is crazy, you know, it's like saying well,

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right is right and wrong is also right. How can that be? So, is there are two opposite things, two opposites cannot be the same? No.

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It's just basic fundamental logic of two opposites cannot be the same.

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But this you know, the principle is the same is the principle is the same, then how can breaking the principle be okay? I mean, my, I'm stupid. So please, explanatory.

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Now, my point is,

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and maybe I mean, I won't do it in one session, maybe over the next two to three days, because this is a long thing.

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First and foremost, we have to understand and remember and constantly remind ourselves, that Allah subhanaw taala sent us into this world for a reason for a purpose.

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Right, a lot of our data centers into this world for a purpose Allah, Allah did not send us accidentally by mistake. Just like that.

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Allah centers for a purpose, there is a reason

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and what is the reason? The reason is to teach the world how to live their lives

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in such a way that there is goodness for everyone who comes into contact with them. Goodness for Muslims, goodness for non Muslims, goodness for animals, goodness for birds, goodness for the environment, goodness for the rivers waters everything.

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This is what Islam promises Islam promises a system which is good for everyone, even those who do not follow Islam.

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Allah did not send us to learn from others. I'm talking about system and I mean not I'm not talking about learning, science and technology and all these of course, I'm talking about the way of life what we know that the Allah did not send us to learn that from anybody.

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That Allah subhanaw taala taught us

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the deen of Islam, Allah subhanaw taala taught us and Allah subhanaw taala told us this Allah said this is the biggest namah Allah's rather as it was a bit of an issue down the road you know called Man Allah Allah, Allah woke me Nina is Basa fee him rasool Allah may not foresee him here through LA Maya he was a key him by volume will keep our sigma when God woman COVELO Luffy thought

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Early movie, I'm not surrounded that said very and truly Allah has conferred a great blessing Allah has blessed the believers

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that he has sent among them.

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A Messenger from among themselves, the messenger is one of them.

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To hear through Allah MIT to recite for him the Ayat of Allah, decide for them, the Ayat of Allah to recite the revelation, to tell them what Allah is saying. We use a key him to purify them internal and external, the skeleton of Saudi Arabia to the clock.

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Prepare them to receive this column of Allah, your true ally right here, it was him, were you Ali, Mohammed Al Kitab, and to teach them the book

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while hygge and to teach them wisdom, which is to teach them how to apply what they have been taught. And then Allah He iterated and said, when cattlemen Cobb Lola, fie the lolly movie. And before this truly they were misguided.

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Not only will be clear, was guidance.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said, I have sent a system I have sent a teacher to teach you that system, learn the system from who, from Hermoza, Lulu, listen,

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not from Howard, not from Cambridge, not from Oxford, not from the United Nations, not from anybody from hammer salah,

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learn the system from Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and then teach that system to the whole world.

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And when you teach that system to the whole world, what will happen the world will become very beautiful place and how do you teach you teach by applying

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in the purview of your own authority, if you are an individual single person, then you apply it on yourself, you apply it in your family, if you are a business you apply to the business if you are a manager, you apply it in your team.

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If you are, if you are running a great corporate organization, you apply it in the in the in your global organization. If you are the ruler of a country, you apply it in the country, whatever you are, you apply this beautiful system in the purview of your authority.

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This is your job.

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Right? Your job is not to learn from somebody else.

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Your job is to learn from Mohammed Salah Salem, he is our teacher, not anybody else, and applied in the purview of your authority.

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And Allah subhanaw taala is witness last month, I did not only send this Kitab and the Rasul Allah, Samantha also sent a generation of people who actually practice this and prove that this is doable.

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Right, the first generation of the Sahaba, they actually lived this in the libraries of Salem, until almost 30 years after he passed away. At the end of that in the air towards the end of the Khilafah of rosemary when I found out that I know the fitness started. And then things sort of went down the drain. But until then,

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now the reason I'm saying this is that for to prove, you know we have in the corporate world we talk in consulting, we talk about proof of concept great we say we run a pilot program

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for proof of concept, and then we prove it and then we take it across the world in our organization.

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For proof of concept we establish all that is necessary is for the thing to work one time.

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If it works one time, it means it can be done. I don't have to make it work 1 million times. If I can make it work one time, it means it can be done after that it's a matter of implementing. So this system of Bahamas or Isola, which is a system of Allah subhanaw taala called Islam is a practical system, it is doable.

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Is it possible to run a country? Is it possible to run a family on the principle of justice? Yes. Is it? Is it possible to live your life without telling lies? Yes. Is it possible to live your life with integrity without deceiving anybody and taking away somebody else's? Right? Yes.

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Is it possible to run a country on the basis of justice? Yes, equal justice for everybody? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible?

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Is it possible for the ruler to apply a law unto himself to say that I will not even put on a new shirt?

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Because I'm afraid of Allah subhanaw taala has accountability. Is it possible for this? Yes.

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It's possible is it possible to run a system without interest based banking? Yes. And we are not talking about a small you know, some some tea shop. We are talking about a global business, a global system which traded across three across three empires, the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire and the arrows in between

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Talking about multibillion dollar transactions in our today's modern language. Is it possible to do that without borrowing and paying interest? Yes, everything is proven.

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So now nobody can turn around and say, You know what time that's how I've typed Jamie

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Dimon, the only people who will buy that argue in times of change that people who do not understand is you can sell it to me No way.

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I majored in history and political science and no one is going to sell me that thing.

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Because I know what happened.

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Times have not changed and times can never change, because what the system that Mohamed Salah brought is a system which is good for all time. It was not good only for the seventh century as a miserable after that, you know, every no no.

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And as for conflict, and we as I said will expand this coming days. As for conflict, people always point his finger and say, you know, even the Sahaba did this.

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Ask one simple question.

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Let we are not talking we are not criticizing criticizing Sahaba here. Simple question. If they had not done that, that yes, there was a fight. There's never been a battle. Yes, I agree. But supposing there had been no battles? Would that have been better are the battles better? Which was better?

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damn question. Because of the battles now we are fighting still 1500 years later, but if there had been no battle, supposing they are all sat down and said, Look, all our cousins anyway, we all sit down, get some law Monday sit down here, and let us talk about this thing and sort it out. You know, what, what, what is the what's the big problem? You got it? You got it? You got it? Let's figure it out. If they had done that, in theory, it was possible. It didn't happen. It's a different matter. But was it possible? Yes, it was possible.

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So we're not going into why this happened? Why did they do that? That's not a problem. I am saying every generation has that option to say that if I'm faced with a conflict,

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I will not allow to get it out of hand, I will learn other bullets thereof, I will learn the etiquette of disk of descent and I will sit and we will talk like civilized human beings. And we will come to a resolution every generation has this opportunity.

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So Putting this blame and dumping it on the Sahaba and somebody say You know what, they did it. So, we are not better than the one that is total complete garbage.

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Anybody giving the argument is talking rubbish.

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As I said, we are not criticizing we are not our Saba, we are saying that somebody dumping this on them and saying, Well, do you not even did it so I can also No, no, no, sorry. That doesn't work. The only one who's without mistake, the only one who's who is free and protected. muscleman Marcos is Salalah Hi Lisa resources, everyone else can make a mistake. So somebody made a mistake? Sure. That doesn't mean the usual makes a mistake because they made it

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So please

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let us get this into our understanding very clearly. That we were sent into this world to teach the world how to live. Not to compromise that and make excuses that's not our job.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to understand this deed and to live by this deed and to implement this deed and to make this deal a beautiful example for the rest of the world inshallah wa salam ala Kareem Allah He was a member healthy girl.