Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Sabr Means To Work

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Henry layerable alameen wa salatu salam ala Elijah Colombia will mousseline while he was heavy as made about

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lots of anatella said

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yeah you alladhina amanu Stein with somebody was Salah

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in the law Hamas Slovenian

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allows around does it in sort of a Bukhara

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or you believe

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you're living in a hammer no is there you know this surgery or salad take the help from server and Sala in the law savarin Verily Allah subhanaw taala is with the civilian.

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Now, what is this summer,

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there is a mistaken impression in the minds of some people. That server means to sit quiet.

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Several means to say nothing, summer means to do nothing. This is not somewhere in Islam.

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Allah subhanaw taala used the word savarin for the majority

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in different places and salt on fire and elsewhere, unless they use the word savarin for Mujahideen,

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what is a bigger example of sincere effort in the Battle of Allah then you had

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yet visibility that is the ultimate in the example of work that Islam, the flesh,

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the work of the with a class, because when the child is in the field, he is literally placing his life on the line for the sake of the knowledge Rather, he has nothing to gain in a worldly sense. And he has everything to lose in a worldly sense. He's making the ultimate effort.

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There is no effort beyond that. And that is the example of somebody that Allah, Allah, Allah call them slavery.

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The same example applies to everything else in life not only for we give the example of jihad only because that is example as given in the Quran. And that is the ultimate example. But the same thing applies. Whether you are studying in colleges and schools, whether you are setting up businesses, whether you are doing the work of you know Allah subhanaw taala whether you are living in your family in any aspect of life, the meaning of summer is to make the ultimate efforts

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to make the best possible effort to work to the level of excellence in whatever you're doing.

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And then

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his dying ob surgery was solid, and then to stand in the night before Allah subhanaw taala and ask for help Allah subhanaw taala This is also the example of the MBR What did they do, they gave the hour during the day they went to people during the day with the doubt of Islam. And in the night they stood before Allah subhanaw taala to ask for the bonus monitor, to connect with Allah subhanaw taala to recharge their batteries.

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And that is why in this will also the day to day there's one of them was in the last day also the Muslim Allah tala talks about that. In the beginning also Allah talks about it and that's one of

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the first us three and four I have a really teaching aerosolize Allah Allah, Allah, the methodology of Tao

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and as well as a stand in the night because in the morning you have to do a lot of artwork

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and that is the meaning of this tie in with slavery or Salah. So, let us understand is whatever work we are doing we have to make the ultimate effort we are to make the best possible effort and then we stand in the night and we asked the last one was that because in this also is the aspect of tawakkol Why is the last one is data telling us to make the effort and then stand in the night so that the the the attention of the person does not go on their foot he does not say I succeeded because I made that for Nana.

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He made the effort because this is a como Allah subhanaw taala but he asked for success he stands before Allah and says what he says Yara be my effort is nothing.

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So Chris is in your hands if you wish you can use success if you wish, I cannot get success. Hard work does not not get success if if hard work would get success. The most successful people in the world world would have been their closing colleagues or working in your building construction site. No One No One is doing more artwork than the in the arts and they're getting stones on the head. What are they getting nothing.

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And 111 right Allah Allah Allah has given you reason. Sitting in an air conditioned office somewhere, someplace where you sign a paper and you get

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to hide is not a question of hard work. It is the question of what comes out of that.

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So we make effort in the day and we stand before a large amount of debt in the night.

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Excellent effort, the best possible effort and then we stand before us that is the meaning of our world, the Sovereign, the people who make the best possible effort, and then who stand in

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The night and ask Allah subhanaw taala because they know that success comes from the home of Allah subhanaw taala

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so the connector is Allah. So there is a aspect of tawakkol also, in the issue of summer tawakkol is not simply to sit and do nothing.

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The moonwalk alone are the people who follow the example of the word the word leaves the nest, to go search for

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the father of Allah subhanaw taala. Think about this everywhere Allah subhanaw taala has talked about the fatherless rather than a sort of Jumana set for them. What does it mean for the last even in in in

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was a male that was rather abrupt about that, unless Roger has always used the term search for the father of online.

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Funds zero will the Baba woman for the landlady not to sit in the masjid after Serato Juma you sit here and food will come to you? No. And I said, when the Salah is over fun daijiro will go and spread in the land and search for the fall of Allah that the Father is there, but you have to go look for it and find it.

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And that's something that we have to remind ourselves again and again. logo and look for the fatherless rantala but come back in the night and stand before last monitor and as well as Rada insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala as well that is true and Allah subhanaw taala help will come and Allah subhanaw taala help we ask for the help Polish route Allah in all that we do, so that what we do is in keeping with his with his with his will and with his pleasure. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us in this dunya and to help us when we are leaving this dunya and to help us in the era. So another bigger bill is at your mercy if one was allowed

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