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Mirza Yawar Baig
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In London Allah wa salatu salam ala shuffelin via Allah, Allah, he was happy to Manuela.

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I want to remind myself and you

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have the head is obese Allah Allah Azza wa sallam, where he said that I am like a traveler,

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who has stopped in the shade of a tree for a little while.

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And then he will continue his journey.

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thinking to myself and reflecting,

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to inshallah, in light Allah, tonight, I'm going to Malaysia

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10 days.

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And I was thinking myself, that if I take stock,

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just now, of how much

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am I taking with me? And how much am I leaving behind?

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What is the account of that?

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I'm taking with me one suitcase.

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And I am leaving behind my old house, all the furniture and clothes and whatever there is in the house, plus the value of the house.

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Whereas all I'm taking with me is one suitcase.

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And so Allah, one day, we'll go on a journey from which there is no return.

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And at that time, what will you take with us?

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And what will we leave behind?

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What will you take with us.

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And that is the thing to reflect and think about.

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And I thought to myself that if we look at from India, there are two there are people who go to two kinds of countries, there are people who go to the Middle East,

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where they know that even if they live there for 100 years, they will never get citizenship.

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So all those who go to the Middle East, they have a way where they send their savings back to India.

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And in their hometown, they will build a house and they will do this and do that. Whereas in the Middle East, in whichever country, whichever city or country they're living in, whether it's quit or did or wherever they will live in a small apartment or some people even share an apartment.

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And their whole focus is that one day I will go back home and there my house should be good. And then I must have a big house and I will sell a car and this and

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then another set of people who go to the west to the US or the UK or other places where they can get citizenship. And those people revive that generation after generation eventually they completely lose contact with their, from where they came from. And all their investment is in that country with almost nothing back in India because they don't intend to come back to India.

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The ones who go to the Middle East also wouldn't like to come back but they have no choice. So they have to come back.

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Wind is as far as we are concerned. We have no choice. We have to go

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we have to go.

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We came from the agenda and we have to go back to the Nigella

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one of the hot lava of Bernie Amaya. He asked an alum he said to him Why is it that we are afraid of the

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Why did we don't like the idea of dying?

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And the alum told him he said that supposing I told you that one day you have to go to this island and on this island there is the only ruins and there are tons and rocks and some forest and you know there's no place to stay. He said obviously you will not like to go there.

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But whereas because you here you live in a palace and there How would you like to go and live in thorns and rocks.

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Whereas if it was the opposite, that you were living in a ruin in here and your palace was on the island then you would love to go to the palace.

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There were one myself that just as I am thinking and taking stock to say what am I taking with me to Malaysia

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I just need to think and say what will I take with me when I go from here from this dunya

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because while I may Allah save us from that if when you have when I'm going from the Zuni also, family when if I'm leaving grand old house and I'm taking only a suitcase then that is a tragic situation.

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That is a very tragic situation

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where they would have taken the warehouse there was aspect to that journey. There is no problem with containers and ships and

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you know excess baggage. Allah has done a give us the opportunity to take whatever we want. We can do a table container loads of stuff if you want. But we have to prepare that stuff and we have to send it ahead

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and there's no sending cost involved. You don't have to pay for the shipping. It goes free. While we send it

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there's no pain. There's no payment for the shipping goes free.

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Not only does it go free, but then it goes and multiplies. It goes in Middleton and doesn't just go and stay there it goes and multiplies. Well, I think these are the key thing I remind myself is that all of these awards, all of these awards are not not one single word which I am saying is original, every single word we have heard a million times before,

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may not be the same word with the same thought the same ideas, nothing is new, nothing is new, every single thing we have heard a million times before the reality is, How real is it was? The big question is How real is it was because the degree to which it is real, to that degree, we will prepare for it. If it is not real, we want to go for it is the word religion to the word God's word Mashallah we go only if it is real to us when we prepare for it and therefore ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the asherah as a reality for us, and let us see and experience the accurate acquisition

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where this dunya is not reality, but we see it as if it is reality. What is reality what we see it as if it's a dream, you have to make the deal for us, so that we can prepare for the Acura and then when we go to the occurrence shala we go with a lot of things that are sent ahead of us. And we go with a lot of things which we take with us in sha Allah, all of which will be for our benefit was Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah he was having made the rationalistic

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