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AI: Summary © The importance of disputing evidence and finding out who is supposed to give thanks to Islamists is emphasized in India. The use of hasn'tha" meaning "has been" is discussed, along with the "hasha" meaning "has been." The speaker emphasizes the importance of keeping Islam's power and ecstasy in mind, as well as the difficulty of achieving success in social media and the negative impact it has on personal lives. The immune system's ability to experience pain and suffering is also discussed, and individuals are encouraged to ask for forgiveness and promise to forgive themselves.
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See La Romana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able to move Celine Mohamed also relies on Allah Allah He won't only he was over Salam does live like a theorem cathedra for my brother, my brothers and sisters, just a quick reminder of these for something which is very important to do in these nights. Today here in America, it's the 25th night of Ramadan Kareem and wherever you are, it's one night this way or that way.

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We are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. One of the odd nights of which

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could be ready to cover

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so ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us all nails because insha Allah

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says agency decided around her. She asked us well let's have a salad. We know the famous Hadith. She said yes, we'll have lots of nice LM if he would find it to cover what is the dua I should make? What should I ask Allah for?

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And he said so Allah Salam always ask Allah La my nigga 412 Bula 451 along with Nova a 412 hipbelt alpha 510 Allah, you are the one who forgives you are the Forgiver you'd like to forgive. So forgive me.

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Now, very important, don't get involved in arguments and discussions about the lives of other whether it is the 27th of the 25th or the 29th.

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We go by the word of the nabi alayhi. Salam, not by anybody else. Whoever else said whatever it is, they said they are not gonna be when we have the word of Rasulullah Salam on one hand, and we have the world of anybody else on the face of the planet who lived or who lives we do not take their word. If it is not the same as the word of Rasul Allah Saracen. Rasulillah Salam did not name and did not specify a particular night. He said, It is one of the odd nights in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. When our mother agency, they follow the law. And I asked him this question. And she said, if I should find he did not tell her why he was saying if it is 27. So why why do you say if he

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didn't say that? He said, If you find it, so she is saying if I find it, he's saying if you find it, what does it mean? It means that it is not specified number one. Now why is that important? First of all, it's important because we don't want to waste our time in useless arguments and useless discussions. The the result of which cannot be positive. Second thing is, it is the hikma and it is the beautiful wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala that he told a Surah Surah Salam the specific night because he wants to establish the fact that he's Nabil is privacy to secrets. And he's not It's not hidden from him. But Allah subhanaw taala wants to give the Umatilla hermosos alum the benefit of

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worshipping him and all rights

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and therefore Allah subhanaw taala hid this. Third thing is that all the signs of reticle clutter, which they asked him

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he said, The following morning, the sun will shine with rays which are not harsh the following morning, right? The following morning. He said sun will shine with rays which are not harsh. Now think about this.

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Tomorrow morning, I wake up and I find the sun is this beautiful sunlight, which is not harsh, as fantastic. So last night was there. What was I doing? I was playing video games. What I was watching football or I was watching basketball. And all of these things are happening as they are happening as I speak to you or I was fast asleep. I didn't worship Allah subhanaw taala at all. It was not even an ethical guy. It is unethical if you sleep there sleep is not that you should be sleeping in Africa. But

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so big deal. So now I have to for me, oh, this is last night that is gone. So what's the good of knowing that on the following day? Third thing is

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that when the Sahaba and others when they mentioned and they said we saw the signs. What they're saying is that that particular night in that in that time whether it was seventh century or ninth century or whatever century,

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according to their assessment

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could have been a little harder.

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It does not override and supersede the statement of the NABI SallAllahu Sallam to say that it is hidden. So don't get into arguments. What must you do? Make dua

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worship Allah subhanaw taala dhikr of Allah, Allah to the Quran Nava field and make dua, this is the time to make dua in this night. And what must you make dua for pick the thing that you think is impossible and ask Allah Subhana Allah because

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Allah subhanaw taala to

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orders about the dryers that is a big masala made to him. And they look like they are impossible because they can really sell them. Right if you take sort of Maria, the opening if Allah subhanaw taala actually taught us how to make dua and neither unhealthier quiet voice not screaming yalla yalla no quiet voice in Salah is Mira

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and what is he doing? He's doing two things. One, he's

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begging Allah with a broken heart. He's being Allah, he's putting his helplessness before Allah. He's a Yala, I'm an old man, my head is wait.

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I have my bones are brittle, they have become weak. I don't have the strength I used to have my wife. She is beyond the age of childbirth. But give me an air. Give me someone to carry forward my work of the of preaching your religion.

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He didn't say give me a second wife. He says give me an AED. Give me a son from the same wife.

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Who's asking so he's asking Allah subhanaw taala

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something which apparently is impossible. So he say yada, yada. I week my wife is beyond the age of childbirth, but give me an error.

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So what is the Las Vegas? Allah subhanaw taala showing us that, quote your helplessness before delegable and ask him in keeping with his 100th with his power and glory and majesty.

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Who is Allah? Allah is the one who brought if brought out of pregnant female camel from Iraq for the people of Saudi Arabia Sara. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who split the moon for the Kurdish

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by the Shara by the signal of that let's talk

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a lot of our debt is the one who ordered the fire.

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Cola yah yah Naru Cooney Bertha was salam, an ally right. He ordered the fire to become cool and a means of safety for Ibrahim Ali Salam.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the one who when he Sally salaam was in danger of being killed, it was was always alive to himself.

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Allah subhanaw taala has shown us multiple times and multiple places

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in the Quran, of the advice

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of his unbearable Salah and what he did with him.

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This is the one we are asking. This is the one who sustains and protects everything

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I mentioned to the stories my story is here in America of small birds in this winter, minus 20 degrees Celsius temperature,

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freezing, freezing, freezing cold ice everywhere, snow everywhere.

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And little birds, the Black Capped Chickadee for example, this is smarter than us pero.

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Allah subhanaw taala gives it protected. Allah's Martha feeds it, it lives through the winter here it is not doesn't migrate live through the winter here and

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come out on the other end safe. This is the one we are asking. So ask keeping Allah subhanaw taala has power and majesty and glory in mind. Because Allah subhanaw taala has power has no limits, unless treasures have no limits. Allah subhanaw taala ability to change and do things has no limits. Yes, hello, my Asha will Yakko my read he can do whatever he wishes he can order whatever he wishes

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as high level Cooley Assia while a while he is the creator of all things, and of all conditions.

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This is the one we are asking to ask a lot smarter.

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Fine, find the most impossible thing that you think and ask Allah, Allah who are Malik. He is the King tal Hola Hola, Morocco Lila Hill la hora Bula shield Kareem. All glory be to the king. Who is the true king.

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The the, the rub of the throne of the glorious throne of the actual crib. As Carlos Mandela, this word belongs to Allah. It does not belong to all the monkeys who are pretending to be kings and queens and presidents and prime ministers and whatnot and running and and creating chaos everywhere. It doesn't belong to them. It belongs to Allah subhanaw taala.

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All of these are playing games. All of these are, you know, they're like like spiders, building webs

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and fighting each other.

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All it takes is one person to come in with a broom and sweep and all the spiders and all the spider's web, go into the garbage can

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ask Allah subhanaw taala

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ask Allah subhanaw taala for peace, for harmony, for justice, for compassion.

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Passion for the destruction of a precious oppressors everywhere.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy on us because we have lost mercy

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Debian Our hearts have become hard like rocks Our eyes have dried they appear our tears don't flow don't flow anymore

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because we have seen so much misery and we have seen so much negativity and may Allah protect us from ourselves in this social media has bombarded us with so much negativity that our hearts have become hard we have become completely immune.

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I remember many many many years ago I was ill must have been about maybe

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14 or something like this.

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I went to buy chickens

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in Moslems market in Hyderabad.

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And I had a cycle I used to cycle and so I went to buy tickets there. The as I went to enter there, there was this insane inside the market is the shops all around and be caught here.

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Now a whole bunch of chicken sellers. So they slaughter this chicken right in front of your eyes and they skin it let me defer it and the innards and so on, they take out all the interest and stuff and all that stuff, they internalize everything else wrong. They just throw it in a heap in the middle of that market.

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And there are dogs feeding of that and all that. Now this is that is their standard. And that has been lying there. It lies there at least for 24 hours, if not more. As you can imagine, as I walked in there, I almost threw up. It was it to the stink was incredible.

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Because decomposing raw chicken guts, right. I mean, there's Korean nastier than that.

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But to my intense surprise, and remember, I'm now 67 years old like this, this the memory from 14 years old,

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to intense surprise, the chicken sellers.

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They were all happily sitting there. Somebody's doing some work, somebody's drinking tea, somebody's eating pan, they're chatting, they're joking,

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that smell that that terrible, terrible stink. They were immune to it

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completely Midwich I mean, I almost stopped breathing.

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With a greatest difficulty I stayed there as long as it took me to take the good surgical and I come out came out of there I took a deep breath and look at these people, how can they bear that, and then it struck me they can bear it because they have been seeing that and smelling that day in and day out.

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The first day one of them would have gone in there, his reaction would be the same.

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Second, third, fourth fifth 10th week to week month to once he's completely immune to that. That's what has happened to our hearts, we have become immune to misery we have become immune to suffering we become immune to injustice we have become immune to bloodshed.

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Our hearts have died.

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The sign of life is to fee is the ability to feel pain.

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And patient doctors you know of course nowadays they have scattered water but usually when they check to see if a patient is dead, they do something to the the poke it with a with a needle or something they will not bog the hand of what is happening or they open the eye in the test the pupil. And if there is no reaction, there is no reaction to pain, then they say the patient is dead.

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It's not a question of do you recognize somebody? Or you know, will you if they come and tell you a joke? Are you laughing? or No.

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But you will to speak No. The ability to feel pain is the final sign of life. As long as we have the ability to feel pain, you are alive. When the ability to feel pain goes, you are dead. You're pronounced dead. That has happened to our hearts. Our hearts no longer have the ability to feel pain. And that is why it is well as a result of told us that this OMA is like one body. When one part of the body aches, the whole body feels the pain.

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Is that true anymore?

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You know the answer I know the answer. We need to change that. Not in others in ourselves.

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Let's look at ourselves. That's the only thing which ALLAH given our control which is ourselves. So in these nights, make lots and lots of ask for the impossible. And all the stuff I told you is impossible. Then of course in your own personal lives, whatever is going on. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to to help that to help you or to cure that. Ask Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lu to accept your doors with higher and Apphia and to give you more from his generosity, and this

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has been enough for me as well.

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lots and lots and lots of Allah. Allah said oh the only person who asked me I will give you

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in the ayat of Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala said what is Asada chi bad Yanni? Fine dickory? Would you would have to die either Dan Foley yesterday Willie, will you When will I love your shadows? Allah said, oh Mohamed Salah Salem, oh my god, oh my beloved.

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When my slaves ask about me, I'm close to them.

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Let them ask me, I will give them

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let them obey me and let them have faith in me so that they may be guided.

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So this is the time for da don't waste it. Do not waste it. In doing this on that make door, make lots and lots of door and Bayless Valtellina

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and Insha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will accept we have completed total faith in our ability, he will accept. So ask him, he told us to ask. So ask Him, ask Him in His glow in the name of His glory and majesty in his beautiful names. And tell him ask him his era beautiful news only. I'm asking you, so give me give me because I'm asking you.

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There's no other reason. Give me because you can give me there's nothing to stop you.

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You are not bound by any rule.

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You don't need anything. Whatever I'm asking you, you don't even need that. So give me

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ask Allah beggar last barter. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to put the words in your mouth that he wants to hear and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you

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until you are tired of taking

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proper Assam Susana we loved Aquila, watermelon Aquila, middle class it it start with this the for give charity started with the farmer Brothers Sisters time is God. We are we are we are one step away from death. And no amount of regret will help when we see Malko both

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do it now. Make us the far ask Allah to forgive and he will forgive. You promise to forgive.

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We ask Allah to forgive us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us that we asked was fair enough. Yeah. And to add to that from His Majesty and Grace was Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Karim, Allah Allah He was I remember how to get him alive.