Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Itikaaf Dos And Donts

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The use of Subhanaw taala in Islam is discussed, including its negative impact on one's life and political uses. The importance of fulfilling personal goals and privacy in public spaces is emphasized. The speaker reminds the audience to set goals for themselves and not to use their property without permission, emphasizing the need to make good health and dedication to oneself.
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Under a little bit on amino salatu salam ala shuffelin via evil masa de la la de he was having his rent will buy

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under the danger amavi begin out

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in India from today tonight and I remind myself in you that Allah subhanaw taala said or masala Fujian Da Vinci lady Abu

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Marie do mean whom interesting when I read when you turn on in Allah was awful and what is but in this regard, I said that we have not created the human being and jinn for any purpose other than to worship us. And the last one that I said that we do not ask them to feed us we do not ask you to feed us and we do not ask you for risk, but we feed you and we give you risk by our power

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in the law, what are the what the machine at the Gulf is the

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is the

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manifestation by action of our belief in this ayah because for the period of this time, whether it is for the for all the genders inshallah, or for whatever number of days that we decide to make Africa, we seclude ourselves in the house of Allah cut ourselves off from everything to do with the dunya including our families, and we dedicate ourselves completely and totally to building the connection with Allah subhanaw taala which is the purpose of our existence will not call up to the novel into ilaria widow. My brothers and sisters I remind myself and you to make to take full advantage of this time because we are due for law. We are the guests in the house are lots of data.

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Some of us are.

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Some of us are fortunate enough and lucky enough to be in Al Haram. Al Sharif. Some of us are in in the Haram and Medina Some of us are in the Haram in Luxor, and others are in the houses online and massages of Allah, in different parts of the world at Shangri La, wherever we may be. The Masjid is the house of Allah and therefore we are in the house of Allah. Now let us remind ourselves that Allah Subhana Allah does not invite guests to his house to take from them. Allah subhanaw taala invites guests to give to them. Allah always calls to give love does not called to take Allah tala DNA caribou latte linic legality to the Villa de la junta Lola Manga Manga Manga which is a teenager

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gurnemanz to mango or La Silla, ask Allah subhana wa tada MiG dry and MiG da, there is nothing that you cannot ask Allah for. And there is nothing that you ask which Allah subhanaw taala cannot give you. So Allah subhanaw taala will give you you keep asking and He will give you a general counsel as a law firm said there are three kinds of drugs, something that you ask and others that immediately gives it something that you ask and instead of giving it Alas, vinyls, Allah removes the calamity from your from your life. And the third one is something that you ask and Allah does not give you and at that time in the in your corner, there is no calamity either. Allah subhanaw taala keeps such

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derives with him. And on the Day of Judgment, when we are presented before him Allah Subhana Allah said, All my slave, you are asked me for such and such, and I give it to you and Allah shows it. And he says, Oh by strips, you asked me for such and such and I did not give it

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but instead I removed this calamity from you And on that day we will see which calamities have been removed. And then Allah will say, Are my slave you asked me for such and such, and I did not give it to you. And also there was no calamity to be removed at that time. That door is with me. Now ask me and I will give you whatever you want. There is Allah Allah Azza wa sallam said that if you realize the value of that kind of dogs, the one that you asked and you didn't get, and that there was no calamity and that then therefore it could not be removed, and the dua that is with a lot to handle data, for which on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will say, Oh, my slave asked me now and

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I will give you whatever I want whatever you want. As soon as you realize the value of that door, then you will wish that you will make that you that you would make all your life and none of those doors would be accepted in this life you would actually wish that I will keep asking Allah and Allah will not another should not give me and I will have all these doors with Allah subhanaw taala for myself on the Day of Judgment, and then I can ask Allah Subhana Allah for whatever I want so ask door and ask Do I make dua and MC drying my MC drops a lot around Dallas? Hello Dorney welcome and the last round that I said was outside okay, but the Omni for in the corrib my slave asked about me.

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I'm close to him. Would you be without a DI than when he asked when he makes application and he asked for me. I listened to him and I give it to him. For yesterday boo Lee was human ob lol, homier, pseudo, and therefore let him have faith in me and let him obey me so that he may be among the rightly guided

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I'm loving you may get the guff, we are proving that we have faith in Allah subhanaw taala we are proving our obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and therefore we ask Allah Subhana datatracks at all our doors, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala every single thing in your heart, there is nothing that Allah subhanaw taala cannot give. There is nothing that is not in his power to give us like a two year old child, ask like a two year old child, beg and plead and within quotes, make a nuisance of yourself until you get what you want. inshallah, at the end of 10 days you should walk out of those massages after you take off with everything that you wanted in your hand inshallah, ask Allah subhanaw taala

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Most of all, for a Fatima Hale as well as one of us with no data for them for most of all, that Allah subhanaw taala top of funnel Muslim and while you cannot be Salah hain that Allah subhanaw taala should should, when we die, we should die as Muslims, and that we should be resurrected, with the Salaheddin with the media with the Shahada with the Salah here in the article is vinyl data that allows vinyl data should grant us the death in his spot, struggling in a spot of death or death. That is how the feasibility lab allows rather We ask Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala should it should decree that we die in a state of such that in Salah while making the art Allah

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subhanaw taala insha Allah, there's nothing that I cannot give. So ask and ask and ask my brothers and sisters, then we are in the massage Remember, the masjid has upon us, there are other people who are making it a goth have upon us and let us fulfill those who who the health of the masjid is that we should treat it like the house of Allah, which it is that we treated with respect that we treated as an Amana that we don't miss use the facilities of the masjid that we don't miss use the the whatever has been provided to us in that merchandise electricity and our water droplets, that we keep it clean and neat. Because this is the house Allah subhanaw taala that this would be nothing,

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not a single grain that that falls from our hand which would be which would become a source of nuisance or or should be as something to make them as much as dirty. Make sure that you fulfill the half of the budget. The people who make the golf with us our brothers and sisters they have upon us that we do not disturb them that we do not spoil their attack off. Because we go and we talk to them and so on. Remember the autograph is not a place to hang out. It's not a social, it's not a social gathering. You are in the masjid, only for yourself. And to connect yourself with Allah subhanaw taala you have no concern with anybody else in that Masjid. You're not there to be with your

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friends, you're not there to view your relatives. You're not there to make friends, new friends, you're not there to hang out with anybody. You're there to connect with Allah subhanaw taala. So don't disturb people make as much data as you can read as much as you can. Those of you know how to make as much data as you can make, read as many as you can. And when you are finished and tired, then go to sleep. Because even the sleep is a rather while you are an ethical soheila. But don't chat with people and don't talk to people and don't talk loudly on the phone and don't do all of those things. So I'm glad to get away from all this we came into the masjid. Don't bring all that

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for a fact inside the muscles with video when you come. Third thing, do not use anybody's property without their permission. anybody's slippers and shoes and bags and pillows and bedding and a pen or whatever it is never ever touch anyone's property without asking permission, even if it is your own brother, do not touch his property without asking permission, ask permission and then take something do not take anything without asking permission. That is the hug of the brothers who are in autograph with you. And finally, make goals for yourself. set targets for yourself and say that in these 10 days, I'm going to come read so much more. And I'm going to remember so many so much so many

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sources. So when you saw I'm going to read this particular book of Islam, or whatever it is, I'm going to make Vicar and I'm going to connect myself with Allah subhanaw taala. When I say Subhana Allah, I'm willing to try to feel the sweetness of Subhana Allah, when I say hamdulillah I'm going to try to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for all that He has given me, when I say Allahu Akbar, I'm going to try and feel the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah when I say a lot, but when I say shall illallah wa haddou la sharika lahu wahana Mohammed Abu Rasulo, I'm going to try and feel the power of this Kalamata Eva, I'm going to feel the power of being a number to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. So make sure that you set these targets for yourself and very, very important. Make dua for the people, the Muslims who are oppressed, whether they are in front of it, or whether they are in Kashmir or whether they are in Chechnya or urbanista. And or Iraq or Syria or Libya or Egypt, there is the list of places increases. And so Allah those of us who are not in those places, do not fit in comfort, and do not spend time in in all sorts of profit. Pray for those people and and support them in every single way that you can

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To ensure that when we stand on the Day of Judgment, that we are not culpable before Allah subhanaw taala, where lacinato will ask us that when this was happening, what did you do a lot ask us what was happening in philosophy and Allah will say, when it was happening in philosophy, what were you doing? So her life, we cannot help them materially, make sure we help them withdraw, and make sure that we do not do anything, which adds to their misery and which adds to their problems. So make very, very sure that you are clear in your, in your IML. And in our in our about that, and that we make a lot of the, for those people who have so much who have suffered so much of difficulty, I

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remind myself when you that these last 10 days, they may be the last time that we are ever going to get this opportunity to make ethic up in this life. So do not fool yourself, nobody who died expected to die. And same thing with us when we die will not expect to date this can and most likely is the last Ramadan in my life and in your life. And this can be and most likely is the last opportunity to make ethica in my life. So I remind myself that I must make the make the best of it and make this a great advantage in my life that Allah subhanaw taala has given me to make epigraph and ensure that I get the maximum benefit out of this epigraph because there may not be another

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opportunity, you ask Allah subhanaw taala detanglers Allah for giving us this opportunity, we asked him to give us these opportunities again and again and again, over and over again until the last day of our lives. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us good health and strength to ensure that we do is about that properly and completely and with great dedication and sincerity. And as long as we are alive in this world. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah when the time comes for us to go to take us without pain and without suffering, and to take us easily as Shahada feasability law was alcohol and abuse Kareem while he was heavier Jemaine erotica from Allah camino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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