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In under Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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in the Quran in many places

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mentioned the importance of reflection of thinking

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and lavandula in some places that of Allah tada Barun Al Quran

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don't these people reflect on the Quran don't emit the the bar on the Quran?

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Allah Allah when a follower or are their hearts locked

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in some other place Allah said I tell the will Al Bab

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there are signs for people of intelligence

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in some other blaze Allah that Azalea variableness land on the earth of a Quran, Allah said we give we tell these people

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we give them these examples

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so that they will reflect

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on that of a cartoon so that they will miss it or they will think it will reflect

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so I remind myself when you about an average we decided every single day in every single record of the salon

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and I asked myself what reflection Am I doing on this?

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And that is

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sirata Lavina and I'm daily

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you do the part of the Tierra de la Vina and I'm daddy.

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So what is this?

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What is the way we have as well as Rhonda ages Robin wants to be like give us guidance to the butt of steadfastness the correct parts the straight but and Marie brewski the *ty

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contractor right. Serra de la Vina Nam Dally

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the guy boss of those who you have blessed

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so what is his back and is our path you just act as Renata two times just now

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and before that when we made that happen was it two more times then we made to our castle now Salah are five or further two more times. So between the time we entered the masjid now we have asked Allah subhanaw taala six times

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just in the last name we've written 20 minutes

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so 16 years 11 $100 euro dollars in Anjali. So should we not reflect to say that having asked all of this my own life is it on this draft of unintelligent or is my life on the syrup or something else?

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So what's magnetism?

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Because what is the point of that? It makes no sense. It's like it's a completely stupid recovery the gala the gala Rotterdam job not affected by which or the acula Show me the ratio isn't always something else.

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Makes no sense. So if you are asking Allah subhanaw taala show me the way of the people who will

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show me the way forward to do what you see. The Algan is good. Let it be there, I'm going somewhere.

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Or are we asking show me the way so that I can also be on that path?

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That's the whole point is this

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that should we reflect or should we not reflect?

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And if we are reflecting, then the purpose of reflecting is to make corrections.

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If my path is something other than the path of those who are loveless,

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who did Allah bless.

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And Allah Allah, him, Mina na vi in our city attain our Shahada, it was solid.

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So there are only four categories. And we are so the pain, Shahada solid

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if our path is away from any of these four, and these are not four paths, the xylene, the Shahada, the CDT, we're on the path of the MBR.

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We've had to get to an anatomic regular activity,

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whether we get activated but we don't have a lot to discuss.

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Because they were on the part of the Navy they got.

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So there is only one way and that is the way of the Navy.

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So if our path is taking us somewhere else, we have to individually each one of us are reminding myself that we each one of us has to sit and think

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because this is what Allah subhanaw taala said again and again and again,

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to make fricker to reflect to reflect.

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And then we have to think and say is my path and my path is everything from the time my eyes open in the morning to the time my eyes shut in the night is my path. Whatever I am doing.

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Whether it is small or big is immaterial, because Allah subhanaw taala said very clearly from a yarmulke

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Hi Ray, Ray Ray Yara Latika decay you will be short on Yammer with Carla

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So, whether it is small or big is not the issue, even if it is one word even if it is one action even if it is one biser we are spending even if it is one second we are spending in something which is other than the path of the nabin

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which is other than the path of Allah. Then it is a it is a second it is a word it is an action it is a rupee or $1 or a buzzer that has been spent on something other than the part of this.

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And that is not what we just asked the last monitor. So, we must reflect and this is what the Quran says again and again and again for us to reflect and reflect and ask that the hard question of Allah de barro nalcor, an AMA Allah kulu Bina vida, hey Alexandra, they do not reflect on the Quran or is it that the hearts are locked, as you say, what is Shakti yelagiri

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these are lanuza

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alleghany so stay get the double naked alexandrova so we have to reflect and say that I have just asked Allah subhanaw taala

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What is this Red Rooster is my life on that grok or not, because the only people who Allah subhanaw taala has blessed are these people,

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everything is not rushed.

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So I remind myself when you let us make the near and let us do it right starting from now from the time we leave the market, reflect on our lives and make corrections because we do not know when the bell will ring for us. And when the bell rings you have to go and our correction have to be before that bell rings as well as $1 to make it easy for us and to open our eyes to that which we are doing which is pleasing to Him so that we can do it more and open our eyes to that which is not pleasing to Him so that we can start doing that was Allah Allah will vary widely in savage mine but I have to go