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The speaker discusses the All Access Pass, a version of the golden ticket by Willy Wonka, which provides access to various courses and opportunities for personal development. The course is designed to increase knowledge and interaction with Allah, and is offered in various formats, including virtual seminars and events. The speaker also mentions the upcoming release of a new digital book and a library of over 30 courses.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Ramadan is a time of accepted supplications and dua, and one of the drugs that Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us to make in the Quran is wa kohlrabi, is it near edema and say My Lord, Increase me knowledge. In fact, it's the only thing that ALLAH SubhanA data tells us to ask him more of in the Quran. And so what would your life look like? I want you to fast forward to next Ramadan what would your life look like? If for the next year, you walked in line with this? Always seeking knowledge? What would your worship look like? If everything that you did? You knew that it was a bit you knew the basis of it in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam? Or would your faith look like if you had answers to all of the doubts that are posed to you or even the questions that you posed to yourself? What would your relationships with others look like if you knew what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada required from you for those relationships? What would your life look like? If you walk in line with knowledge, Ramadan is the opportunity of a lifetime. And whenever the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, you have to take advantage of it within the lifetime of that opportunity. I want to talk to you about the All Access Pass. The All Access Pass is a lovely version of the golden ticket by Willy Wonka. It is the black card. by

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American Express. It gives you access to everything that the automotive world offers. Insha Allah to Allah in the next 12 months after Ramadan is over in sha Allah Tala, you'll get immediate access to three courses that are foundational with regards to your Ramadan goals in sha Allah. The first is behind the scenes by Chef I'm interested in man, it's one of the most popular courses of motive has ever offered. It's all about the spiritual practices of the early Muslims. Also by shuffle, I'm gonna say mine is as you are, which will help you figure out your spiritual potential based on your personality. And the third is His Majesty unlocking the names of Allah by myself, which in essence

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is a dark course which will allow you in sha Allah data to develop a relationship with Allah subhana data this propelled by DUA and knowing His names and attributes for Inshallah, to Allah the rest of your life, not just the next year, you will also get access to an motive online among them online is on demand courses that get released once a month on average, with an expectation of 10 Inshallah, to Allah in the next 12 months. And we've got some amazing courses that are lined up the fifth of Salah by Sheikh Abu Issa the fifth of children by Shall we lead the 40 Hadith by Dr. Heidi shahada, the traits of the believers in the hypocrites by Dr. Omar Sinema. There's a lot of courses, Inshallah,

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to Allah that are in the pipeline. And we're so excited. Each course is over 14 hours long. And so at Hamdulillah 10 courses, that's over 140 hours of incredible material being prepared in sha Allah, then you have faith essentials, and faith essentials, is I always say it's the best kept secret on the internet. It's a beautiful library of over 30 courses that talk about everything you need to know about what a Muslim needs to know. And so belief is there and interaction is there and worship is there. And character is there. All of these beautiful modules that are bite sized. So we've gotten most of online that's, you know, the lengthier and in depth, and then you have faith

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essentials for everybody who just wants to know what the answer is. And they don't want all of the tangents and they don't want to live the debate. And then we have virtual seminars, if you want to attend from the comfort of your home, but attended with a scholar who's living in the United States or living in the UK or living anywhere in the world or traveling anywhere in the world. And from anywhere in the world. You can participate in Charlottetown and get an live and mother live experience. And then we have on site events, from elm nights to Fusion seminars to weekend seminars. All of these in Charlotte style are expected to come back in the next 12 months and you will get

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access to all of them. And so all of these are included in your all access pass, but the offer only exists for Ramadan. But because Ramadan is the month of Baraka, this offer exists during the month of Ramadan. So take advantage of Charlotte and register today. And I'll see you at the live virtual seminars in the onside and I'll see I'll see you everywhere because you're going to be everywhere in Charlotte data. Welcome