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Response to the Left Wing Anti Islam Islamophobic Daily Caller

Karim Abuzaid


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I'll give you an example.

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How does in

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the punishment

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the penal punishment for someone who commits adultery?

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The only look at stoning to this death that's all

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Oh, you guys want to establish Sharia in America so somebody commits adultery, you stone them to death.

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Let's look at it. Look at this now.

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Number one,

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it is almost impossible to establish an evidence against someone who commits adultery.

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You know, what is the evidence for

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but true, have seen the man going into the women and I can be more precise than this. Seeing that the Oregon going down

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not undercover

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Wi Fi, how possible this is for, for

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when the companion came to the prophets, Allah Allah said I saw my wife with a man. He said for otherwise I'm gonna flag you right now. I'm gonna flag you for slandering.

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This is number one.

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Number two,

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whose address with executing, let's say and that's why I want to say if we're in history of Islam,

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only people who came to the ruler or to the prophet SAW Selim confessing that they committed a boat.

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And Subhanallah also you find out that

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he told us

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to do that.

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If you can find that Lee, I don't know if this is good English or a Yanni

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to scale executing the punishment. Do it. Do that. Be sure

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if there is a chance, look at marriage when he said came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Hadith and Muslim Yara Salalah. Stone me I committed adultery. What did he say to him? Get out of here and

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take him away. He's drunk. He's drunk. Take him.

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Take him away is crazy.

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Number two,

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who is supposed to implement

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the criminal punishments for judiciary often Islam, the judge, the individuals,

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the ruler,

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brothers, brothers and sisters in Islam, any text in the Quran and the Sunnah about executing the criminal punishments in the religion of Islam, the authority is being addressed with it.

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What do you

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not the individuals to become a barbaric jungle not just a jungle, a barbaric jungle of individuals are going to execute

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on their hands.

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The leader and the leader appoints a call through where the person is established that he is guilty.

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of now you living in America.

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If America chooses to implement these,

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we're gonna say jack Hello, hello, thank you.

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But if the Constitution of the United States does not allow this, there is no way you're going to do it.