Reminders Dividing The Muslims

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The concept of Islam is based on faith rather than race and culture and the use of the title Islam as a means of worship is emphasized. There is a need to examine the evidence of Islam's supposed image and determine who will go to Jana. The segment touches on avoiding creating differences and focusing on one person, as well as the issue of Islam being a condition rather than a job and the need to determine who will go to Jana. A call to action is requested for everyone to help each other and bring humor to build their own Islam.

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salatu salam ala Mia even more saline while Allah He was happy

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and as rhondella said, right as he will be heavily laden your wallet of horrible, Allah said hold on to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala firmly and strongly while at the furrow and do not make differences do not make divisions amongst yourselves.

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And as well that also said about Zuma in moto moto wahida or anara boo boo. Unless it really is Omar, yours is one oma

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and what is this Brotherhood is one brotherhood.

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One era boom travel zone and I am Europe and worship Me and another place Allah subhanaw taala zaidan now moto moto wahida well hon comfortable. The

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thing about Islam

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is the sense of oma is a sense of being one brotherhood, which is based on faith. This Brotherhood is not based on anything other than faith.

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It is not based on nationality, it is not based on race, it is not based on tribe it is not based on color. It is based on faith.

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And that is where Allah

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took the connection from about the soma and directly made it to himself.

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You know, moto moto vida, bonobo,

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the one oma and I'm Europe has that connection.

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But as you may have realized, Jamia, while at the photo, hold on to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala strongly and do not make differences.

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It is also in the headman of Allah subhanaw taala that in the first generation of the Sahaba, regarding Allah,

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Allah, Allah also showed what is to be done if people make differences. And it's sort of over we have all the ads related to the merger, which is called buses there are the merges of divisions were some of the one of 18 they built a massive,

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a little bit away from Medina. And just as recently as Elon was about to depart for a book, they came and invited him and they said, Please come and make turaga Salah in our budget, because we are living far away and it is difficult for us to come all the way to the US is another way for Salah. So please come and make a salad here and then we will continue and we will make salad.

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Now let's see how della knows the intentions of people. So sola sola Salam was not permitted to go at that time. He left for the walk. And on the way back when he was coming jabril Islam came to him with the app of the Quran, which Arizona Toba and as a result of which, not only did Allah subhanaw taala forbid him, he said do not stand in that was it. He said do not go there to the masjid. And then Allah subhanaw taala recommend recommended for him what Allah subhanaw taala called matches or topo which is which relates to matches alcova and Allah subhanaw taala praise the people who are in mercy that taqwa and he called them with the heroine, that they are the people who are pure.

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As a result of this not only the wrestlers will not go to that magic to worship, he sent people to demolish that Masjid.

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Again imagine the material which was demolished by the Navy of Allah Allah. Why? Because it was a massive Allah subhanaw taala said his mercy has been created to create divisions among the woman.

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Today, we asked the questions, is this a sharper image it is 100 image it is a self image it is a Sufi Majid. If it was it is called sharp Shafi or hanafy or Sophia or Sarah V, it should be diminished. It is haram to worship in the masjid. You go abroad This is a Bangladeshi Masjid. This is an Arab Masjid, the hot water level I live in La Jolla. The merchant is the house of Allah subhanho that anyone was at Lyda Hill a lot my mother's Allah is welcome to come and worship in that mercy. If anyone ascribes to his nationality or to his whatever, that margin is not a budget it's not a house or law that merges to worship and then merge it becomes Hara does is very clear about

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this is Dean came to keep people together not to not to dis destroy and divide people on the basis and in that 11 the largest Sham Sham ship that we want to divide people on the business of Allah subhanaw taala Obadiah on the on the busy by itself and where do we go? And what do you do with the Koran which are reserved for your wife, Abdullah is me

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making us

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Welcome to do not create differences. Today this has become a custom and practice answers, everyone has got to go in theory

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to do my filter, this is my jamara This is my

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water level, there is one filter that is a simple one. But there is one jar which is a Java which is standing in Scala.

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And that is what we have to do and that is what we follow. The issue of mazahub is not for the purpose of grading differences 100 all the IMA were there that we that we follow Alhamdulillah it is good. And there is no problem with following any map, but no enums that didn't have any form of Java, Malik Al Hamdulillah whoever it is that you don't follow the other one. Where did we get this wrong?

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Where did you get Islam?

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We have to examine this all of this is a sign of jealousy is a sign of complete lack of knowledge of Islam. And it leads us to doing what is it is haram to create differences between one Muslim or the Muslim they came and

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Allah who is a Muslim, he is a Muslim is the one who says that Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah who worships in the direction of in the direction we watch, which is worship store in the direction of the Kaaba, and who is our,

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our, if we, you know, kill slaughter an animal that person needs is that the only condition the lion has allowed was Allah worshipping ration the Kaaba and eating our labia is sufficient for a person who Muslim and beyond that is between him and

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beyond that is between him and his robe as long as somebody is not committing openshift openshift It is not our job to go inside is that to see whether he's got the hourglass or that

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we have taken we Allah does not need our help believe we we have taken the job of Allah onto ourselves. And we are going to sit here and decide who will go to Jana Jana, who will go to Ghana is not our job is not our job is to look at ourselves. When will I go to general Jana? Let us worry about that not worry about other people. Let them go anywhere makes no difference. So then our debt if the whole world goes into Jana and I go to Ghana, that's my problem. And he said his whole world goes into Ghana and I want to join him at the problem.

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It's not that that's not the issue. So let us be very, very clear. Let us follow the hokum Allah subhanaw taala that has always taught the language of being bringing people together, that is invite any Muslim hamdulillah let him come from anywhere and one of the beautiful things about his mother's run as I think probably has more nationalities, if it coming is when do we have more nationalities Are there any other

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very abusive people of everywhere Rasul? Allah Hungary, let us keep that the spirit of that because that is the sole source of great Baraka for us inshallah, and now, we are coming into Ramadan, let us be very clear about this, clip our hearts clean, keep our heart full of love for one another. And you know, try to help each other and even if there is no chance to help each other at least, let us not try to divide people between here and there. various people will say the day ignore them, ignore them. And if they say it in front of you, stop them, tell them show them the book.

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Do not Do not say something where you have granted a lot of judgment. I remind myself and you that our job is to bring humor together There are too many differences. Let us remove those differences. Let us bring Zuma together, be one people in sha Allah and that is a source of our strength, our strength, our strength is one people not to have under the differences. Allah, Allah give us of it, to do what is pleasing to Him and to keep us safe from doing what is displeasing to him and to do build try to build his own as close as these our designer had a moment where we're close to each other and to follow suit. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali

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was I was ready to go