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AI: Summary © The video taqwa describes how negative behavior can be prevented by helping others, including helping a brother to avoid negative behavior and working towards helping others. The segment also discusses how small things like clothing and parking can be resolved, while larger issues like construction and public health require larger attention. The audience is encouraged to remind themselves of small ways they can help each other.
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In the Lombardy lo salatu salam O Allah,

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Allah Allah He was Hi Bo Manuela. Oh bad. And those random data said thou no LLB river taco. Well at least one insulted my, the

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last one that I said help each other in albir what taqwa in the good things in good deeds and in developing the favelas manager and do not help each other in sin and bad things and evil deeds.

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Yeah, he's

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he's said,

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There used to be a, there used to be a saying on the Arabs,

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they said help your brother whether he is doing right or wrong.

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So right, use the same thing. And this is from among the ways of teaching and sort of use the same thing he said help your brother whether he is the oppressor or the oppressed.

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So the saregama haleema when they say Dr. sola how do we we can we understand if you say, help your brother if he is the oppressed, but you say help your brother if he is the oppressor or the oppressed? So how do we help the brother if he is the oppressor? He said, You help him by stopping his oppression. Because if you don't stop his oppression, then Allah will punish him and that is worse for him.

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So Taiwan, Taiwan, while video taqwa consists of two ways. One is to help somebody in doing something which is good.

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And also to stop somebody if he's doing something wrong. Both of these are helping in the light of this advice, if you look at it, for example, if you went to the masjid and your brother's the father, come along with me, let us go. At the same time the mother wants to take you somewhere else, you know, sooner, I'm not going and you also don't use it yet.

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You know, is it No, I cannot go, I will not go and I will not let you also go right. And this is my hat on you as a friend, that I will not let you go to a bad place I will I will not let you do something which is wrong. Somebody wants to smoke something, somebody wants to drink something, somebody wants to go somewhere, these are all hot. And this is all natural, it is not. It does not mean that the person is now say that no is not that we are all human is all comes. But it's also human to resist. Sometimes people say no, no, but this is natural. You know, I always tell people that when you were six months old and you are running around, you are naturally doing things, then

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your mother had to clean up behind you right. Now, if you do the same thing when you are 20 years old, and you say no, it is natural,

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is nonsense. It is still natural. But but it is nonsense, I mean, to overcome a natural tendency, which is negative is the meaning of majority.

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What is the meaning of majority to overcome a natural tendency which is negative? Otherwise, what what is majority majority means to overcome a natural tendency. tendency is natural. We don't we don't deny that anger if you become angry, is it? Is it natural to become angry? Yes.

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Yes, but in that anger now I take my slipper and I slap somebody on the face. This is not what is this?

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Right or a curse somebody la hora hora de La Villa. This is not so anger is natural. But to overcome the anger is the meaning of majority. And that's when Allah Allah said that if you give up to your brother, what is your right? Meaning that you know between you and me? There's something which is your right. But you said or it's okay when you take this. I don't want to have an argument I will not fight I will not get into this. Then the Zola is another is an absurd if you give up for your brother, what is your rights? He said I will guarantee you a palace. When was the agenda in the middle of Jannah?

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Think about that. And how long does it take? And how much effort does it take to give up your right for you but it's not it's all ego.

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How can I give up but once you overcome that ego

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is promising a palace in general.

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so laggy but apparently spalting. So to give up something which is not which is negative, to give up something which is negative, maybe natural

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in favor of something positive. This is the meaning of majority.

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So Donald Bhairava taqwa is to help each other in doing this helping each other in doing everything which is good. Many, many things are small things for example, you know, for example, if you go to a Masjid, and you find people have lived their shoes here and that small thing, just put them all in the rack or help them to put them in the rack. Yeah, one day I was in when I used to live in Saudi

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is a friend of mine. He is one of the members of the marriages the shore of the king. So he and I were going to the

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budget. So he asked me, he said what is the problem with our room? And we were talking about some other matters of the year. So he said, Tell me what is the problem with our room. And as we said this we reached a budget. And as various devices what you see, there are at the end of the budget, there are these beautiful

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teak wood very beautifully made shoe racks on both sides and long up to six feet high shoe racks on both sides.

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All the shoe racks are empty. And between the shoe rack there are shoes everywhere, everywhere and you have no choice but to walk on the shoes. You know I don't want to walk on somebody's shoes it's it's bad to spoil but what do you do? Like a carpet or shoes? So so as we went there, I said this is what is wrong with our room instead.

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This is what is if we cannot even keep our shoes properly. How can we talk about a lava? And how can we talk about ruling the world? You can't even rule your own shoe man. I mean what what do you want to

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think about? Similarly like massages I'm talking to my manager what happens we go into the masjid we go into the bathroom we turn on the light we use the bathroom it's there for us only Angela but when you come out there make sure you turn off the tap Make sure to turn off the light and come up is it is meant for our use. But what do we do most people they will leave the tap half on they will turn on the light they won't turn it off. Right and now this is a man the masjid is a man it is by to law it's the house of Allah subhanaw taala so whatever is happening there is for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala if I go and waste electricity or something or people come in their house when they

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are in the house they will turn on one light and if the child or somebody turns on the light in the other room the father will say put up the light if you're if nobody's using it Why do you think current is free? You know you do think it comes up comes from the air all but in the masses they come if there are 25 switches they will put on every switch for what

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switches are there 100 if there are that many people inshallah you have that much light but all you need really is enough light for you to if you're reading something you sit down there and you read that's enough Why must every light but people there's tennis they put on a whole light every light in the masjid should be on if there are fans every fan should be on if there are air conditioners every economic law

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Why do you want to waste things in the house of just because you are not paying for it, somebody else is paying for it. So now you feel free to that is this is the whole issue of the point of

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helping each other in doing good

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is to look at all the small things as I say God is in the details. You take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves automatically naturally everything will be correct. That is why if you look at it see the the emphasis that Nebuchadnezzar is allowing us to place on the straightening of the

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Rosaura Salamis to actually walk in the south from one end to the other used to work in the south and he would straighten this up he would push people back in one beautiful Hass.

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Rosa Rosa Salaam,

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used an arrow sometimes he was an adult, he would have his and then he would use the arrow to state and there was once I have he was standing a little bit in the front. So as soon as I poked him with the arrow, you know in his stomach, he just sort of gently walked in with the arrow there.

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he didn't hurt he just sort of touched him. He said, Ah You hurt me. So I said, I'm sorry. There is no I want.

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I want I want you know I want to retaliate because this is you This is my hug and you oppress me so I have to get my thing back. So those are the reasons All right, so you you poke me back, please No, I you lift up your shirt though then only I can poke you back. So sudarsan lifted up his shirt, the savvy hugged him and he kissed him on his belly. And he said yes, this is what I wanted to do.

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I wanted to kiss you. As you how they loved us how they loved

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every excuse there to want to have to somehow tested her love is Allah salam wa to be close to him as close to him as possible. So handle as you see

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him today we people run away from us.

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Nobody wants to come close to us. And may Allah protect as the bigger chef you become the more people don't know you.

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Because then you walk around like your God as on the law level. Nobody wants to come close to you. This is a very these are all bad things you see if you get knowledge if you get lm if you Allah subhanaw taala chooses to do something and we must improve our ability to aware that people come closer and closer

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are such that Allah subhanaw taala had to reveal Quran to say leave my Navy alone he also has a private life when he invites you for all the items.

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When he when he invites you for a meal you go in you eat the food and you leave, do not sit there and talk

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while I'm Mr. mustafina abilities don't sit there and chitchat and so on, people were so close to him the whole time they wanted to be with him.

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So, Allah subhanaw taala had to say you know, after all, he also has to give him some space, let him have V as is what is on life to lead also.

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So tavano Anil Villa taqwa to make the town of somebody in goodness is to look at all the small things The reason I'm focusing on small things is because we generally ignore the bigger thing maybe inshallah we do, but smaller things. So when you come when you enter the masjid

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issue of the SFX issue of for example, in this budget there is a construction problem which is that we have got one door and then the module extends to one side. So now naturally when people come inside the sensible thing is you walk all the way to the end to the to wherever you can go and then you start your Salah, but many times people who find as soon as they enter the door Allah but now he is standing and praying so somebody now has to pass him he has to pass him in front of him which is not which is the not the right thing to do. So people are now packed up here is blocking up the whole place because he's standing and praying and this is a this is not only here you say in the

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Haram Ahmed how many times in the the people walking around I

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don't know it is the reason why must you pray in the huge I don't have such a big machine Mashallah. And when the man has to find a place to brace in the doorway

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people have no really I tell him Muslim May Allah May Allah forgive us. We don't use our intelligence make to think think a little bit about others. Same thing with parking you park your car your bike or something anyway as soon as you stop you walk

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have some consideration other people also coming there is a pathway driveway there is that park in a way where it's not a nuisance, but anyway, these are all issues of helping each other in goodness, helping each other in goodness is not only related to Salah or the cat or something those are also goodness, but helping each other in goodnesses in all the little things and this comes when we always remember that the world looks at us as Muslims. So what does the world see the world does not says it does or back or does the world says a Muslim did this you park the car wrong at the time of Salah if you if you have if you park badly What do the other non Muslims What do they say? See how

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these Muslims they are a nuisance to everybody. Even when they pray they are a nuisance. They will not say this about anybody else. But for us they will say this. Why do we give them the opportunity?

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They are it's not their fault we buy I'm the one who parked the car wrong. What is he going to do? He can't praise me for it. So why should I park the car Don't I know how to park the car that the same that these are the issues bond issues. So let us remind myself when you let us help each other by doing the right thing and also helping the other person remind the other person also do the right thing. No matter how small it is. Remind them in a nice manner. Don't you know don't make a issue of it. But at the same time do it and do it regularly because that is how we inculcate goodness all around us by helping each other in their water. Or Salalah Alana will carry while he was a freshman

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in primary care.