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In under Illa

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salatu salam ala

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alihi wa sahbihi Manuela

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the other day we mentioned the same ayah inshallah we'll talk about that today. Also brothers route that I said, well my article mine Mr. Quantum

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he said very easy with you wherever you are

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to the sense of the Mayor de la Serrano that the Presence of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said he is with you. Allah did not say he will help you. He is watching you. You listening to

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all of this also allows rather event in many places.

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Lumumba De Soto Perales around la Samuel le

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that is Basilan, beloved. So many places as well as mentioned that he is seeing his hearing is listening, he knows but in this case, Allah subhana wa COVID Mr. Kondo wherever you are allies with you

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think about the people who realize this, who had this actual sense of the magnet of Allah Subhana that muzzle is lm is standing in the court of around. You know, I always remind myself when I remind you also, whenever we hear these stories of Gambia, the stories of the owner of a lot of the struggles I had him in May. It's not just a story, their muzzle is alive and standing in the quarter. What does it mean?

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What does it mean just put yourself in that position, not just the Wizard of Oz Allah Allah was in the water of water draining the Portofino. Musa la sala standing while I know a dancer, only his brother is with him. One man, and he is standing in the court of the most powerful King probably alone, his best, most most powerful king that ever existed not only at the time,

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the most powerful kingdom, the wealthiest and the most powerful Kingdom probably of all time, it was the kingdom of Egypt.

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And the king of that kingdom, who was so powerful and so wealthy and so arrogant that he declared himself to be God.

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I imagine there were many kings who and even among the models and so on, there was a system where

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the people when they went to greet the king, they had to make such that it would therefore it on the ground. But those kids they did not say I am God.

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This man is that I am God.

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And he said he is God. Now most Allah tala was standing in the corner of that King, and he says a matter of morality.

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And those are his alarms are of the same our devala the Roma you know mine punto mfine is are above the heavens and the earth and everything in between.

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And will you will not understand Will you not obey?

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What is Rosalie salams awareness said that his muzzle is self aware of your own and drowns power and his ability to do harm

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or his muzzle is aware of something else.

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Read all the rest of the surah you have to come to the conclusion that here is a man who is listening to some other tune in his mind. He is not he's not even aware of this.

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He's talking some nonsense let him talk

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because I will say what I have to say

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well Michael am I've been to Giza, Musab Allah, Allah Allah.

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He knows ally ally with me. When I am saying he is listening the rest of the world is

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rubbish. Doesn't matter.

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Whether the zone listens or He doesn't listen to reactive he doesn't act that makes no difference. Myra is listening to me.

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Well, Michael Medina laquan two

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analysts Nadella described this whole thing in the in the Quran. The whole story of Moses. This is what my enemies are. This is what my interviewee said this is what my interview said.

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As you will agree more with a bit.

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Eventually Sarah is sitting in the imaginary again put yourself in one myself to try to the extent possible obviously we can't do that but to the extent possible put ourselves in that situation. Even when it's allowed his hands and feet are tight. He is put into the cup of the catapult. There is a huge fire burning

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the burn that via for days and days and days to get it up to the temperature the shoot fire

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is burning. They are that virus is so big that they cannot even go close to it. So they have to lunch revival is using a state machine using using a guy to work with anomaly throw rocks and bombs into forts. They using that CS machine to lunch he whenever he said I would do that fire. They cannot do that.

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Get close to the wire to put him inside

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me when I realized that I was sitting in this

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legacy tab

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he's sitting in the scanner books complete can imagine something Can you imagine a situation more helpless than that?

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Think about that now we think we have I don't have this law whatever the law protect us but is there any situation more helpless than that? You are tied like a chicken and you are put into this catapult

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and there's a huge fire burning and they're going to lunge into that and you throw into the fire and in maybe in a couple of seconds you are finished completely but

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annihilated anything. Is there anything more more helpless than that? It was but it was I was there I was sitting there. He does not cry he doesn't scream with that thing is sitting there peacefully absolutely no problem because of Aquamarine Am I going to meet up with you? This via what is the fire knockaloe cavalla

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macklow hawala. So what happened to you what you were tied up and so on.

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Kayla, no problem.

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My child he wants to see me tight around the Rila

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dividend Salaam gums and he says Tell me what can I do? Can I help you?

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rubber is another word cow Can you help me one?

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liberalism goes back he says I mean everything. He says your hurry is about to be bought.

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And let's not go tell him I said you

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tell him Allah wants to know what you bought. Do you watch

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the videos or come back your Rob said to me, I didn't call my ears at me and he wants to know what do you want from him?

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He says my Rob does not need to ask this question.

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Well who am I?

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Then what does Europe do? poliana ruhuna Bernie dalla does not know dividend is there a lot whole 100 is that

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the clouds are there to send rain Mikael is dead they can drown that hole fire it I think a lot has not used Nick it does not use your brain it does not use anything. And as far as our directly talks to the to the to the fire

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to the shadows that are gathered Allah Allah Allah Buddha Sandra who go go pull it out.

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Whenever I in my when my brain was launched, you know hold in your hand and fly away somewhere. No, no.

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For the one who is aware of Islam, Allah subhanaw taala also does not use any

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luggage very ready Kimani. So Allah

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insha Allah

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The one who asked did not use the Zarya, the one who asked us directly

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so Allah like give that ugly

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old v said Yeah.

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Oh via goony bird that

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become cold. Was salah

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and be a source of safety.

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I live right Rahim.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah did not send something else to make Ibrahim Alayhi Salam safe from the fire. Allah subhanho wa Taala made the fire a source of safety.

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Allah did not send something else to save new la Salam from the water. Allah subhanaw taala made the water he made the flood he made the the the waves his source of safety for one.

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The same waves exactly the same waves with drought everything else. They took no elevator up to safety.

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And then

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a man is sitting in a cave. Hey, Kevin.

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Nolan is within just one companion.

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They have put a bounty on his head.

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What about the on his head is a bring him dead or alive. Kill him just cut off his head or bring the head that will give you 100 Kevin's

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wealth that they couldn't dream of.

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Barbie on his head.

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He is in the hotties in the cave.

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In his companion, he looks up and he sees the feet of the enemy

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soldier and he says, Oh go get that look, I think, gather party dolla dolla good to bring those people right up there.

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Like Olga Anna huzzah niara Allah subhanaw taala would have got them locked somewhere in the desert

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Allah subhanaw taala CUDA positioned angels with with swords of fire,

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good chimney

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overpasses, the Golan looks a busy life they only look down they will feel good.

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If they just look down they will see

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what was the what was the response of the Navy Salalah Holly

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It is Allah will save us. It is Allah will protect us.

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is Allah

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in the law Hannah

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Hello America

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in the law hammerhand he said Do not be afraid. Do not be sad. Verily Allah is with us.

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In the law hammer iron

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is not sellable service. It is not sellable. Perfect.

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Eva is with you. Who can have you?

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Who has already what is the need to say this evil lies with yoga have you

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in Allaha mahana wha wha Who am I?

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And it's Rob like those words so good so much in the law hamana his rub like those words so much. He made them part of his color

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to be decided in the in the fella whose words are the la times in in de la hermana whose words The words are Mohammad Rasool Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala made them his own Allah

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and he revealed the Quran

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and use the word divinity

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and is not the only place other places also

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use the words of originally and send them back as his own words to be recited in Salah till the Day of Judgment.

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What Who am I? Who am I in our country?

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So what does this mean for us?

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It means that if I'm in a situation where I am eating my lunch

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and the food has come and I see an m&m, and I taste the curry the curry has got no salt or it has got too much salt. Or it has got something wrong with it.

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What is my nuts What am I enough tell me? Why not doesn't recall that cook

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and tell her cook. Who taught you? What kind of thing is this? What nonsense Have you cooked? Or if you try to tell her what a man is right for Karnataka?

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This is the food your mother taught you to cook.

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And then what do you do? who say well who am I? Well you know my quantum who is by Roger this book.

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Who is what is this wave of my law? How

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old my mother whoa Am I going to my Rajat is the one who is with me now.

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With me now. There was 100 in law

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laws or who cares?

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Who cares? What is salt

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our mark Lena Welcome to my lab is with me.

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I'm doing business a deal comes

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up and says I'll get you all of this or do you just pay a bit of interest?

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And if you don't do this now this whole deal goes

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what do you do? Well America in America

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smile on your lips. It was era This is a game you're playing with the masala no problem. This is a test you are you gave me the test you know you told me the solution also.

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I let this go and I get something else over there shala Alhamdulillah

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some altercation with somebody somebody else is abusing me shouting at me screaming at me no problem Alhamdulillah

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Allah you are listening.

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You are listening. Who told me if I keep quiet you will get me will give me a paracin Jana let him sort of

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maybe I'll get two pallets and pallets

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and it tells about the weather you didn't you didn't curse me please cause alternate delivery Corona.

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Our mild burning American moved abroad.

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Tamara galleon is m tutanota. Tora Bora Bora Bora, Nevada, very simple to is the one Tasha was illumine Tasha

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disconnect yourself, disconnect yourself. These human beings they cannot even control the the the

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In their bellies, when it comes they have to go

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they will give me that they will give me Villa La Jolla for

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their praise is trash their

00:15:15--> 00:15:21

their hydro is trash. If they tell you good it is trash if they tell you bad it is trash but the trash

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go look for the good the bad has

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no problem that is the regular job Don't let anybody do anything makes no difference.

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While McKelvey noncontact

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is another shout out to lolly was he gave a gave a talk to you electrical and damages in Delhi

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1000s of people attending the lecture one and a half hour lecture being relayed by people, those who did without microphone and so on. They didn't

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finish the whole lecture

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and the whole crowd dispersed job is it sitting in his

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with his meridian with his students.

00:16:04--> 00:16:08

One man came from some village he came running.

00:16:09--> 00:16:11

I came to listen to your talk.

00:16:12--> 00:16:16

But I got delayed I came from from this village. And now I find the building is over.

00:16:18--> 00:16:27

And all my whole journey is invested because I did not hear I didn't hear you speak. And those are there were no tapes and equal job there is good not sorry to my CD no

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job done is there no problems Please sit up here.

00:16:31--> 00:16:38

And he stood up. And he gave the same lecture for one and a half hours. same passion, same things in everything.

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The man gave him a lot of joy and so on. It's active and so on. He left

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when he left his meridian the students have jobs around Sara Lee is another thought was it possible just now you gave this stuff four and a half hours for 1000s of people we can understand how big crowd Mashallah, you have earlier, this one man, some villager from somewhere is not even as if it's some important man, we don't know who he is. And you gave the same talk in the same way there's no change.

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One How can you do this?

00:17:10--> 00:17:14

So January Rasul Allah says, Why are you surprised? To I was surprised

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that when I was speaking to 1000 people I was trying to please only one.

00:17:21--> 00:17:24

When when I'm speaking to the one man, I'm still trying to please the same one.

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So for me, it makes no difference whether there are 1000 people 10,000 people or one person, it's no difference. I am trying to please only that one. Walmart.

00:17:36--> 00:17:41

People who were aware of Amazon outside the Maria de la semana de

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that's why when myself when you let us be aware of the merit of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is with me. It was wonder if we are aware of the Maya of Allah subhanho wa Taala in this life, then when our soul is being taken, I'm not $100 with us, we are aware of that to what will come out of our lips. What will come out on our tongue inshallah? Allah Allah Subhana.

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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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So, then we go in our cover, whoa, Margarita Macondo, because he is not constrained by the by the boundaries of the world. We are in our cover, the angels come to question who is with us at that time, Omar Kuma, punto de la la, the owner of those angels, the creator of those angels. He is with us to answer those angels. He is with us to give us the answers for us to answer the angels. Then when we are resurrected on the Day of Judgment. Omar Khomeini Macondo, he say he is with us only in this world. He's with us in this world is with us everywhere. We are resurrector we have judgment. There is a there is there is there's a lot of you know, terror everywhere. But for us Alhamdulillah

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insha Allah wa Margarita Macondo, there is Allah subhanaw taala. He is with us for the one who Allah is with. He has the shares of his arch on the day when there is no shade. He has the company of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then when he goes on the Surat the poor, the bridge which has to be crossed. Well, America in our condo, he is with us when we walk across the bridge, well who are Covina Macondo when the doors of Geneva will open inshallah Allah make us among those, and we are entered into Jun whoa Marco Marina Macondo, when I'm whether whether we are sitting in a little mosquito in this world, or whether we are sitting under the arch of his of his,

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of under the shade of his arch, our markoma in Amman, cuando Allah Allah Allah is with us, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the feeling of this, the understanding of this, this stands out of this the understanding what is the meaning of our who have actually come to so that we this whole life of ours is lived completely free from stress, because as I said the other day,

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Critical important benefits of understanding this of our Mark Twain Mr. punto, one is complete freedom from every fear, complete freeze of every fear, because we only have the glory of Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts, while Marco Medina, Macondo total total freedom from all fear, and the second one is protection from sin is protection from shaitan is protection from everything which is evil, because of America, Macondo, if Allah subhanaw taala is between how can I commit sin? How can I commit sin knowing that Allah is with me, not just seeing me hearing me, Allah is with me, how can I tell a lie? How can I do anything which is haram? How can I do anything which I know displeases

00:20:41--> 00:21:22

Allah subhanaw taala protects us completely from sin, while Margarita Macondo if Allah is with me, Allah will forgive me is Allah if Allah is with me unless Renata will enter me into Jana, and enter you will use me as this one last Renata, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to live our whole lives with this understanding that Allah subhanaw taala is with us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to take our souls in the state and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us our sins, and to give us gender for those who Allah in the company of His Habib Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallahu wa sallam the ladies up was Allah hi Lana veal Karim. Allah Allah. He was happy he may

00:21:24--> 00:21:24

be in our humble