Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Harvest Of Duniya

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between Shane and a woman named Shane about dunya. They discuss the importance of d Con union and the concept of Hashinking in the d union, as well as the use of finding a way to earn reward. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding giving money to anyone trying to get a sense of pleasure or satisfaction, as it can lead to negative behavior and causing illegal behavior.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah,

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Allah Allah He was heavy it made about

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a lot around that I said

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I mean c'mon, you do have some favorite interviews lo fi RC VRC

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come in kumai redo hersha dounia no te minha omala who Min apparaten enough it

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was one that I said, there are among you those who desire the harvest of the data.

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And we will give them increase in the

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mission there are those among you who desire the harvest of the dunya

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and we will give them that, but in the era, they will have nothing,

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Milo will ask you that in unison

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and they will have nothing in there

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as well as one another to protect us from next.

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Now, what is this issue of dunya Allah

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because Allah Allah also

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advised us and told us the door that we should ask an advisor the moment and as we just opened it up in dunya, dunya, Hassan

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in the meaning that it is stated in the Quran

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refers to all such activities and all such ways of life and all such actions which are done at the expense of the other.

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So reflect for all of you anodal Estonia, Estonia is not the world as in the context of you know, India and Pakistan and America and Saudi Arabia's dounia is also not in the context of having money or not having money. dunia is not in the context of having influence or not having influence.

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dunia is in the context of what do you do with what you have?

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Not how much you have. What do you do is what you have more money? What do you do with that if you have less money, what do you do with that still.

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So if you are using your life, and your time

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and your resources, all of which have been given by Alice Renata,

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seeking to please Allah subhanho wa Taala then this amounts to desiring the harvest of the alpha and Allah does not love who he has, he loves it, not only will we give them what they want, we will also increase it.

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But if the same time and money or resources, energy, life is spent, in seeking

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the pleasures of this life,

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seeking to satisfy our egos and satisfy our whatever it is desire, in this life,

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deliberately doing things which Allah Subhana Allah has

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warned us against which Allah subhanaw taala is prohibited we know this we know it is probably not is not a secret. We know it is privated yet we do it why because of some momentary pleasure

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or delay.

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So whether it is a celebration of wedding or whatever it is, for some momentary one day's glory, today's glory

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we deliberately choose to disobey Allah Subhana overtime

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and we take the wealth which Allah subhanaw taala has given us and we deliberately use this world in a way which we know displeases Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said what do you tell us about that? I say that he will send down lightning and strike you dead. No. He said we'll give you no problem.

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But in the accurate you will have nothing.

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And of course we do not know when these occur are going to start with as I said yesterday,

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the theme of the saga is our own debt.

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And we have no idea when that is going to go.

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We know definitely it will come but we don't know.

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Maybe now maybe tomorrow maybe five years from now maybe 500 years from now but it will come.

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And then what

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the thing I define myself a new

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is that in this world.

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If we live in a grass hut, we will have to live it

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and if we live in a balance of gold, we will still have to

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Nobody's going to stay

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if somebody had to stay, then it would have been one of those have a lot of a lot.

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But even those are life ally

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So, where are you going to stay here I understand the question to decide is and given what I have whichever, whether it is time or whether it is energy, whether it is resources of other kinds, whether it is money, given what I have, what is the best use that I can make of this resource, such that it earns me benefit in the past. And that is the meaning of Ravana Athena cydonia Hashanah.

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Allah give me has an ad in the dunya.

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Of course, there are various translations and various meanings that people have taken off, has are not allowed us as an ally, even though we have the Taliban Delano. They asked him what is the meaning of Hashanah for dunya. And he said, Iran to Saudi, he said, Good Woman, Saudi wife, the wife was pious.

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But what is the most common, commonly understood and the most, the first meaning of Hashanah, what do you mean first? Common noticeable?

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has an eye something for which Allah will reward me?

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So what is that was one of the asking you saying I'm going to add in a few dunia hasn't hacer la give us in this dunya things which will for which you will

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see the beauty of this day that Allah even in the dunya as for things which Allah will reward you for meaning that in this dunya you will enjoy that thing plus it will also give you rewards

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just to give you a simple example

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and we need to ask ourselves this question and if the answer is different for us simple simple example

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which gives you more pleasure

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taking money and giving it to a poor person who is in a desperate situation and by your giving the money he comes out of the restaurant situation is one use of money

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and another use of money is to take the money and go and have a grand parties over

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the quality of dance and this and that you know same same money or is it maybe this cost you 100,000 rupees and I'm not saying spread one rupee mono same 100,000 rupee or whatever one use of money is that you give it to this family who are in a desperate situation and they take his money and this is why

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I love

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destroyed a lot ya

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know that what kind of drives me to come out from the heart of that person for you. Okay

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because he thought is finished he thought he is God but now because you gave him 100,000 he has come out from the

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and the same 100,000 you take and you spend and you have this Britain party

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and maybe for the next two or three days we will believe nothing nobody talks beyond that. Maybe next two or three days we will tell you was one of them. I shall ah what what a party oh wow man, we enjoyed us

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which is a better use of money.

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It is a no brainer, right? I mean any anyone will if you ask this question is an article about party nobody. But what do we do?

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What do we actually do?

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even maybe the people make this excuse when you tell them do not make it rough? Do not spend money like this? Don't throw money like garbage? You're throwing money like garbage?

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This is a no no, no. But you know, we also do works of hire.

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To problem with that, first of all, in all sincerity.

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I asked us people sit down and make a balance sheet.

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Make a balance sheet. How much money in the last one year did I spend in works of course.

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And how much money did I spend in this kind of enjoyment?

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I can guarantee you in lavosh Allah, I do not say everybody but imagine

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there is no comparison between what you spend for hire and what you spend in your ostentatious wedding this and that. No comparison. Maybe you gave you know, maybe you gave 100,000 or 10,000 or 5000 wedding is one you're spending millions who are willing who are willing.

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That is one second one and even more important, this whole concept that I can do some work of and therefore I am now entitled to come into

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Some sin. This is Hindu theology, this is not Islam.

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It is a friend of mine in Nova Nova, he doesn't know why my religion is the best. I said, Why? Because he said in my religion, you do whatever you want, then you give some money to the temple and everything is fine.

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Give some money to the devil. I can do whatever does not Islam brothers, this is not Islam.

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Not Islam at all.

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So even if you are doing some work, okay? It does not entitle you to commit sin

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can disrupt his sin, his love his big times in not this multi. This is like somebody, for example, if I tell you, you know, if I suppose you find me, may Allah protect you and me from others, I just give an example. Suppose you find me drinking alcohol, you know, in a bar or something? Was the water level of your water? If you're sitting in this bar and drinking alcohol?

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I pray? You know, I'm breaking the law, I can break and go, does it make sense?

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Which is better, which is better than

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I can do? completely awesome, oxymoronic stupid argument. If somebody said that you would say you're a fool, and what is your playing salary? You should learn about why are you in this place? Get out of this.

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But this is the argument people actually give when you tell them why are you spending money like this, like you're crazy in these weddings.

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This is a lot on this. This is a Lana, this is

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no data on this home.

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That we have the wealthy people of the soma, throwing money like garbage, giving it to five star hotels and throwing money in ostentatious weddings, when there are Muslims who are dying of starvation, when there are Muslim girls who are going into prostitution, because there is no money in the house to feed themselves.

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This is funny, this is not funny.

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This is very, very serious. And one line is people will answer the last one or deliver this. They will under the law and if they give this argument that we are doing things of her, then that argument is as stupid arrived oxymoronic and as idiotic as somebody giving an argument that because I'm praying so I can drink alcohol. Exactly that there is no difference.

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Doing something good does not entitle you to do something. What is hard?

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I remind myself I knew lots of our data set very clearly.

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My URI Zhu min comb. Woman Kuma Yuriko harsil Harsha dounia,

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naughty hamina forma who will accurately may not be

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the one who asked for the harvest of the year, that will be given to him. But in the end, he will have nothing. Let us be where and let us not put into our put ourselves into a position. We're in this dunya we had everything. And when we go into the era, we find that there is nothing

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in the law when you ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the trophies and the sense to do what is pleasing to Him. And to ask for Hashanah in the dunya. And in the linear two way every single action and deed of ours. Before we do it and see if this has an R or not. Is this deed something which is going to give me a thumbs up or not? Is this deed something which is going to give me a reward from Allah or not? And if the answer is this deed will not give me a reward from Allah, then please do not do that deed, no matter who tells you what,

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no matter who tells you what.

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Do not do that deed if it is something which does not give you reward, because this is the worst thing that we can do that Allah subhanaw taala has given us the resources Allah has given us life. Allah has given us everything, and we take the same thing and we use it against Allah. This is treason and treachery.

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Now let's run with Allah protect us from this and give us authorities to do that which is pleasing to Him. Or some of the Highlander will Karim Allah Allah. He was heavy has been the ultramatic

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