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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the potential for light in a dark room and the importance of measuring deeds to ensure that people will not enjoy their lives. They also mention the importance of not overestimating the potential for health and energy in the room.
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Alhamdulillah salatu salam ala MBA even once said you know Allah Allah He was happy he made about

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I want to remind myself when you

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when was the last time that we slept

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on the bare Earth? Just the grout extols mud

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is only a thin sheet of flux between our body and the ground.

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it reverses like,

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when was the time when we slept in a room,

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which was completely duck, pitch duck, not even a way of like multiple wondering

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if you ever see back?

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When did we ever sleep in a room that has no doors, no windows, no way to get in nowhere.

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It will stick like this. For a day will come. When we will see like

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you sleep in a room and the bare Earth.

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You will sleep in a room which has no doors and no windows.

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We will sleep in a room which is completely dark.

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When we know that this is going to happen, without a doubt, there is no doubt about this.

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We that

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law is not at all is

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that when the time comes of death, it will not be brought forward nor will it be sent back. No postponement no proof. So when we know that this won't happen, what is our preparation? What what are we doing to make some light in this room?

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There is some light in the room. So no, what are we doing? So that A window will be opened in the room from which we will be shown insha Allah

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and from this window there will be a beautiful breeze from the jungle.

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What are we going to do for the furnishing of this room?

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The carpeting and the bed and the and the mattress and the pillow and all of that furnishing

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Maharajah for this room, what are we doing what

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because we know that this is possible, it is possible to furnish that role with the with the furniture and with the Maharajah from the gender.

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And it is also possible to furnish the Roma project and service of Ghana. Both are possible. It is possible we know to have light in this room.

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It is possible for us we know to have a window open to the agenda

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and to have air conditioning

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not to hold on to our there's no disturbance, but I'm not sure how often it will happen. They go and sleep and nobody will disturb till the time when you have to work.

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So what is our Amel for this

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thing to do? in quality, Six Sigma quality we say we want to see what somebody values the what they measure.

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If you want to see what somebody values, see what they measure, that is look at our own life and see what do we measure

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in all our activities in the day? Which are the activities that we actually measure?

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To measure the activities of the Zinnia? How much money did I make last year? What is my net income this year? What is what was my net income last year? Is it higher or lower?

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Or are we measuring things which will go with us in the asset?

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What is my how much recitation of the Quran do I do every day? Is it increasing? Or going down? Or the same? What is the net? How much of my Salah am I doing? What is the nature of the Salah the internal state of the Salah? Is it any any change? Is it backwards forwards? remaining the template? What is my dialogue mala? is a style of healthy, not healthy, sick. What is happening to is bad? Or maybe a male a product is what is the

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problem? What is the situation? Are we thinking about because if we don't measure it, it means we don't value it. What we do not measure we don't value

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it has any value at all. What

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are you measuring? Do you have a measure?

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Is there a daily thought in your mind in my mind to say what is the nature of my Salah I just pray when I pray that God will be better than the father

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in Java now is that going to happen? That is the issue. The issue is to measure the deeds that we do

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To ensure that those which will go with

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this linear model mania dystonia will not very well. This will be our children children will remain here wives and husbands will remain here the houses will remain here property will remain here

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all the cars and everything else will remain.

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So where is our energy and where is our

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you know, the life and time and everything where is it being spent

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and not the lives of dunya as they make this dunya into something which will help us

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and how to do that. Again, that's a long story. We'll do that inshallah. Tomorrow Delta time of others only 10 minutes of the grace of God