Does Swallowing Mucus Break Your Fast

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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The speaker discusses the use of saliva as a way to avoid ingestion of bodily fluid. The concept is that it is a distasteful term used in English, but is related to the lower respiratory system. The use of saliva in bathing and other activities is not recommended, as it is not safe to swallow and does not affect the fast.

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Does swallowing mucus break the fast?

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The issue of ingesting bodily fluids has always been a matter of discussion among scholars and it falls into a few groups. So the first would be saliva, and everything that gathers in your mouth in a normative sense.

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Can that be swallowed or not? And the answer is yes, it is. It's something which happens naturally it would be impossible to avoid the ingestion of that which is produced all the time naturally. And that should hopefully put a stop to this madness, you know, this, this is the whole spitting nonsense that you see all the time people doing. And it's crazy everyone always insisting on just getting rid of whatever is in their mouth, and drying them off to such a crazy you know, degree, you're fasting you're trying to kill yourself,

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then another group would then be mucus or phlegm to be more accurate mucus, of course, is a is a is a is a characteristic, that slimy kind of substance. But phlegm is this technical term, it comes from the lower respiratory system, it comes from the lungs, and it comes up in your throat. And it's a distasteful,

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disgusting kind of substance and the scholars one and that's why there's a discussion First of all, whether it is something that is impure or not, and inshallah the the substance itself is pure when it remains within oneself and without having to get into long discussion of weapons when it comes out, onto onto the clothes or onto the hand, for example, but when it's within the heart or the mouth itself, or within the body itself, we consider it to be a pure substance, and is something which also can't be avoided.

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And there's a basic principle that that which comes from the body and returns back to the body is not to be considered as eating and drinking with one or two rare exceptions, but that's the basic general rule. So no, actually these secretions that come to the mouth if they are ingested, they do not break the fast according to the vast majority of scholars. That's not to say that you should swallow it okay? That's not to say that you should swallow it it's not becoming behavior you know, going you know, sniffing up your nose as people do or doing the old school guard will kind of you know, disgusting behavior you know, that's not what you should do and then you know, swallow it it's

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it you should get rid of that in the right and appropriate way in a bathroom or into a tissue and have some of some of that right and decorum and edit of dealing with it so again, just you know to say that you're comfortable with the idea anything which is of the the bodily fluids of your own bodily fluids, and you ingest that then that's something which is permissible. Do repeat own bodily fluids because saliva if you take it from someone else, and you just swallow it that does break the fossa that sounds absolutely disgusting. But you know, it's mentioned in the book so fear can people do get a bit freaky when it comes to relations and so on. So if you were to swallow someone's you

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know, saliva that would absolutely break your fast but your own know your own mucus. No. And so if you have these episodes, where you have your mouth and you can get rid of it, then that's the safest position, you avoid any doubt and is something which is more you know, becoming, but if you are forced to and you've got a bad cold, for example, your nose is running is going all down and you know, it's all going all over the place and post, you know, cold mucus production is to a whole next level, then it's permissible to swallow that it doesn't affect the fast and Allah knows best.