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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, Colombia Allah Allah He was heavy on Villa

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unless Ronald Allah

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said this was moon this

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subject in many places, the Quran

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liars, devious habaneros halogen that's how we'll generate the human fi zone. So, Tasha similarly in this surah says that he decided this morning, Allah subhanaw taala said

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that there is no comparison between the people of among Ghana momina come and Ghana Africa limestone

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that how is it possible or is it possible that there is a similarity between the meaning and the fashion home?

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point I want to remind myself a new

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is that one of us rather is saying is that we as human, Nari or as halogen,

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that the people of the fire and the people of Jannah are not equal.

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As I will generally modify isn't that only the people who enter Jannah will be the people who are successful and a success that does not decrease the success of that is not temporary permanent success.

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So, what is the distinguishing feature between the people of the wire and the people of Japan?

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The distinguishing feature is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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the distinguishing feature is a third or last Ronald Allah. The distinguishing feature is to remove yourself from every form of shirk,

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no matter what,

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without the distinguishing feature, there is no difference

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between somebody who has a Muslim name, and somebody who has some other name,

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whether our name is Muslim, or whether our dress is Muslim, or whether our face looks like a Muslim, or whether we come from a Muslim country or a non Muslim country, these are not the things that Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah subhanaw taala is is the difference in the heart,

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the heart which is filled with only the glory and majesty of Allah, and the heart, which also has sugar in it.

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Somebody who is seeking benefits, or who is afraid of harm from anyone other than Allah, in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala these two are not equal.

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And unless we have done a god, one of them was on us and the other one

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if you see the, the people of Makkah, we've added I'm gonna be Salas, Allah, and the bears that have no visa lasala the people are Mugu. They were not atheist.

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atheism seems to be a more recent recent phenomena. At that time, they were not atheists, there was again, they they believed in Allah also. But they also believed in other things. And when you ask them, why do you do this? Why do you join partners with Allah? Do you not believe in Allah? We believe in Allah.

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Allah says in the Quran, the Boolean the red is Allah

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who created the world, Allah? Then why do you get somebody else? Why do you join someone else with Allah? So there is only vasila

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there is only a means of getting close to Allah.

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Now, why does he if you look at what people are doing today, people who call themselves Muslim, they have Muslim names, they come from Muslim families.

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What are they doing? Drugs and why do you go to the grave and so on and so on? Why do you worship on this grave? Why do you make the off of the grave? Why do you myself on the grave? There is another we are not budgeting this person. We are not much we are God Allah. We don't worship this. We are doing it only to get close to Allah. But the question how can you get close to Allah by doing something which Allah, Allah has made Allah, Allah, Allah made the Sundaram to anyone other than himself. So we make somebody else and we say, we are getting close to Allah, how is this possible?

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Allah Subhana, Allah made haram except to his house.

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And we make up on the hour of somebody and we said this is the getting close to Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah made it haram to ask for help from anyone except Allah.

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He acaba, we're gonna say

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and we ask for the help of somebody else, and we say I'm getting close to Allah. How is it possible?

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How can you get close to somebody by directly disobeying that person?

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This is such a insane argument.

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Let me Salazar is Allah xlm pty limited the construction of a permanent structure on the griffe

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even to make the game itself permanent, you know to boots

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Went on it or something and make it

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into a permanent like the grave alone. That itself was private and beneficial was the last last year and the reason for that is Ella Misa de la vie Vilas van odana. Curse the yoga Tara because they make the cohort of their people, they're ambia. And they're good people as places of worship.

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And they don't do a good job of Alibaba. So, if you are going to the reason I am not making Salah, but I am making dua that is a matter

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that is being bought as many homes that is about as rigorous.

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So not only is Allah

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any form of investment, because the people specifically curse the people who make the cover of their good people into places of worship.

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So one myself and you, it is very important to speak this message clearly. And to communicate his message clearly without really anybody wanting to hear anybody say sure. And no matter who is doing it, it is it is haram. Going and worshiping on a dog or going and making another is like going to a temple there is no difference.

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No difference is I went to a temple like languages no difference. So the article is Mandela to protect us from these things. And we must be very clear, make this message clear to everybody without fearing anyone except Allah subhanho that then you're back you're saying this is clear to them because you care about them because you are worried about them. Not because we hate them you don't hate them. You don't really hate anybody. If you hated them, we would say good as they are in the vial let them be in a way

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to hate them you would survive they are doing something which is which will take them to the wire let them do it. You tell them because you do not hit them to tell them because you love them because you want the good for them. So let us make sure inshallah, that we don't fall into these things, and that we do not and that we at least do our best we can we may not be able to prevent somebody but at least we do our best to communicate the message clearly. We want to say that there is difference. There is a clear difference between the people of fire and the people who have done We ask Allah, Allah make us among the people of Ghana was Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah He was happy erotica.