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Scylla Haven hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa

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salatu salam ala sugarfina Viva mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah, Allah, you are an ally, he will save you send them to sleep and cathedra cathedra

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from Eduardo,

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my brother sisters, for a very dear friend of mine, sent me a set of questions

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and asked me to explain some things to him. And I thought, it has a general relevance for everybody in different ways. So I say to you, I'll do it as a as a kathira.

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His question was, he is a scholar, he is a scholar, he is a hottie with anyone.

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And he's a good speaker.

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But his question was that

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people asked me to come and do a hotbar suddenly without notice, when their regular coffee was not there. So they don't plan they don't invite in advance. Certainly radioisotope is not there, they call me

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and I think this is very disrespectful. How can they treat me like this?

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As if I have no importance? Like a spare tire or something like a step? The

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second question was that when they have the regular fatigued and there is a usual start there's a poster the picture of the hottie White and his name and share coolant been full on and whatnot, whatnot. He said when they call me obviously, I suppose if he just called the man in the day before or something there's no time or whatever is in there? Is it they don't do all this?

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Now, his question was that so I feel bad, I feel bad that they are not respecting me, they are not. They're treating me as if I'm some spare part. And,

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and so, he said to me, he asked me a question, he said, Is this a problem with me? Or is this something that they are doing, which I should do something about it?

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Now, before I

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sort of tell you my explanation to that

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important thing to remember for all of us, which is the Hadees officer Salah he said that the one who does not have affection and kindness for our youngsters, for the youth for the children, and who does not have respect for the elders, Amanda's means by age by L and so on. He said, I said this is not this person is not from us. So very clear Hadees and very,

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you know,

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we should think about that, if you are not respectful of your own,

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your own scholars and your own elders and so on, then there is no place that person is you know, this Islam is division. So obviously, that part of it is now how do you look at this? What is the way to look at it?

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I remember and remind myself of one of the sayings of remember sharper and

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sharper, Aguilar said, If you do not want to be hurt by undeserved criticism,

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and listen to this, he said if you do not want to be hurt by undeserved criticism, do not be happy with undeserved praise.

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Do not be happy with undeserved praise. Now, what is the state of most of us?

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Nobody likes criticism, criticism. If you say you like criticism that I say something wrong with you, you might accept it you might

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somebody criticize you might say okay, this is a good thing I got but nobody likes it.

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But undeserved criticism, we get very angry. Right? bigot How can you say that?

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But what about undeserved praise?

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When people especially introductions, introductions are a killer

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and I should know when I've been doing public speaking for now for almost 40 years

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when they introduce you Oh, this is so and so and so on so on. So on. So this and this and this

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we feel very nice.

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So I was having Angela said if you'd want to be you don't want to be hurt by undeserved criticism. Don't feel happy with undeserved praise. Now the question of my friend, people call me at the last minute. The way I see it is

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imagine that you are driving the you got his brand new Tesla or Mercedes Benz or you name your dream car. Right? It's beautiful dream car, top of the line fully loaded. You're going down the highway

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and one of your tires bye

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right, Tiger burst.

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Now you pull out to the side.

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And then you go to the back, you open the boot.

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At that point, what is the most valuable thing that is in this whole car? If I asked you at that point in time, which is the most valuable thing in this car now, what will you say? The spare time as you are wrong, man? I mean, what spare time before Robert? Right? What about this beautiful onboard computer?

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What about this thing that talks to you? What about this deal with the absolutely fabulous upholstery in

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the foyer, all that the spare tire is the most valuable thing at this point, because without a spare tire, and we would be spending the night on the highway.

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Right? That spare part you need maybe a little thing. But that little thing is your Lifesaver at that point in time, if you didn't have that little thing, all the rest of it doesn't matter.

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So, one way to look at this is they call you at the last minute What is it tell you you are the most valuable thing in the world

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there is nothing more valuable than that. If you did not respond to them, then they are going to have a crisis in their drama, because there is nobody drew to do the hotbar and what will happen

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so you are when they are calling you at the last minute what does it mean? It means that you are the best thing that happened to them at that point in time, you are the most valuable thing. So should you be happy with should you be upset?

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Second thing this issue of is

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people don't give me enough respect. So like my simple question is how much is enough respect?

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How much is enough?

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You know, I love history. I was drawn to history. And I loved read history because history teaches you lessons.

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They say that the wealthiest man the richest man who ever lived on the planet was Mansa Musa.

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He was the king of Mali.

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And Molly had gold mines and Mansa Musa

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mountains of gold. Now, Mansa Musa decided to go for Hajj.

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So now he's going from Mali all the way to Makkah.

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So he has this big Cavalia with him big guy, you know people with him entourage and so on and so on and so on.

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They reached Egypt

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so when they need to do it, who is the

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medical come in? Whose medical cabin medical camel is Sultan Salahuddin, a US Navy throughout the Navy has passed away neurobion zonkey. Before that, before him has passed away medical Campbell is the ruler of Egypt.

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amalgam Kava is one of the greatest of the rulers of a mogul. COVID was the one who destroyed the Third Crusade and after that they were all crusades.

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But at this point in time is before the Third Crusade is there.

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So now Mansa Musa lands up in Hydra

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in Egypt

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so he's kept there

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the ministers from medical camels

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court they come to him and they say please come and meet the king.

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So as I was I said, Sure, no problem. They say but there's a there's an issue. What issue he says the protocol in our court is that when you come to meet the king, you have to kiss his foot.

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This is a Muslim him saying this to another Muslim King.

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Protocol is you have to You're not making it such that but maybe in this case others better

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is that you are you must gigs, his foot and his foot has about kissing his shoes.

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Mansa Musa go to alive, not do it.

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Mansa Musa black Africa, Malakal camel

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he's that one do it

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and this went on for almost two to three weeks.

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Now, Mansa Musa position is not good because he has no army with him. Whoever had

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Malakal cabin, that's his kingdom. And if the man was strong enough to beat the crusade up, he or he had some army to talk about right.

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So eventually, the

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ministers and the courtiers of Malakal Cami, they persuaded Mansa Musa they said please for one thing, just just come and do it and be done with a finished house. We don't want anything bad to happen to you we don't know the Kings their minds only something

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so Mansa Musa decided to his or okay event and he kissed his foot of water molecule camera are very happy Oh my salah You are my guest

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I mean if I was there was a man give me a break your guest you make your guests because your foot what guests

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anyway so it's an ORDER NOW WHAT DID Mansa Musa do? Mansa Musa then started giving charity

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Mansa Musa gave so much charity that it collapsed the economy of Egypt for 12 years.

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For 12 years the price of gold in Egypt went to zero there will be bits of gold lying on the street nobody will pick it up like for example if you see a piece of iron lying on the ground and you pick it up you won't pick it up

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that was the state of gold

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so my son was like it was ready to collapse economy

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now my reason I'm saying all this is how much is that you want

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how much is everyone here has medical cabin who made this very very, very rich monarch gives his foot

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who became was this and who became

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you must remember this because when we read the Quran, let's write the reason. So as a man Tasha, what was illumination? Who is the one who gives us a? Allah subhanaw taala nobody else

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people can say anything they want to they can say oh Masha Allah Subhan Allah your chef Allah Akbar chef will kabhi in Barrow what does it matter? You know it is garbage

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so why why do you fill up the border?

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And same way if somebody says you know you are this this I don't want to use bad words but you know that is also garbage.

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Both are equally untrue.

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So why bother?

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And if you are bothered, what does it say about yourself?

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That's why I always have my chef Swan lamella smarter Lafitte is our was more giving general philosophy Allah He used to say you are one sperm

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and because I know something about genetics, I will say you are one sperm that got lucky.

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Because out of the God was 10 million sperm that your father father rejected. You are the one who got lucky and found an egg and so you came out to the world.

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What is that is there for a sperm brother?

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What you want to do take a sperm entire Tiburon is it

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what is that?

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That is why that is my heavy. That is your hotkey for that is that not everyone? Because if is your

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man or woman

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one drop of semen

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What is this Do you want?

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Is this only in Malaysia Tata Lila? Complete only Allah

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and when Allah was there also world movie

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Salalah horizen.

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So Hamdulillah we must look at pleasing only Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And the way to do that is to actively deny everyone and everything else is the meaning of la ilaha illAllah.

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Did everything

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there is no one who is worthy of worship, there is no one who gives is there is no one who can make usually there is no one who can honor you. There is no one who can dishonor you. There is no one who can harm you. There is no one who can benefit you. They can is no one who can give anything to you. There is no one who can take away anything from you ill Allah

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so it doesn't matter the world.

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Let them say something, don't say Son makes no difference. You are speaking and you are doing and whatever you're doing is only for Allah subhanho data, the only one whose approval matters is Allah and that when will you know this?

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When we face Malcolm was not before that.

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Not before that.

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Before that, whatever comes maybe

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some of the alumni have said mashallah, that if without asking if people are, you know, love you and they respect you and so on Insha Allah, Allah but this is all conjecture.

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For sure. When will I know? That Alhamdulillah insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala liked what I did, when will I was absolutely certainly without doubt when I die, not before.

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So until that

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They keep working only for the pleasure of Allah. Sir hamdulillah

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if you are, especially if I'm talking about the people who are, you know, Kotova and so on who speak and if you are making a hotbar and very few people come thank Allah subhanaw hamdulillah helping me, Yara because the witnesses against me are only showing

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the nature of the human being is what?

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Used to criticize us to bear witness against. So Alhamdulillah Allah saved me

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from this fame from this name, what did I say is that fame and money? These are the two things they are like wolves two worlds in a sheep and what happens with wolves and a sheep and they would kill one, they get everything. They won't eat it this rather than

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in another place. He says like fire in dry wood.

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Nothing is saved.

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So alhamdulillah nobody knows me Alhamdulillah when I speak only a few people come Alhamdulillah

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thank Allah Alhamdulillah if a lot of people come make Lord or suffer

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make a lot of history.

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Because what Allah subhanaw taala say Salah

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Elijah and Nasrallah was well but then what what I eat and NASA How many years have we been Ilahi have was and then what to do

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for sub baby I'm the Rebecca was tofu in Okinawa he's the one to forgive make us we have Allah and make us the club now GEORGE Oh wow man and see what I did. No Masha Allah put on Facebook everywhere. Oh my brother. You know what so many people accepted Islam at My in law when I

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was a bit behind the rock was stuck for era. Whatever wood comes in is only because you gave it

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and me I make history.

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This is what we are taught this is what the kalam of Allah teaches us this water was a source of some business.

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Ask Allah Subhan Allah subhanaw taala Delgado to correct the class of our needs, and to fill our hearts with sincerity with his last and to make us people who work and who will work only for the pleasure of Allah, nobody and nothing else. And ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will express our gratitude to people who will respect our elders and our scholars and who will be affectionate to our children. Both sides are important, but from a personal perspective.

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We ask Allah to keep us in a state where we are not complete equanimity where we face the world, good or bad with peace and with equanimity. Masala Hassan Abdul Karim Allah Allah He was a paid member octagon