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The speaker discusses the importance of accepting Islam's teachings and not believing in them. They also mention the negative impact of disobeying rules and the hesitation of individuals to enter Islam'secca. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being oneself and not being harmed by past experiences.

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salatu salam O Allah, Columbia University. Riley was heavy age nine, provide

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a lot of our data said yeah, even the vena armano or the hollow official Mecca

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will tell you who to audition shades on in the whole of Omar the war movie.

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Which means we will believe and turn to Islam completely.

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And do not follow in the footsteps of shaitan. Verily he is you're clear and open and openly visible and clear enemy

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and greatest enemy.

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I want to remind myself and you my brothers and sisters that

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a lot of our data First of all, and this is one that is addressing the believers Civ learning,

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or the whole office in McAfee.

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And he is advising the believers and ordering the believers to enter into Islam completely.

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The first lesson we learned is that it is not sufficient to say that I believe it is not sufficient just if you believe, but the beliefs must be

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reaffirmed, must be supported by actions.

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There's no half measures in Islam,

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all of a sudden, McAfee completely and turned to Islam fully. Which means that Islam has be visible in our speech and our actions in our lives, in how we walk and talk and how we think and speak,

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in how we behave, at home, in the workplace, in society,

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in our worship, in our work, in our relationships, in the business we do, when we travel,

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in every aspect of life, that every aspect of life is governed by Islam,

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by the soul of the Sharia of Muhammad also lasala salah and in keeping with the Sunnah hammer those of us

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our Islam is complete only when we enter into it fully. And we enter into it fully only when we live every aspect of our life, according to Islam,

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and not according to our knifes not according to our wishes and vain desires, and not according to the wishes and vain desires of anybody else.

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A Muslim is a slave of Allah is not a slave of anyone else.

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Accepting the Abode yet Allah subhanaw taala

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acknowledging that Allah subhanaw taala is are up and that only he is worthy of being obeyed and worthy of being worshipped frees us from the slavery of all of mankind. And from the slavery of all of the mahalo the slavery of the creatures.

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How sad and tragic. And How shameful it is, that after being freed from the slavery, a Muslim then voluntarily re enters the slavery of people

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and makes himself obedient to the trends and fashions and fantasies of mankind and make themselves a we make him makes himself obedient to the rules and regulations of man created by mankind which are against the rules and regulations placed by Islam.

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And how even more shameful that he makes himself obedient to the vain desires of his heart, many of which are in direct contravention of the sort of the Sharia, that a Muslim does what is haram that a Muslim does? What is prohibited that a Muslim does what is disliked by Allah subhanaw taala How shameful is that?

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Because when La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah when this Kadima liberated us, and freed us, and made us give us dignity, and gave us confidence, and gave us honor, How shameful it is, and how tragic and pitiable it is, and how pathetic it is that we trade this honor, for the so called pleasure of indulging in waterless procedures, that we use this, that we give up this pleasure

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that we give up this the great honor for it in order to indulge in the transient so called pleasures, I don't even say pleasures, because how can disobeying Allah actually be a pleasure? So the so called pleasures of the dunya that we give up the the honor of the kalama for the sake of this, I'm saying this because as I said

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That when a Muslim commits Haram, he said when I was doing colorzilla his Eman leaves him and he and whole was above him. So if you died in that state then is it Was it bad for Allah. And obviously this refers to everything which is haram. So it does not doesn't only refer to Xena, obviously it refers to somebody who's drinking alcohol. It refers to somebody who's gambling and who is betting on racehorses or on the slot machines or within a casino. It refers to anyone who is indulging in anything that Allah subhanaw taala has made her that the person even leaves him, at least temporarily for that period of time. And if a person does this regularly, then you can imagine what

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it means. I remind myself and you could make ourselves completely obedient to Allah subhanaw taala to enter into Islam fully, and not to sit in comfort thinking that after all, I was born in a Muslim home. That means absolutely nothing. Beats absolutely nothing. Being born a Muslim home is not a criterion for gender, or criterion for gender is what we do personally ourselves, voluntarily, consciously. And in order to please Allah subhana wa salovaara bill cutting while he was I was made to go