The Importance Of Good Conduct In Islam

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Alhamdulillah he Allah hilmi bother me well as we evolve the purity for salatu salam O Allah Cyril ambia, even more serene.

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He was happy was seldom at the Sleeman kathira on kathira Amato, the villa Humana shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, we're in

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full okay knauz. Allah will azeem.

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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They are different departments and categories in our Deen

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it is important that you and I, we practice upon and we fulfill every one of those categories. For example, we have the category of ibaadat ibaadat and that is to worship Allah subhana wa Taala Then we have muamalat financial transactions between people and then we have a philosophy on how to conduct ourselves with people. And in today's talk, I would like to concentrate on this last aspect, which is known as a clarkia. The manner of conduct and the importance of good conduct and good character. Dean QMF teleshopping zaroori Emperor kita mom shabaka for ice cream and jam de

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la tr to Burbank around

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our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Quran. Allah tala has mentioned four of his major objectives and attend I said yaku Allah him It will use a key him when you are lemuel kita when hikma out of those four objectives, one of the objective is where you set key him to purify people. The ama have written purification means to purify people from evil manners and conduct that is a meeting of Navy saw salaams objective which is to purify people and in a hadith Nivea cream sauce from said kinema boys to Leo Tim mama Karima. I have been sent by Allah only to purify and correct people's conduct.

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I have been sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala. To clarify and correct people's conduct. We saw syllabus made mentioned that the ultimate and the greatest reason for his being a prophet, and his objective was to elevate and perfect the moral character of the individual and the collective life of the believers. amarena via cream sauce alumna apne Ahmed kefla produce kidnapper bought magnet key or nebia cream sauce Luna forma may be je kiya who is Leah.

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Leah I've been sent only to correct people's conduct and character. Now you and I we are aware with regard to the importance of solid zakaat zeker we all regard it is good aspects of Deen. But have we ever thought about how much emphasis Allah Allah gives upon good conduct? As admittedly God allowed Rondo very famous hobby many times I will spoken about him in Libya Kareem saw cillum one day sent him to Yemen to teach the people of Yemen and on the way in Libya cream sauce for him gave him many many good advices and then we saw slim engaged him a long time you know and then you know on this occasion maybe a cream sauce from while walking him said Omaha's locker room emergency recovery haha

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oh was next time you come? You will see my budget you will see my cover you will not see me. So was to get very difficult for Baka Mahajan, fsfe. literati Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. He started crying so Nivea cream sauce them said my own was Don't cry. In Alana CBl moutoku a token why in America in America. The closest people to me on the day of judgment will be those who have Taqwa subsidiary Mary

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Jo booty, Cha happy bo pejabat mo, even if they pay now or wherever they are, and wherever they are, right. So this was and then as I said, as I was putting

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My leg on the stirrup to go on to the convenient conveyance. Now last thing nebbia cream sauce them said, Omaha's keep your conduct with people good. Omaha's janissa Pele leukocyte achiever tarraco omaze keep your conduct with people good. So Hannah law What an amazing thing. As an MBA, Kareem saw some set in El mina liyu trica be Hosni holthe II. There is a Takashi milele was

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a believer through the means of good conduct, reaches the status and gets the reward. Like one who makes the hot tooth salad whole night and makes for nephele Rosa every day. Hum nimasa Rosa, he bothered so much de la Santa Clara Barton a semester we regard solid zakaat zeker as ibaadat and good deeds, but to be good with people we don't regard it as anybody. If someone is good in his conduct with people. We never say that he bought it at me he's very pious, at most what we will say he's a good person. He deals with people nicely. But in this hadith nebia Karim saw Selim it said it is like the one who makes the butter the whole night.

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There is a reason why we don't give it importance because we don't regard it is part of deal. But far from being not part of the the Navy of Allied said it is like the one who makes namaz all night

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and listen to this hadith that nebia Karim saw Solomon said, Ma'am in Shea in canopy meezan in minio, multi Amati manhole open Hassan they will be nothing more wait here on the scale of a person's good deeds on the Day of Judgment, that good conduct and good character My dear respect of others can you imagine? here My name is Ania Hassan,

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Hassan us a body sabari cheese neoga nothing will be more weighty on the scale of a person's good deeds on the scale of a person's good deeds and good conduct and good character. Now, one question people ask what is good character? What is good character? Now normally we will say a set of behavior that defines what type of person you are, what is good character, a set of behavior that defines so basically the way you deal with people, people come to know that this person is a person who is kind compassionate, he's like this, he's like that. So, that is one of the aspects that is the cornerstone of good character a set of behavior that defines what type of person you are.

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That is why I believe in you must be allowed Ron was asked what is good character, he gave three three qualities with your listening he said good quality is doing your best to others what is good,

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right. The second thing is do not harm anyone. And the third is to treat and meet people with a good countenance and a cheerful face smiling. So he said yet he said this three things are the the basic aspect of good character let me just say who snaplock Yeah.

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Iowa who snaplock lapel who bought him to do circus Art Fair Why? Joe coach fighter punch Assa t upon Chow dusa to socata Cliff no Poncho or Thunder passion he said Oh, Camilla. Three things which constitute good conduct, be good and do good to people. This is whatever good you can do. You know once nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told a Sahaba and said it is compulsory upon you to give sadaqa for every joint of your body Sahaba said jasola we don't have money to give Sarah for every joint of our body I'm gonna pass Chi we don't have that money. So let me a cream sauce lamb sir I'm not necessarily saying that charity is that you give you no money has charity. Libya cream

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sauce lamb said to help a person cross the street is also set up in charity to help a person who is lost is also certified in charity. And oh my Sahaba never saw some said this is also Sarah cart we help a person to do this to do that is also Sarah car. And if you can't do anything, then at least smile to your next Muslim brother. That is also Soraka Muslim brother not sister Why don't go and do something that is not supposed to do. So go and smile at your next Muslim brother it will be Sarah. Now this is an aspect that never stops.

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I'm no fraud in the aspect of goodness. So nebbia cream sauce limit said do good whatever good you can do bring happiness. There's one happy that nobody saw some said there is no greater good

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in the eyes of Allah than giving happiness to a believer in Harlow, Surya or Muslim, Muslim It is our greatest good. And let me say one thing brothers, many times you and I when we deal with people, whether it be commercially financially or sometimes even in terms of our conduct, let me just say one thing, always err on the side of caution.

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Whenever you deal with people on the side of caution, am I giving the employee less or more err on the side of caution in my dealing with people Am I giving them a cliff or not the cliff on the side of caution. always err on the side of caution in terms of doing good to people rather err on the side of caution, so that you might never be a person who oppresses other people. If someone oppresses you let it be.

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Muslim, Ban a

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Muslim ban a motto a warning? If you become an oppressed person alone as soon the idea of karma Why are you oppressed? The day you do someone bed? Allah will ask, though someone does You bet. He must answer you don't have to answer. The second thing is to socata Cliff now PunchOut don't give anyone the cliff. Don't give this why was our Sharia is so stern on this. What did Muslim said, don't eat onions and garlic and come to the masjid. Why is he put that someone will be hurt, someone will feel you through the means of your bed breath, you will hurt someone in the car. This applies not only two to two onions and garlic, anything that harms you smoke. If you are going to smoke away from the

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fact that it is permissible or not. You are going to give people that leave before you come to the emergency that you wash yourself.

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If you're not supposed to eat onions and garlic because it's going to cost the clip to the next person. Anything that causes the cliff stay away from it. Don't give anyone and then the third thing that we saw slim said what is lucassen and this is a general thing do not cause any one inconvenience. In short, you know very briefly, one there was a very great saintly person I was reading some of his his mouth eyes on this particular subject and he said What is he asked a group of llama one day he was sitting and said what is good conduct? And they came to this conclusion. Do stroke ASR SM Mama nakara. She said do not leave Yanagawa. don't deal with anyone in such a way that

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he is inconvenience in the slightest. That is good conduct. That is how we are supposed to deal with a situation. So this was the three things and the third thing that we saw some said smile with people. You know, Jabir bin Abdullah Al bacilli, what a remarkable Hadith. He said since that time I became a Muslim nebia Kareem saw slum never ever met me but he smiled. Whenever nebia Kareem saw Salah met me he was always smiling. Today we frown we think to frown is an act of piety. Very serious. So are you more serious than the nephew of Allah? Are you more pious than the nephew of Allah? The Sava city we never saw anyone smiling more than the levy of Allah.

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Allah He said every time I met him, whenever he met me He smiled Subhan Allah these are the three main aspects. Now one important point that I will I will make mention of is many times you and I will make this mistake we feel by a chair flock doosra cassata family certainly

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we feel that this good luck is for other people, not for the family.

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Good luck must start off with the family. Unfortunately, there's a situation you know, I'm not saying it that is it is the right thing but today you know if people like you know young people when they speak, they sometimes speak to the fiancee that we're gonna get married to that time. You must see how they speak. That if that woman has to phone say why you phone You should have told me you should have just given me a shout out a phone you. Why did you make the trip? Why are you using your Apple Watch app on our phone? After marriage? When the wife which is to phone she has to phone and say you know I forgot something? On the way pick up these things and bring it then what did you will

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see how is that speaking? You couldn't tell me before? You think I'm called to nothing. I got no other word. You think I'm not busy? I must sit and do all your work all the time. Couldn't you tell me before last week Sunday we went shopping Why don't you tell me this? This is the way we carry on

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But good luck Masada from the family. Let me tell you an amazing thing. Dr. Berry if you refer to lolly as the good fortune of seeing one or two times, he performed the genesis of the founder of our madressa when I used to be new to lolly, after he passed away,

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his wife was speaking to a group of people who have to refuse money has made mention of this. Brothers when I read it, I was I was just taken aback.

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She said two things to the family have to refuse money. She said, my husband never ever commanded me to do anything.

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I used to do things out of my own goodness out of fitment for my husband, to serve him, but he never ever commanded me. And the second thing he says, he said, Never in my marriage, did he change his tone in speaking to me? Never ever raised his voice and the actual words from that Kitab was this has written me j kipi. kabhi kisi kaam kar nica hukum Nadia Zindagi para

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mazzella J. Parker baton Hickey. This is a flag not once did he command me to do anything and not once did he change his tone in speaking to me but there's this is a flag that we're talking about good conduct and see there are many benefits. A person who's a clerk will be good, he will live a good life any he will be a source of joy for others also, when you view good content you yourself will be good. If you are you know rotten in your character you yourself will be better you yourself will not live a good life. Joseph's gorgeous kosaka hanasi Hood Hood couscous Guevara zinder Osaka, Osaka, Velcade Lusaka AB masala, cassava vanilla. The second aspect is that good conduct is the

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means of portraying the beauty of Islam to others. You see, the only way of portraying goodness

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to address is through the means of good luck. People, other people of faith are not going to see how you make your budget work.

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they're not going to come see how you make the 100 numbers. How are they going to find out the beauty of Islam through the means of your conduct. It is only in contact that we can emulate the greatness of Allah TELUS quality the way we have been commanded to handle copious Lassila and emulate the characteristics of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the only punakaiki which is at some pusaka Islamophobia Ambien Casa de casa de so this two things good conduct shows people the beauty of Islam and it also shows and you emulate the characteristic of Allah subhanho wa Taala. There are many other aspects that I would like to go in, but just to end off with regard to certain things

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that what am I have made mentioned. And it's a very important point I want you to understand it, the blemish,

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the blemish of a bar that can be made right with good conduct,

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but the blemish of conduct cannot be made right.

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The blemish of conduct cannot be made right with good with

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the blemish of the bad it can be made right with good conduct. But the blemish of invalid cannot the blemish of conduct cannot be made right with the body. Let me give an example of this. Via cream sauce film was one day or two woman. One woman nerissa Aslam, said Sierra Sula, she's in a neighborhood she makes a lot of ibaadat.

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But her conduct with the whole neighborhood is not right. Right now via cream sauce on set, she will go to Jana, if she continues in this way. She made the budget. Her conduct was not right. That he bought it could not remove the blemish of bad conduct. Then we saw some said about another woman. She doesn't make extra nephele about it.

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And the silver I'm saying not extra nephrogenic suffice. But her conduct is was very good with everyone that we saw some sort of good conduct was taken to gentleman that good conduct was enough to remove the shortcomings of the budget, not in price. But in our so just remember this is a good conduct and good conduct. My dear respect brother shows people that we have Islam when there was an old woman that time of our beloved nebia Kareem said Allah Allah wa sallam, she was going out of Makkah because she couldn't bear the rise of Islam. And when she couldn't bear the rise of Islam, she just wanted to get away from Libya cream sauce. So she packed her goods. And she was taking it

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in there was great amount of luggage. And as she was going, Libya, Kareem Sawsan came past and let me saw some saw her an old woman carrying sauce from started carrying a luggage, taking it to the place where she has to leave Makkah

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Karma on the way she saying, Do you know why I'm leaving? I'm leaving because this person Mohammed has come and he has brought a new religion and he has brought this in He has created this type of turmoil. And this is what is happening mckamey karma I can't bear it to stay MCI Vikram. I'm leaving. And then as she was going right towards the end when Libya Karim saucer misplaced and put his goods right now via cream sauce from left and as she was about to leave, sit Tell me what is your name? Because she now perceived something because he was quite all the time. And what it Nivea cream sauce him said my name is Muhammad, the very same person that you were talking about. And you

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are saying that you are leaving because of this. And when let me saw some said my name is Muhammad. What could she do? Is it Are you the Mohammed that I heard so much about? If you are lucky and couldn't be so great. Let me accept Islam, and she accepted Islam. Nevermind. Other examples. Give an example here in South Africa is something that was very widely publicized in the social media. The President deputy judge of the Constitutional Court, when he was being interviewed with regard to his position, and they said, Tell us something new with regard to it while he was being interviewed to he said I want to share one incident. He said when I was studying, I could afford the study. I

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was given a bursary but I couldn't have enough money for my family to be looked after. So I went to a Muslim businessman by the name of Musa I think he was in a cocoa, right? And he said, I told I told him this is my situation. He said Go Go ahead. I will look after your family. Every month he used to give the family money. He said when I came back, you know I wanted to go and pay him. This Muslim businessman said you don't need to pay me the way I have done good to you. You do good to us. He made mention of this in his interview and while his interview started crying.

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He said that Mary showed me goodness which I will never forget for the rest of my life. Why is that? Because luck changes people. And that is why it's so important. May Allah give you that perfect of understanding

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