Dawah at Islamic International School Mumbai

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We always had a target, that if we have to change the society, we do projects the short term. We have taught them that our courses and our foundation assemblies Association, which is a crash course for 40 days, when we change friends from different parts of the world, we have international our training program for 40 days, where we select the best people, one from UK, one from USA, from Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, etc. And we give them a comprehensive training course. But this schooling of 13 years is a full fledged our training program according to me

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and in our school, Mashallah we see to it that when they are trained, not only do they learn about Quran, and Islam, they have been told about Christianity, about Judaism, about Hinduism, about Buddhism. inshallah, when a child passes school, he will be far superior than an average Christian what he has knowledge about Christianity, what average Hindu has knowledge about Hinduism, what the average you have knowledge about Judaism

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the main aim of the school is to make dies and see to it that the follow the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala. So in our school Mashallah domain two languages are English and Arabic. We also start from the fourth standard, third standard is in the fourth is older and 50 the local language of the state or Marathi, these children Mashallah they're trained in a way that

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they know the values of life

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and we find that many a time Mashallah these children, they put us to shame. They put us to shame and many times when we go out, and the children Mashallah them assume. And that reminds me that once I've gone to meet a very big businessman, a top businessman in Bombay, very big businessman, and when I met him, I had my son with me, that me on the second standard, and the businessman was smoking. So my son said, uncle,

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smoking is haram finish, I would think 10 times a day, you know, to say directly you have to see for the situation, and we see whether what is the right time, they should not feel hurt, etc, we'll think 10 times how to say when to say what to say. And the young child said and the person put off his cigarette immediately.

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So Mashallah, we should see to it that we should have vision of how we want our children and what they should become. We have a concept that on average, when we have four divisions, if 100 students pass out in a year from one school, 50% may go in the mainstream, may become doctors, engineers, lawyers, but when they become doctors, they'll be true Muslim doctors having knowledge of Islam, to Muslim engineers, to Muslim businessman 50% may go and Islamic field may become by what this professor may take up teaching Islamic teaching Alhamdulillah so in this way, can we change the next generation? We can keep on cribbing about what's happening. We should make a beginning