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All right early was heavy is made about

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Allah Subhana Allah said

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yeah you are living in armano Auto follow filmmaker

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while at w hautbois t shirt on in the whole Akuma do movie.

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Let's run under a zero you will believe and into Islam fully and completely

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while at W Potawatomi shaytan and do not follow the footsteps of shatta. In Nicola Komodo Moby verily is an open and clear enemy to

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question that I asked myself and remind myself anyways,

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the eye is addressed at the people who believe you're looking.

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First of all do things as we know whenever Allah subhanaw taala uses this form of address ci villas in Avenue. It is a Hong Kong of Allah Allah that Allah is ordering.

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Second thing is

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the ayah is addressed to people who believe and Allah Subhana Allah saying oh dofollow facil mega alpha and into Islam fully.

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So people are already people who believe then what is the meaning of the colo facility God for what is the meaning of enter into Islam fully because if they are not entered in Islam, how is that our the believers?

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The question the answer, of course is that

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entering into Islam is one thing.

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And entering into Islam fully and completely is another thing.

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Yeah, enter into Islam in many ways you enter in Islam, either consciously by accepting and by

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doing the shadow a shadow La la la la vida, la sharika, Oceana, Mohammed Abdullah solo,

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or we may be born in a Muslim home, and we get a Muslim name. And inshallah This is also sufficient, as long as we are practicing Islam. So, we are also Muslim.

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You cannot say that because you did not formally take the Shahada, that you are not a Muslim. No, that's not true, like a bar. And obviously, when you follow Islam in your house, and you are Muslim, Angela,

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but the question of entering into Islam fully has to do with following Islam in every aspect of our life.

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Whether it is in the aspect or whether whether it's in the aspect of the martial law, the

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society, whether it's the aspect of law,

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whether it's the aspect of marvel at our dealings with people, whether it's the aspect of our family life.

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The issue of Islam is do is follow Islam completely and fully in every aspect of our life, not only in about I go to the masjid, it was a lot but after that, I have locker not up to par by Marbella tar all upside down I'm stealing and lying and cheating. And then at home, I do not be properly with my family. There is no sign of Islam in my house. No, this is not acceptable in Islam, Islam is the color of Israel makup enter into Islam fully and completely.

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That is the thing therefore to ask ourselves and unless rather than said, well at who da da da as I mentioned before,

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when I lay saying do not follow the footsteps of say that

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what does it mean? It means that that is not there.

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That is not there.

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Because if somebody is there, then you will say don't go with him.

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Right or don't follow him. Whenever you say do not follow in the footsteps What does it mean?

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It means that was that is that only the footsteps are there? So if you are going in those footsteps, then who's responsible?

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We are responsible.

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We had his mind is exactly what Japan will say when sorry when I'm a lot smarter than that Shan will say hello. Mooney

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is a curse yourself. Why do you curse me?

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I only

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whispered in your ear was obvious. I did not arrest you. And I did not tie you up in chains. And I did not drag you to wherever it was to go. Now you decided to do it on your own. I showed you a way. But you had the right to refuse.

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But he chose to go. So let's say well, I don't know what he had done in Nola Komodo movie. He is very open.

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Enemy to

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what kind of retarded thinking is it that you know somebody is an enemy? And still you follow in the footsteps of that enemy?

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Where do you think he will lead you? To what.

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And that's why I remind myself, I knew that the key thing in Islam is the key thing Islam is actual action. It is not knowledge by itself, it is not knowing something, it is acting on that thing.

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Knowledge is only as good as the application of that knowledge. Just knowing something is has no meaning. You can have all the knowledge in the world. But if you don't follow that knowledge, then that knowledge will not benefit to that is true for the Zuni also,

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somebody is the greatest doctor in the world, what he does not practice is medicine on himself, he is willing to do you have difficulties in life. And so also with other things, so the same thing applies that it is love. Also, if you have no matter how much knowledge we have, unless you practice that knowledge and bring it into our lives, that knowledge will not benefit. And that's why we find myself a new role as model as a to us, ordering us to enter into Islam fully and completely not partially.

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And also allies warning us that the shaitan is an open enemy. And therefore we should not follow in the footsteps of say that. Therefore, what we need to do is to take cognizance of this. And to take stock of our lives. literally sit down and take stock. That's the only wait lap and otherwise you run around like headless chickens all day. And then you get on end of the day, you say what did you What do you achieve today, nothing ran around being busy.

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being busy, has no sense to sit down and take stock and say my life, which part of my life is in line with Islam,

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which part of my life is not in line with Islam and bring it in line with Islam? Because a day will come when we will be called to account.

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So we take stock of ourselves before our stock is data.

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We may mahaki that before the service data

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because the time when the exam was taken, and it's too late at that time to say Oh, I should have done this it

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has no meaning. There's no returning from that place.

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And therefore I remind myself and you to leave everything else

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and do this and do this modular because that is the most critical thing

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that exists in this life. Was Allah hi Donna will Karim Allah Allah us have you his mind.