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Allah Allah rather Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shanna freedom BIA Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, Salah, the Sleeman Kathira, cathedra firmado. Sisters, the greatest net worth of Allah subhanaw taala, the literal Who is the man and we got Eman through Mohammed Salah Salem and that is why he is the greatest now that we have the greatest blessing that we have from Allah subhanaw taala.

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We continue with the story of God's will to hunt duck, the Battle of the Trench, as we saw in the last episode. This was the battle in which the courageous came with the biggest army that they had been able to assemble until then have over 10,000 soldiers.

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In the annals of history of that area of the hijas. And mostly out of history. There is no record of big armies of campaigns of standing armies, of military hierarchies, and so on and so forth, absolutely zero.

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The Arabs readied each other and captured

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livestock, and they captured women and children and so on. And they did that. But these were little skirmishes. And these were always led by local chieftains, family heads, little tribal chiefs. And it was a it was when traders brought back some captives and then later on exchange them or kept them as the case might be, and slave them. This was the this was the culture, this is how they operated. But so therefore, it resulted in one thing it resulted in was that

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all the men and many of the women were,

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were not battle trained, but they were trained to use weapons. So this man always carried a sword, or a spear, this was bar literally part of the dress was like, You know what I like you wear your shirt. It was a sign of the man being a man that he was armed, there was a very good reason for that, because you could be attacked by another tribe, you could be the subject of another tribes raid at any time. And so

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you needed to have your weapon handy, and you needed to know how to use. So this was an absolute given. Second thing is that they were all of them were

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were riders, so they either rode camels or they rode rode horses, this was the transportation. So riding and shooting with a water or using a spear using a sword. All of these were part of the culture. And this was not restricted to the error. This was part of global culture of the time, I don't think there was a single civilization, where this was not the case that the men knew how to fight and they could bear weapons and they could use weapons. So this was started.

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So to read, if they wanted to mount a raid on one tribe, one monitor to mount it on another tribe, then getting a bunch of people together, getting a bunch of, you know, men together to go and do that was not difficult. You just somebody just called out and people have came, when they came, they already came, they were already armed. They carried weapons everyday with them. So they came out and you know, they came on the mountain or horses or if they were, if they walk, they walked, and then and they went in did what they needed to do.

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But the whole issue of set battles, of inventory of cavalry of sieges, all of these didn't exist, although during the same time, they were the two great empires, the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire. They were experts at this. They were the number one people in the world in history, not just history. But I mean, you know, in the world, who are the greatest campaigners, the greatest

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empires and having armies of have, in the case of the President, sometimes millions of soldiers, Romans went into 1000s.

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a Roman legion was was roughly about 5000 people. So they had a whole battle. I mean, the whole sort of military hierarchy.

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You know, they had generals and the Romans that Centurions was the first

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It's up to you and up to those who have been in sectors insurance. So all of the senator the whole, you know, industrial production of weapons, for example, they had all that, but not

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so far the Arabs to have an army of 10,000. And again, having said that this is not a 10,000 digit. This is not like two Roman legions. I mean, that would be a different story altogether. These were 10,000 Adams who got together

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they fought under their own tribal chiefs. So it there was no overall supreme commander of this of this force, although Abu Sufian was the leader by virtue of having

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put together this particular force. So I was a veteran leader, not for any other reason he was a leader because he put this force together. And

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so therefore, you know, he

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had more clout than anybody else. But then the a lot of fun who were there. colluders and collaborators, who are the mercenaries who joined them, they had their own leaders, the even among the courage, there were other leaders, but I suppose they you know, they would

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they will listen there was a fair more than anybody else. But it was not like for example, a Roman lead Legion, which is commanded by a general you know, and there was absolute obedience without any any question, this was not like this. So, this was still a tribal tribal force.

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So they had gathered now they were camped as we as we, as I explained to you in the previous episode,

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they were camped out on the other side of this trench and Allah subhanaw taala sent his forces against them there was gale force wind, there was rain it was bitterly cold and to Allah you have to feel the cold in Medina when I first started I went for hygiene I was in a haram in that tree in Medina and and it was December or something it was so cold I've never felt so cold my life very very, very cold. So it is something which is

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you know, which which really bothered was people

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were tense were the North single tent, which was intact tents were flying off, animals were highly agitated. You know, gals were breaking the tethers and all kinds of stuff was happening.

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at that time resolution, salem said, who they have been available,

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to scout and see what was happening with the enemy. It is a very charming story, and I will let me tell you this story, in the words of Dave Binyamin or the alarm himself

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a man from Kufa

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This is years after, after Mr. celluloid passed away and so on. He met a live I mean, ya know, the alarm? And he said to him, did you were you are Sahabi of all sources or do you actually see the Messenger of Allah? And were you actually savvy. So, whoever that said yes, my interview Yes, I was.

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So, this man said so, how was it for you? How did you deal with him, you know, how to do

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on a daily basis, how do you deal with the

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surani setup. So whatever that result was, like, he said, it was difficult for us.

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But we tried our best it was difficult because it was not because I was was a solemn was a difficult man. He wasn't but you know, this is the, the Messenger of Allah, this is the Rasul of Allah. So imagine the or, and the, the the respect that the Sahaba had for him. And so they treated him with that kind of honor and respect. So he said, you know, we tried our best inshallah Allah will forgive us, our sins are false. This van said, I swear, if we lived at his time, we would not have allowed his foot as the ground, we would have carried him around on our shoulders. Now.

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People tend to think that this is not something that is designer that these things are easy to say. But doing them is something else. So one should be

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well, one should

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should not exaggerate in these matters. There's another on a side note, another interesting story from the Sierra. Where I will say that julio de la no and some others, and I think it was

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also they were sitting and a young guy, young boy,

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youth passed by and he sits around to them and he said, how fortunate you were that you saw Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, I wish I was born in your time so that I could also have seen him and it's my misfortune that I

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One at this time after his pastor

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I will say the holier than thou know or

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they call them this is gonna be

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he said do not say things like this. He said Thank Allah subhanaw taala for causing you to be born whenever it was Allah subhanaw taala as wish for you to be born.

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Right Allah subhanaw taala caused you to be born at this time. It's a thank Allah subhanaw taala for this, he said, because you don't know what you would have done, if you had been born during our time.

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Because it

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because in our time, we're also born out you had an Ebola. And these people never accepted Islam they fought and Sullivan they died on Cooper and their agenda. So it don't just say that I wish I was born in your time. No, Allah subhanaw taala chooses us. And he chooses us to be born when we whenever he wishes. And this is from the Rahima of Allah subhanaw taala This is also a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. So I think there's something that we should remind ourselves about also.

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So whatever the alarm said to him,

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and his van he said, Nevio I swear I see us now with the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala at conda. And his battle which is called, because God will conduct the Battle of the Trench, or Azula, zap the Battle of the Confederates, which refers to the coronation devotee, who came together to fight this battle, to fight us wars.

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So he says when a part of the night had passed,

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resource seven came to us and he asked who will volunteer to go and see what the enemy is doing and come back.

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And he said, This person in the person does this, I will make dua that this person be my companion in Jannah.

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Right. Now imagine this dua, and Saba, they're

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whatever they're under says, but the cold was so severe,

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and the dark, and we were so hungry and weak, and we were so afraid, because this is 10,000 People I did 10,000 soldiers on the other side, he said not a single person volunteered.

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He said, but then the soldiers are seldom

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repeated this question, he said, repeated his question two or three times.

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But still,

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nothing happened.

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And since nobody volunteered, he said also someone called me by name.

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He said, Whatever committee

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whatever they said, he called me by name. So I had no alternative. So I got up from where he was huddled up in a in like, a little depression, trying to shield himself from the court.

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He said, I had an alternative I had to respond. So I came.

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He said, Then He is Allah, Allah, Allah Salam said to me, whatever, go and see what the enemy is doing and return.

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And he says, Do not cause any trouble don't go there and, and fight or, or do anything, don't cause any trouble. Just see what they're doing and come back to us.

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So there are there are, so I went

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and he said, There I saw that the Gil and the soldiers of Allah subhanaw taala were there was whatever it was. He said they were doing great damage, leaving no fire or cooking part or no tent upright. So the gear was blowing so hard that they put out on the fire, the cooking parts were tumbled all over the place, the tents being uprooted and pulled up.

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However, that says I also had stood up and he said let every man check the man next to him.

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It's an I imagine the scene the people are huddled up together the soldiers and and whoever the Alonso is secret himself. He sneaked himself into that lot. He sitting there and I was in front of him stand up and says, Everyone check the man next to him. Because he was afraid that the enemy would meaning from the from Medina would infiltrate, not see that, well, therefore the alarm was presence away. Immediately. He took the hand of the man next to him. And he said, What is your name?

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So obviously the man responded. And then he didn't ask him what is his name and vary from all this? So before anyone could ask him, so therefore they're immediately he grabbed the man's hand and he says, he says to him, What is your name? Where are you from? I was away and then said, we are not in a bubble and camp. Our horses and camels are dying. The maneuver that are at odds with us is they're not cooperating with us. Our tents won't stay

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And, and our fires are out. He said, I'm leaving.

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And I advise you also to leave. So it was very decided that this was enough, and that this war he was going to go from. And as I told you, this is how the atoms operated they they worked for or either they fought with, or they were with their local chiefs. And if the chief went that, whoever with that Chief would go, it was not a, it was not an army under a central command.

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So he then went to his cabin, and he unhold it, and mounted it and struck it with a stick. So that the gavel now stood on three legs, because he had not taken off one of the holes. So he was so confused, that even the Hubble didn't take them out properly. So the camera was now standing with one layer, whatever the alarm said, if it was not for my promise to resource or sell them, not to cause any trouble, I swear I could have easily shot I was here. As he was sitting there, he said I could have killed.

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See these he the Hickmott of Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah only knows why he does what he does. And Allah subhanaw taala caused this to happen he caused

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or therefore the alarm to be there and this kind of

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autumn promised resources, because it was not the minutiae of Allah subhanaw taala to have also feared perish. It was even went on to become one of the greatest of the Sahaba of Solothurn. Thereafter,

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whatever that says, I didn't return to a surah salah, who was Danny and Brett,

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wrapped in a clock belonging to one of his wives. He said he signaled me to come to Him. And

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so he said, I went and sat by his feet. And he threw one end of the clock over me. He then made Rico and sujood while I was under his cloak, when he finished, he asked me and I told him what happened. The Tata fan heard what the French were doing. So they're now in the gap, there is confusion. I was if you had said, I'm going and he is leaving, and all the people with him are leaving in the hotter months over the horizon, who are going, why should we be here because they aren't going to be you know, they were we came for them. And they were going to pay us and now they're going, they're going away. So they also left.

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Whatever they said it was a bitterly cold night, and there was a fierce freezing wind blowing. But when I left to go to the enemy, and while I was there, and until I return, he said I felt as if I was in a steam bath.

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This is these are the the several

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modules that miracles have also set up, which are reported from this particular incident as battle. And this is one of them. They're who they follow the law when he got up to go.

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Even though the circumstances were so severe and adverse. He said I was not cold at all. He said I felt like I was rusty. But he said once I returned, I felt the cold once again.

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And I draw resources. So he put a part of his cloak over me and I was warm once again. Immediately.

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He said I was one to the extreme I slept. Whatever was left of the night until the sorceress alarm woke me by saying wake up you sleepyhead see the beauty that see the hamburger see the love of his companion that he has is not remaking the oh, it was ever get up his sleeve up, wake up Sleepyhead so much. I'm loving that just in that inner framework. So one of the lessons we learned from this is that when we

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get up and we do the work of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah subhanaw taala makes things easy for us.

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So whatever the law was the only one who

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didn't volunteer to begin with but then he obeyed Rasul Allah, Allah subhanaw taala made things easy for him right away, even though the circumstances around him were adverse. So when we many times what happens is when we say why don't we follow Islam? We say Oh, but your circumstances are so bad. That is the reason why we need to follow Islam.

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The circumstances were good. Maybe you can you could have gotten away with it. But when circumstances are bad, this is the time. When do you need a helmet when you are in a crash?

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Right? You don't need 100 Sitting sitting here like I'm sitting. You need a helmet if you are on a bike because you might go you might you might, you might crash. So it's very important to understand that this deal is a solution. When you need a solution when you have a problem. If there is no problem, you don't need a solution. So that is a very important thing. Now the next one in the version that other one they had left in the world war was

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effectively over

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Salah many heard the hill is Allah Allah Allah Allah. He says La ilaha illallah wa Sadat, our other one NASA robbed, but as huzzah Baba, he said, which means there is no one worthy of worship except Allah.

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Allah is true to his promise, he helped his slave and he defeated. The Aza be defeated the Confederates, by himself has a man has Alba has anyone has ever but

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another point to note here is how they follow the alarm whose discipline, he could have killed, oh, Sophia, or the alarm, then he would never have become regular, he would have died at the cafe.

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He had him in his sights, but he didn't do that. Because as soon as I told him don't cause any trouble.

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Second thing is, was ever Avila who's not feeling the Gale, not feeling the cold and so forth, is a sign that

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he was anonymous protection, because he volunteered. And because he agreed to do what the seller wanted him to do.

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Other thing to understand and learn from is his fast response

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to the order of hours affair, or whatever, they didn't exist. They didn't, didn't hesitate. He grabbed the hand of the man next to him and he asked him to name so his response was very quick, and it was very timely, which protected his own identity.

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And it kept his color.

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So very, very important for us to

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to understand this.

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That sometimes the test for the test of human is tougher than we expect.

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Another miracle that happened at that time, was Javon wrote the law of the land, he saw the condition of resources, sell them while they were digging the trench.

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People had one stone, most people had one stone, tied on their bellies, but resources and had to now this was a practice that they had of tying a story with like a counterpane kind of thing, where you tie a stone like you know, sometimes when you have a headache, you tie a cloth tight.

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And it helps. So this was the kind of thing which just to keep the hunger at bay. And this also sort of had two stones he was in such a state. So Javin medulla Galarneau, he saw this, and he said to Eva to his wife, and he said I have seen a surah Salamina very unbearable condition. So do you have any food for him? She said to him,

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all I have is some barley. And there's a small goat.

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So Javon rob the slaughtered the goat, and told his wife to make some dough for bread, cheese and bake some bread. Now, while the meat was cooking, and his wife was making bread, baking the bread, he went resources, 11 years, I have some food for you. So please come with one or two of your companions, just one or two of your companions, please come with them. And I have some photos. That's what it says. I've asked you how much food yet. So Java that I told you this is how it was one small boat and this

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bread is my wife is making. That's one of those. That's plenty. Tell your wife not to move the soap from its place until I come to the meeting is boiling to others to make a broad some kind of herida so he said give it give the pot there don't move the pot until

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then as well as ourselves. And he called out he said Yamaha junonia Inside is a overheard your own no answer. Java has invited you to his house for food, Java and ramped up to be shocked because he expected as soon as SLM to come with one or two companions, but as soon as now inviting the whole camp.

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So he ran back home very embarrassed, very worried. And he told his wife what happened. She asked him, this is the wisdom of women. And this is a you know, believing woman may Allah bless her and increase her gender.

00:24:31--> 00:24:37

She asked him she said Did he ask you how much food we had? He said yes. Then she said the new day he said yes.

00:24:39--> 00:24:50

So she said that normally. Allah and His Messenger know best. Allah will decode Jabra Abdullah said that this word my wife, they comforted me

00:24:52--> 00:24:55

as soon as I went there, and he will take the bread

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

and crush it and put it on the soap

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And you told the Sahaba to come in groups of 10. And then he will prepare the meal and dish it out. And they would eat their fill, they he let them eat until they were full. And then they would leave and then another 10 would come, and so on. And discontinuity, all the Saba had been fed. In total 800 Sahaba ate eternity. When others went back to the pot, the pot was full. And the bed was the bread was still baking. So he told the wife of Java

00:25:35--> 00:25:36

to feed her neighbors.

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miracle that happened in Honduras was there was a border, which was in the way when they were digging the trench and the sahaba. Who were doing they tried to break it and Try as they might, it would not break. So they came to visit Salem, and they said, Yeah, this is the story is border is there, it is not breaking. So he asked for a pickaxe, he went there and he struck the border once there was a flash of lightning, he said Allah but then he struck the border. The second time, another flash of lightning is survivable.

00:26:13--> 00:26:24

And then it sucked the ball to the third time, and there was another flash of light and he said Allah Akbar. And with that third shot, the boulder disintegrated, completely dust

00:26:26--> 00:26:29

surround version of the law. No, he asked us.

00:26:30--> 00:26:31

He said he asked,

00:26:32--> 00:26:35

What was the lightning? And why did you say alone?

00:26:36--> 00:26:46

And he said, Allah Ali Salim replied, He said, The first time I struck it, I was given the Messiah, the god, the glad tidings, the good news of conquering the Roman Empire.

00:26:48--> 00:27:06

And I will see the red palace of Syria, the balance of the season of the Eastern Roman Empire, I will see the red palace of Syria from here. Since the second time, I was given the glad tidings of conquering Persia. And I could see the white palace of Al Kisara. And also

00:27:07--> 00:27:12

from where he was, he said, The third time I was getting the glad tidings of the

00:27:14--> 00:27:15

conquest of yoga.

00:27:16--> 00:27:19

And he said, I could see the gates of Santa.

00:27:20--> 00:27:21

And that is why I said a

00:27:23--> 00:27:25

final story is

00:27:30--> 00:27:36

the story of another factory, one of America, which is American, the acid of the alarm,

00:27:37--> 00:28:12

one of the great Sahaba officers, the person whose mother and father were both Shahid made shade by which I am I'm the asset of that he was working at hot, bringing the trench and as soon as I saw him, saw him and he said to him Jamar, you will be killed by the aggressor. He said, You will die, say, and the poor and the people who kill you, they will be the aggressors. Now Mara Delano lived through that I've also Salem and through ovoca, Delano and through a lot of the rawness, time and truth and it was one of the largest and in the time of Satana aluminum Italia.

00:28:13--> 00:28:23

And in that time, he was killed fighting in the army of Satan, I leave in a battalion or Delano against Santa Maria's army.

00:28:24--> 00:28:33

So these are these tells us that in that battle between 730 and 7am warrior, both of them are Sahaba. So we respect both of them.

00:28:35--> 00:28:53

The party of Moravia was wrong. They were the aggressors because of socialism said Amari will fight on the side of the right, and you will be killed by the aggressor. That's what happened. So this is news from all these news from Allah, which Surah Surah salaam was shown by ALLAH SubhanA who, what I left

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to

00:28:58--> 00:29:07

help us to do that which is pleasing to Him. And to save us from that which does not please him, the literal

00:29:08--> 00:29:11

the many lessons

00:29:12--> 00:29:20

the Jews and Medina they allied with the Mushrikeen instead of with the Muslims, even though in terms of belief, and and so on, they're much closer to the Muslims.

00:29:22--> 00:29:31

There's much far many more similarities between Judaism and Islam, then between Christianity and Islam are done between any polytheistic religion and Islam.

00:29:32--> 00:29:33

Second thing is that

00:29:36--> 00:29:39

adopting good ideas, even if they are foreign,

00:29:40--> 00:29:49

is a good idea itself. So this issue of digging the trench this was not the way of the Arab they had never done this before. But

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

men survived Vasco de la who suggested that as soon as he said this is a good idea. Let us do it. And he adopted it and it turned out to be successful.

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Then the big lesson leadership restaurants are Salem dug the trench with this hammer, he didn't start somewhere and direct operations he actually took part in, he went hungry with them and then when there was food he shared with him. So for the leader,

00:30:15--> 00:30:29

to be is to be with shoulder to shoulder with his or her followers and to share their difficulties and so on. This is a very, very good thing and a beautiful sign of leadership.

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And then he

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he would talk to them he would chant poetry, always tried to keep the morale of his people high. He exercised caution, caution when sending sad Benoit and others to check on the mono colada. And he told them speak to me in secret if you find that they are planning to betray us, don't lower the morale of the people. So it is important to tell people

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what is appropriate at their level and what they need to know. It's not sensible to tell everything to everyone. This is another lesson that we learn from the hospital 100.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which does not please him. Whatsoever Allah Allah we carry cave it was me it made me