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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should be able more serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Right. It was send them to Stephen cathedra cathedra. From Abbado, my brothers and sisters, we are on the series of cotton hunters on our

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show today, let me ask you a question. My question is, how do you sell perfume?

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How do you sell perfume?

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many people swear it right? Do you sell perfume? By making a PowerPoint presentation on the perfume? No.

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By letting people smell the perfume,

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those of you who have passed through the airport or you know, I mean, I suppose is there any way What do I afford, especially if you go through the walking to the airport, the lots of perfume shops, and there are people who will be in the aisle ways with perfume bottles. And they will say Can I can I spray some on you and you put your put out your hat and they spray some perfume on it. And they're not asking you to come and buy nothing just

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free right? Now they're spending money that that bottle of perfume costs money, there's a inventory value for that. But they're spraying it on you, you smell it, you like it. Their calculation is if one person comes in and buys one bottle of perfume, it pays for that bottle. So that means that bottle if he sprays on maybe 200 people, it paid for 200 people because somebody bought one bottle of perfume right? That is their, their calculation.

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You sell perfume by letting people experience that perfume.

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What does this have to do with our

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It has to do with our because how do you present Islam by letting people experience Islam?

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Now by talking about Islam,

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experience Islam.

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I mentioned to you and this is this is a general rule. It's not we're not we're not also restricted to Muslims. I mentioned to the other day, a quote that is ascribed to St. Francis of Assisi. And then of course, there's a lot of dispute or did he actually say it or not? But whether he said it or it's very interesting what

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he said, he said to his people, his disciples, he said, go out and spread the gospel. He said, go out and spread the gospel and speak only if you have to

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interest instead of spread the gospel, but speak only if you have to.

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So how do you how do you spread the gospel without speaking by leaving that

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let people experience that in your life?

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The Sahaba they landed and they say this happened in the

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for history. So as soon as SLM was in Madina, Munawwara at that time, they landed on the coast of India, Southern India in a place called Coronado near the city of Karachi.

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And there they met the king of the place. And his name was Buddha sugar of Burma. And of course, you're gonna very well had actually seen the splitting of the moon

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you know, time difference between Saudi Arabia and rather than Saudi Arabia, he has an Indian. So he saw the splitting of the moon and he asked his astrologer so what's happening they said, when there is a there is a prophet has come in the land of the Arabs and he did this. So when the when the SIVA landed there

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he asked him he said, Do you know what happened? He said, Yes, which is reserved Islam, which has come the Prophet discover is what he's preaching is what is the previous is what he preaches.

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So I'm gonna say the better one left, Kochi and he travelled through Oman to Asia hijas he madrasahs a salami accepted Islam, and the handlers are also seldom he was given the name Tajudeen and he returned and on the way back he died at a place called Salah in Oman.

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I've seen his grave in Santa Ana I went with him

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in one

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now those are Joakim then they were traders. So the story was that one day they were in the marketplace and they were very good.

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And somebody came to buy the grain and they said to him look before you buy the grain it has been raining we tried to cover it but some water has gone into this green is wet and when we wear it it is going to be heavier but we'll give you a discount for the actual weight what it will be. So if you're weighing this thing if it is weighing 10 kilograms up only for five.

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Now the people were were astonished. Nobody does this. What kind of thing is this how we do business?

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How will you make money so we make money Allah, Allah.

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Allah make some money for us.

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The people in the marketplace the other other bits

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This people they got angry with these people they said You are spoiling our trade is

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not my problem. Like, this is how I do business.

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Which was your trade not your problem, not my problem.

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Spreading perfume

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gianduia de la, la la

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limited Mahad this degree chef, the great Sufi is a great

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When he was about 10 years old, his mother sent him to study.

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So he was going to Baba in Avila.

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And this his mother when she when she sent him she gave him 30 gold coins. And this is this some tortillas delivered live off this. So this daddy gold coins She sewed them she made she made a pocket in his trouser on the top and she put those gold coins in these She sewed them so you know the will be safe and nobody can see them as well. So on the way this Hagler was waylaid by a gang of highway robbers, and of course, you know, the looting and so on. So one of the robbers came to this little boy and he asked him Do you have anything?

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And he said, Yes, I have 30 gold coins. And I said you're mad.

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You don't realize he left? You will get like this. He's got 30 gold coins. What? People buy

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so you left

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and then

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when you all finished this one, Robert, he this thing was in his mind is it this boy said yesterday goodbye. So he said to his chief, he said you know this one boy here he says you're 30 gold coins is the man that did you check with him? He said I looked it I read it doesn't have anything with it. He's a column premium. So I went and got a bottle of like your Asia. Then he was 11 years old, your age.

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So he got him to the robber chief

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to the gym said to him, What did you say to my my man here?

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He said, I told him I have 30 gold coins.

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The juicer you're lying. He said I'm not lying to ask me the truth.

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What is it? He said? Yeah.

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Show me the route of honor the short article.

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The Chief said you're crazy.

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He said you are a madman. I mean, why would you tell us that you have 30 gold coins?

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We didn't find them nothing. Right? You would have got escaped with that. Now we have your coins.

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Dillon, he said man I left. My mother saw this thing and put in here and my mother said never tell a lie. For any reason.

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That's it. My mother said never tell a lie for any reason.

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Robert civi started weeping.

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He started crying.

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He said your mother you obey like this. And

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I disobey

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your mother you obey

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and my rabbi disobey.

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He said Take back your world coins. And you announce to them we live this work. Make us the Huawei toy on the hand of that 10 year old boy

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our problem is we don't give truth a chance.

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We don't even give it a chance. With Oh no, no, no what you know in today's world, it doesn't work. When did you try my brother? How do you know it doesn't work.

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When you do try

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then you tell me if it doesn't work if it does, if you don't if you try

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i know a case where there were two young people. They got married they were coming to a country they got married.

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According to the law of that country, they were not supposed to get married and come if they if the boy went to the to his own country got married there. According to the law of the country. He was supposed to take a special visa permission to marry and then bring his bride back. He didn't do that he got married. Now they're going back to this country. Everyone told them go separately. Right? You owe in one place your wife goes to another of the immigration officers. Don't tell them you are married.

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But these two they decided we are not going to start our life by telling a lie

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What do they do they go both together to one immigration officer is a way which is where your license I don't have you don't apply for abortion? No.

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Why are you telling me

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you could have gone to a separate so now you don't want to lie.

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You don't want to lie we decided

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that we will not lie. Everyone told them to tell lies all their elders.

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They told them don't do this, do this. Do this. Be wise. Be clever. Be smart, mister. No.

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You will not start our life with telling a lie.

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I'm deliberately being vague because I know they don't want they wouldn't want this to be for people recognize them. But the story itself is true and beautiful. So they said to the immigration officer, we came here because we decided we will speak the truth.

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The immigration officer said you came here and you deserve to be the truth. You don't have a visa you don't have permission to get married and so on. So

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good, happy wedding. Have a great life. Sometimes.

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sell perfume,

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sell perfume.

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And you sell perfume by letting people smell the perfume.

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The way you view data is by the way we work the way we talk the way we deal with people.

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How we treat people how we treat each other how we speak

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of your cell volume.

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We ask us rather than animal to help us to practice this deal in a way that we become

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example of it.

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With the class in our hearts we don't do it to show people

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but we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us living walking talking example the son of the beautiful way of Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi

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wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi named Africa