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Eid is a time for spending time with the family and for celebrating the end of Ramadan. How did the Prophet (PBUH) celebrate his Eid?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni gives us the details

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How can we make aid fun? You know, this is a very interesting question. How can we make our aid fund? It is supposed to be fun and Nabi sallallahu Sallam was hurt in his house for the first time a Booker was very surprised when you hear, you know, two girls singing and using, you know, diff, which is a musical instrument. It's like a drum. So was angry and he said, this is like Miss model ship on eBay that also allowed the voice of the ship Anima sola, why are you doing this? The Nichelle says, hold on, don't scream at them, let them eat, let them have fun. So people will know that we have fun as well and our religion. And individual Salam said, Give an example of the Jews

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who is used to be his neighbor. And this is very interesting for me today, when the person told them about God, let's so the Jews will also know that we have fun in our, you know, eat and when we celebrate, I said, Let's compare how much we have fun as Muslim when it comes comparing to our neighbors and Christmas or Thanksgiving on Hanukkah, like Elvis aids that we see around us by other communities, how they can have so much fun and what about us? I think we should we should learn how to have fun and that day and by the way, fun is not only to stuff yourself up with all kinds of food from the morning all the way to the night visiting every family or you know, or people's house just

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to eat and that's about it and you go into a food coma until next day, that's that's that's I think, maybe not the best way of having fun in eight. So we need to be more creative and let me start with this the fun of it start from a prayer you know what i i hope that my friends and my my colleagues the Imams will give hospitality Please don't make it sad. This is the day where I start not to tell people Hey you worshippers ramadan ramadan is not done but the worshipper of Allah should continue to make them feel bad and here you guys gonna go back to your son, come to the master. You know what, we need a good message that I'm about to thank people for coming to eat thank people for

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fasting. Also, please eat don't bring the sadness of what's happening in Palestine and Kashmir and you know, Syria and an era You know, this is test time we make them out for them. But every moment it should be celebrate the moment should be celebrated. If it's a moment of happiness, it should be a moment of happiness in the business along with all the problems was happening. You know what was happening in during the mess during a domestic rasulillah salam the habersham. epicene in and kids were dancing with their spears and having fun in the master that's in their culture 1400 years ago. You know part of the fun that these two have new clothes even Omar on the line we sew a garment of

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stone block very nice dress in the market. He bought it and he's the Rasul Allah I bought this as you as a gift so you can wear it in read. I love it when they see members of our community come wearing tuxedo wearing nice, you know, shiny shoes and dressed up you know this is so beautiful for people to have fun to express their happiness as long as they follow the Sharia Oh, by the way, the dress.

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So please, let's say let's make this a fun day starting from the mustard to beribboned affair said that Sahaba used to hug each other's and see if any Taco Bell alarm in common concern had met lockset from both of us good deeds, you know who also you need to reach out to some members of our community who don't have much don't have many people to celebrate lead with like, no convert, and people who are single or people may be moved to this community because of job or work. A lot of those people by themselves they need someone just not to give them hug and to say hey, robotic but after that during the day, either you need to be part of whatever the community or some family

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celebrating. I give you examples. I love it in our community that we have an eat prayer for example. People who dress with costumes so we have Batman's coming to make it that could be a law model. And we have the kids behind them making turkey beer as well. Or Spider Man or you know people have fun. We have a brother every year and he he bought he buy gifts for kids and distributed it we some community I know one brother in my community he rent moonwalk and make a barbecue and you know outside his house and he invite all the neighbors Muslim or non Muslims and the new this the best cook ism the like you know in the neighborhood for free and hot dogs and the celebrate the really

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have fun

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and can

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Common, they do have a lot of activity for adult as well. I know other group people go to a carnival, and they organize that main events.

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You know, these kind of places where they have games and, and activities for adults and for young, some used to rent Six Flags like you know, I remember akena used to do that, or maybe still doing that as well, which is something I really appreciate the point the community has to put this in their unit priority. Let's have fun and lead. How can we make it fun for our community? I know we tired we focus on trauma, but also that's important. The moment of happiness, it's as important as the moment of reflections and our spirituality is high, and maybe our tears coming down in there who are alpaca. upca is the one who brought smiles and tears who created both situation and he start

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with the smile of hug. So the laugh the smile, the good time is something our Dean would love to see. I hope this has inspired you to start thinking and sharing in social media, some of your experience some of your ideas, how community can have fun in aid, but I think if we start thinking about it as a priority as a goal, we will find a way May Allah Subhana Allah make it a very happy for all of you with a cappella