Mirza Yawar Baig – Three Voices #3

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of practicing Islam for gaining knowledge and skills is emphasized, as it is essential for achieving success. The need to prevent shaytan from happening is also discussed, with speakers emphasizing the importance of practicing and following the kn centers. The negative impact of society becoming corrupt is discussed, along with the importance of rewarding individuals for doing so. The segment ends with a call for action and a discussion of following the kn centers. The speaker also touches on the importance of being aware of one's desire and surrounding surrounding the idea of reward and punishment.
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fill out on, Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shallot Willem be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala it was a new Salam just live in Cathedral.

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My brothers and sisters, we continue with our topic of the three voices that speak to us and what to do about them.

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Over the last two weeks, I spoke about the first of them which is the voice of shaytan. Today we will speak about the second voice, which in a way is even more dangerous. That is the voice of our own self, our own laughs our own desire.

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The word knifes is an Arabic word which occurs in the Quran, literally meaning self. And it has been translated, and it has other meanings, psyche, ego, soul, desire, the breath that we take in and out all of these

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in the context of this and also the context of the way

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this word has been used in the Quran most of the time, we will take the meeting meaning as desire, Abdullah Allah

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in the last on the Lanois reported, that was also salam said none of you can have faith until his desires comply with what I have brought. And this is in also in

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in mama no is our vein on over here 40 Hadith

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I repeat Abdullah

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the Allahu Anhu Omar reported that also like I said, I've said, None of you can have faith until his desires comply with what I have brought

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second heavies and has been barely caught the Alon reported that also Eliza Salam said, the son of Adam grows old. But two desires in him remain young. The desire for wealth and the desire for life. And this is in Sahih Muslim.

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I remember myself I knew that Islam is the name of a practice not the name of a theory or philosophy or theology, the nimo practice, the one who practices Islam is a Muslim, not the one who only knows about Islam, but does not practice our eternal fate will be decided on the day of judgment based on what we did, not on what we knew. It is important to know because without correct knowledge, we cannot practice Islam correctly. The purpose of acquiring knowledge is not for its own sake, but so that we can practice our religion. Practice starts with wanting to practice and that is why the right desire to please Allah subhanaw taala by following the sun now verses are nice and Salem is so

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critical and so important.

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It is essential for us to recognize our desire and see what it is trying to lead us towards and to correct that focus so that we can hope for ALLAH SubhanA wa Janas forgiveness and for Jana, I ask Allah subhanaw taala for Jana, for all of us.

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It is the nature of the self the nature of knifes to lead towards sin. Allah subhanaw taala told us in the words that usually Salaam in sort of Joseph, those we live in a shutdown regime. Well now Albury will never see in enough Salah Amara to be su Illa Hemara be in Arab be affordable Rahim

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is when he said he says and I do not seek to free myself from blame. I don't say I am not. I shall not be blamed. I cannot be blamed or I'm free from that. He says I do not seek to free myself from blame For indeed, the sole enough's is ever inclined to evil. The self is ever inclined to evil.

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Except those shown mercy by my

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gelato surely, my rub is all Forgiving and most Merciful.

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Anyone who thinks that this cannot happen to him must remember that this is useful for a Salam speaking. If he says this about his knifes there is nobody living today who can say that he or she is more pious and stronger and more blessed and protected than the enemy of Allah. Yusuf alayhi salam, if he used when he Salam saw his knifes as a danger. What must we do?

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This is in a way the law of entropy

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to be stronger, faster, more physically and mentally fragile to gain knowledge or skills

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To have a good marriage or children, in short to have anything of value, we need to make effort. If we do nothing, we get nothing. We just get weaker and slower and more disconnected with the world and more stupid and so on. Our nature is to regress to slide down the slope. To be inclined towards sin doesn't mean that it is good. It is what will happen if we don't take steps to prevent it. The good news is that all of this is preventable.

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To prevent us from slipping, Allah subhanaw taala sent his book and his messenger SallAllahu Sallam and commanded us to obey Him and follow Him in all aspects of life. We spoke about Chetan deception and that and that Allah subhanaw taala told us that shaytan has no power over us. He can only whisper and tempt, but he cannot force us to disobey Allah. The neffs however, is a part of us. In Ramadan, Shayateen are chained, but the knifes is free. The nerves does whatever we have trained it to do. That is why childhood conditioning and raising children is so important. A child is never too young to learn. Children learn from the time they open their eyes.

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We fool ourselves that children don't understand then we are horrified at what we taught them. Even if inadvertently, if we have been trained to be obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala The nurse will be inclined towards obedience. If not, it will guide us toward appeals to it and that is sin.

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Then x is the animal part of our being that's the mammal speaking and is drawn to what all animals are drawn towards which is excess in physical pleasure, gluttony, overeating, all kinds of addictions

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whether it is drink or it is drugs, or it is * or whatever, the desire to have the biggest and shiniest and fastest and whatnot are all signs of the rule of the knifes. Just look at our advertising today see who the so called influencers, the social icons, the role model the society are

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and you can see what is happening and what we are being mindsphere towards.

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We are a society where a pop singer or actor is paid more for a single performance than a teacher earns in an entire career in their own lifespan. And yet, we lament how society is becoming more and more corrupt. Remember my brother and sister the truest rule of life is you only get what you pay for. You only get what you pay for. Just look at your life. And you will see how true that is. The sooner we wake up to this, the sooner we will change. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to enter Islam completely. Not partially.

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Allah Subhana Allah said yet a un Lavina Armano Oda holo fissile mica fatten wala dot w hu to RT Shaitan in the whole locker room, Adobo movie, Allah subhanho data set which means all believers enter Islam wholeheartedly and completely and do not follow Satan's footsteps. Surely He is your sworn enemy, your clear enemy.

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Out problem globally is selective obedience. Selective obedience is disobedience. Selective obedience is arrogance.

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Somebody told me this so called funny incident that happened to him he was traveling

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I think it was Emirates or something. And there was a guy sitting next to him.

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And they introduced themselves so he knew that this person was a Muslim. But when the drinks cart came, this person

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asked for foreign he got alcohol and he was drinking. And then when the food came, the man is asking, Is this halal? either submit Is it is it haram and this is what we have done. We have we choose the pick and choose.

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Now, what is the result of that? Allah subhanaw taala wonders very clearly. Allah said Allah told me no now we've added Gita we will talk for Runa be bad for lodges Oh my Yeah, if I do that he come in come in his urine fill higher. Dunya

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we're your alma mater, Euro Duna ILA a shot deal other one Allah who we have our feeling I'm Dharma loon.

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Allah's route that has said, Do you believe in some of the scriptures something from the book and reject the rest? You pick and choose selective obedience?

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Is there any reward for those who do so among you other than disgrace in this worldly life and being subjected to the harshest punishment on the day of judgment for Allah subhanaw taala is never unaware of what you do.

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And let's rather use the word Jessa in a sarcastic way, reward is punishment in this dunya and yaka

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reward or what have selective obedience, picking and choosing Islam is a practice,

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which like all practices, benefits, only those who follow it completely partial practice is not only useless but harmful. It does wake up and take real benefit from this beautiful, divine blessing called Islam.

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How tragic that those who are given Islam as a gift, seem to have so little value for it. We pick and choose instead of benefiting from what Allah subhanaw taala chose for us.

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We angered him by rejecting His gifts.

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When we are being warned not to follow footsteps, it means that the one who made the footsteps is not present.

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This means that we are solely responsible for walking that path and cannot blame it on the one who we chose to follow. And that is why shaitan will wash his hands on the responsibility of misleading those who chose to follow him and will say cover Sally shaitan is calling it the call allele in Sonic for phylum Guevara. Carla, anybody who mean in the a half Allah has been I mean,

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another that has it

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like shaytan when he laws someone to disbelieve.

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Then after they have done that, he will say on the Day of Judgment, I have absolutely nothing to do with you. Anybody who may

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have nothing to do with you. I truly fear Allah, the rub of the words.

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And of course he also is blind. But meaning he doesn't feel if he if he feared Truly,

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He will not be doing what he's doing.

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So what do you say about those who follow Him?

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We cannot say we didn't know. He cannot say we will not want let us step back from the brink before we go over and then nothing can stop us. And that is called the Farah Dawa. To repent and return to Allah subhanaw taala if not, then Allah subhanaw taala declared his judgment for those who follow the enough's and those around them as it is other than for God are eita money, Taka Illa who Hawa under the Khun Riley, he will Kyla, Allah said have you seen

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profit or Nabi SallAllahu sallam, the one who has taken

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his or her own desires as their God?

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Have you seen those who have taken their own desires as their God? Their worship their desires? Will you then be a keeper over them? Will you then make

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Shabbat for them? Will you then intercede for them? Will you become their advocate? What is that? What is the tone of that? It means do not do that?

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Don't intercede for them. Don't seek forgiveness for them. Do not be their advocate for who for those who have taken their desire as the God as worshiping God. And let's round that up called following the knifes over his command, worship of the knobs and ordered his messenger SallAllahu Sallam not to intercede for that person

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is the ship where you are making yourself sherek

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you are associating and

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and making your own desire and the equal to Allah subhanaw taala.

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What can be a more severe warning than this, that it is time to change ourselves? The final buyer. The final point about the novices

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that all desires

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are transient,

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temporary and short lived and quickly depreciate

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all desires

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new is exciting, but the excitement wears off rapidly. For those who are grateful it lasts a bit longer. But it is never at the first day for sure level. Just reflect on any

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A wonderful experience that you had in life. first new car, you sit there you breathe in, you get the smell of the upholstery and so on right?

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first new car, for the first time you fly first class.

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Find anything you enjoy anything that you really, you know, love or love.

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First time you saw that the first time experience that is not the same, the second time,

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our German decreases our nature,

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our enjoyment decreases, and it becomes mundane.

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That is why we have the term Been there done that. That is why the Nerf seeks access, or newer experiences more and more varied. Often going off into the realm of the bizarre or even freaky.

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This is what is happening around us in society all over the world which rapidly slides

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and rapidly seems to be sliding towards all kinds of dangers, even disgusting things in the name of new experiences.

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As people today about their aspiration, then you get to hear statements which reflect the greed mindset, more is better.

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We don't take lessons from those who went before us whose normal was a million times bigger than our wildest dream. But who still left it all behind and went alone and naked, to give account to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Let me give you some examples.

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How big is your dream house?

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Now think about think about this. King James the third.

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His home is Buckingham Palace. One of them the others. Buckingham Palace and Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms.

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And it's spread over 830,000 square feet.

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What were you thinking? Are you thinking Remo.

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And if you think that is big, then think about this Versailles Palace, built by Louie the 13th then extended by Sunday the 14th 16th. He too, has 2300 rooms.

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Yet the hole in the ground,

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which is the doorway

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to our eternal life to the Accra is the same for everyone.

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And we go into it alone without anything that we had in his life.

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Contentment is to realize this early enough to stop chasing excess and focus on quality, both in this life and the next. Quality is measured by its effect on others. Quality is not the most expensive diamond. But instead the use of that money.

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The money that you would have had to spend to have the most expensive diamond

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to alleviate someone's pain, to fight oppression, to increase knowledge, to research solutions, to accomplish great projects of ongoing benefit and to leave behind a legacy of honor. That is the meaning of quality. Islam is not against ambition, it's against greed and excess

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possessions add cost not value. That is what the Quran and the lives of Rasul Allah is in Salem. And the NBA was salam, which Allah told us about source.

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It is not desired itself, which is natural and essential for us to survive, to have resilience to progress to grow and simply to get up every day and go to work that we are against, with the passion to accumulate material stuff, or indulge in excesses of any kind, which is so harmful than absolute like a bottomless pit. No matter how much you put into it. It will never feel

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as soon as I said I'm wondering about this greed in the Hadith, which they say are these multiple en la vie, the one in Bukhari and Muslim and has been Malaga the Alana reported that as well as herself said, he was the son of Adam Alayhis Salam had a very full of gold, he would want to have to well is

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a valuable good. He would want to have two values. Nothing filled his mouth, but the dust of the grave. May Allah protect us. Then he continues Salam Salam, Yet Allah will relent to whoever repents to him.

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Despite these tendencies, Allah will turn

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Words A person who turns towards the most vital data by repenting. So that is wake up. Before we are woken up by multiple modes from this toolbar, we call living and the rest of destruction that we call life.

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For those who repent and return to Allah, His forgiveness is boundless. Unless there is a real love and tab for mana wa amela Milan saw Li Han for hula Iike Ubud de la who say, to him has an ad, a can of love or four or Rahima unless they ask for those who repent, and believe and do good deeds.

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They are the ones whose evil deeds, Allah subhanho wa Taala would change the good deeds

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for almost all forgiving and almost the Most Merciful and most about Allah is Most Merciful, the Most forgiving the time to choose is now

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are we willing to sacrifice our eternal life for the sake of this transient one? Or are we going to live this life in the beautiful way that Allah subhanaw taala chose for us and then look forward to his work in the Accra inshallah

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I remind myself anew, the choice is ours. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to take the right to make the right choice, which, as a result of which he will be pleased with us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala never to be displeased with us. Was Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was having made that article

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on him the lay of the land

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