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AI: Summary © The daily reminder network discusses the state of Islam and the importance of men being present in the society. The network discusses the state of men being present in the society and how they can benefit from it. They also mention a video about a woman who was killed by a man who claimed to be the god.
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Welcome to the daily reminder network.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is magic Mohamad recording for the daily reminder, I would like to share with you a very interesting Hadith where we will extract some lessons from it, and then suggest an action item in sha Allah. There were two people that went to a solar light, some A lot of it was And don't forget, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they went to him why to become Muslims, and they both two people converge on the same day. One of them needs to work a little harder than the other for the sake of Allah in dalla and Jihad and so on, to an extent that that person died as a martyr. The other friend, he died one year later and regular than perhaps on bed or

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at work or so on. What happened obey the law, a very righteous companion, he had a dream. In that dream he saw himself he says, I was in front of the gates of agenda and I saw these two people that became Muslim. And then an angel came out of gender, and admitted the one who died later into Jeannette first. Then the angel came outside and admitted the one who was martyred in the dunya second, then the angel came for the third and last time and told me from there you go back Your time has not come yet. I woke up and he was so shocked and he was so amazed. He started telling people about the gym which he had he went to also lies a lot It was cellular. Forget for the lobbyists I've

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never stopped no matter how many times he is beautiful, nice. So a lot he was. The Prophet told them Yeah, but what are you amazed he said Charles sutala I Shaheed a marker such a high status and honor. He goes to gentlemen after the regular men who died only one year later. So panela How is it possible that also he's not complaining from Allah He just wondering what he wants to know what is that he has done? That made him good agenda first because he has high dreams and ambitions and hope. So he would for sure in sha Allah, pursue whatever that men did. So he can go to Jeanette first. Now before I move on this Heidi, just to have a bigger picture and feel what Paul has experiencing,

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what's the status of Shaheed What is so special that Paul had thought by default, Shahid should go first, number two, but why does it matter where they live? Of course, who goes to gender First, if they eventually get went to gender? What matters or not number one, status of a Shahid omega one, how do you free to understand a little bit of it and the Allah granted the reward of the Shani tme Rasul Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will bless the Shaheed with six traits, number one, that the first drop of blood will be shed from their body, Allah will forgive all of their sins, and they will be able to see their seat engender a lot of pain without promised

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them that they will not be punished in the gray. They will not be scared and fearful when the people are so scared and running around when on Yama piano, they will be given a crown of honor and dignity and with

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a lot of jewels are attached to only one of them is more valuable than the whole earth and whatever it contains a lot of talk about there will also be given amongst the most beautiful spouse ever created by Allah. And lastly, they'll be able to intercede for 70 of their family members. What an honor Allahu Akbar. You see now he's so shocked away that Jade went next Subhanallah The other thing that we may ask why does it matter who goes first, like matters a lot. We would kill one another, perhaps not us. But we saw on TV people would rush out and get the latest iPhone. I don't want to be the second or be the first one. Take pictures, tweet it and so on. And this has been your stuff

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people would camp outside the movie theater for the latest movie that comes out so panela aren't we more ready to be excited to be the first one to ever hug the Prophet, but to be the first to see a loss of power to Allah. Even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the first group that goes to gender first is not as beautiful as the one who goes second why those first batch of people in the alumni community amongst them say I mean, they will have the beauty of the moon. The second batch will have also gorgeous faces and bodies but as beautiful as the brightest star. So even that matters. So let's be ambitious and see what is it that men did that made them reach that level? Now

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back to the main Hadith. The Prophet said to me, he says yes, and he explains why the Prophet asked him a question. Look at the beautiful answer. He said, Yeah, Paula didn't that men witness one more later beyond them as a martyr. He said better. He said Didn't he witnessed the whole month from a month and he prayed more than a also a lot. He said it also lies outside himself due to the witnessing of from our bond and praying of more the difference between him and the martyr is like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

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sapan Allah, you know how much hope this gives me when I was preparing this talk and I hope it gives you as well. That one form of bond can take you beyond the Shaheed can take you beyond the one who has the whole crime memorized if you come to Allah with sincerity, one year of worship and a bed and prayers, I remember and this is an action item, I would like to conclude with some lines of aligning with lm said, Man, comma bond. Imagine what he said about

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whoever stands up in the night to worship Allah with two conditions Eman and accept and full hope and a large reward what will happen all of this sins are forgiven. So can I promise myself and you promise yourself you will never waste a single month of Ramadan after Isha before surgery except that you will pray at night which is a recommended bonus prayers so we can achieve that reward inshallah we will never miss an active Ramadan without doing pmla whether in the masjid or at home. Never miss insha Allah Please do your best to have benefited the people by sharing this a liking it does that mean love it it was said I'm Molly Kumar with alaba cat.

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