Abu Bakr Zoud – A Dua that clears the Heart from Shirk

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a ship and a hidden form of the ship that is showing off. They also mention a law that says "by permission of his heart" and that anyone who says it is more hidden than the crawling of a ship. The speaker also talks about a dog and a celebrity who says it is a symbol of love.
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The levina home, you're

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showing off his ship, and the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, shall I not inform you of the hidden ship? He said, we're showing off when the bees are send them then gave an example to the Sahaba. To explain to them what that means. She'll understand the incredible example of a saucer and he gives, he said,

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this hidden ship, which is earlier among you, he said a shield poofy can mean the bb namun that this form of ship, which is showing off and doing the deeds so you can seek the praise and the recognition of others.

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He said this kind of shift is more hidden than a and that his calling. He didn't say it is like an ad that's calling. He said it is more hidden than the calling of an ad. I think, you know, if you're sitting here now, well, there's an app that's crawling next to you realize, you didn't realize he kind of didn't see it. When

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in the hearts it is much more hidden and smaller than that any crawling edge and a lot of use on the law while he was on them. Yeah, and he he informed the Sahaba any system shall not teach you of words, where if you were to see them, it would clean you from the inside from the major ship and the minor ship. They said Bella Rasul Allah, what are these words? For he said to them say

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that hadith of Mohammed Allahumma inni, our rubycon oceanica Beco alum was stone fuuka Lima alum. He says, say Allah, I seek refuge in You that I commit ship with you, while I am aware of it. And I seek your forgiveness of the ship that I fall in that I am not aware of. Anyone who says this. This

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is the law by the permission of a life it comes sincerely from his heart. And he says it and he continuously says that in his honor to wherever he is, that would carry him from any ship that is in his heart, including this minor shit That was almost answered and described is more hidden than the crawling at your concern. Whether you have this or not see this dog will be easily left there is no concern that you should have Allah Khomeini Allah will become oceanica and Olam was stolen funeral kaleena Allah Allah

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must be memorized and teach it to those who you know and who you don't know.

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