Ramadan 2019 Reminders 10 – Is There a Connection Between Eating and Eemaan

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Know that there is a direct connection between the intake of food

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and the state of our man.

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We might think that that's something physical Eman is spiritual, different, not no connection. No.

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Allah didn't prescribe this month of fasting

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for our stomachs

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is prescribed it for our Eman for our soul for hearts.

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And if we're not able to do this, then a key element of Ramadan remains missing for us.

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That key element is hunger.

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We're not experiencing it.

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The Avatar is four course five course meal

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And afterwards, we still keep eating after taraweeh

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and then two or three course meal for savour.

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No hunger.

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But this is what

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Allah wanted us to experience hunger in Ramadan

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hunger so that we could experience what

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half of the world is experiencing.

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We can share in their experience

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that we can better appreciate

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the trials that they're going through

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and that would then cause us to be more charitable.