Reminders Remembering Allah What Does It Do To Me Part V

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Number 11 salat wa salam O Allah wa

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sahbihi wa ala

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will do the last of the series

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of reminders that we're doing for just now

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with the AMA I must note that I said we live in a shutdown regime. So Larranaga him, while another one comitia immunol. Hope you will do very well and of course in Alhambra live alum fortiva Samarra, Urvashi savarin and levena is a Saba Tomasi bottom carlu in de la,

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eager I lay him out for being barama we'll go home we'll walk the dog.

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In these I had all sorts of Bukhara, which come after the ad that we began with. Allah says guru, Guru homebush, Guru de velata phone in these ads which I said before just now unless ran out Allah is saying, and assuring us that he will test us.

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And he asked Allah subhanaw taala for protection from his tests and for help, if the test comes less than $1 said Well, number one.

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In Arabic, the Lamb of Turkey, the Lamb which comes before the word, it indicates emphasis on the word.

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unless rather than we will surely test, while another one, we will surely test.

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The same with these things, mental health, with fear

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of whatever kind

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while you're with hunger, meaning poverty,

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well knocks him mentally unwell, and by loss in your wealth,

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while he was Samarra

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and by loss in yourself and in your children.

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So losses yourself could mean illness, it could mean accident, loss in children could actually mean the death of a child or it could mean illness and so on and so forth. malice valterra protect all of us from such things. But Allah subhanho wa Taala assures that this will be done, it will happen.

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And then Allah that robot share is Savi. And he said the Bashara The good news is for the people who have suffered.

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And if you remember the ad before that Allah does it. Allahu la savety. Allah is with the civilian. So Allah said overseer is sovereign. And then Allah subhanaw taala described Who is the one who is in Serbia, who is the one who is doing summer in a situation like this. Allah Xena Isa asaba Tomasi baton Lu in narela, he was in LA he Raju who are the submarine, the ones who when they Seba comes on them. They say we are from Allah and we return to Allah and then Allah Subhana Allah gives the Mashallah for them oh la, la hymns Allah wa Tony Robin.

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Alice's those are the people on whom there is Salam from

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Allah subhanaw taala Salam on them. So when you are in that dilemma, when you are in that if dilemma if you are have suffer and you say I love you and I do not complain, Allah subhanho wa Taala send Salam on that

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rub beam or a hammer and a lot of other senses run on those people will go home or moved on and unless Renata is giving you a certificate and saying these are the people who are on the world rightly guided they are the people who are on the path of life.

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Now the question is, as I say, Why do bad things happen to good people

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in this world, tests that we see in our lives, which is various kinds of difficulties and losses and accidents and deaths and so on and so forth. That's come for two reasons. One reason deaths come is described with this IRA which I decided before

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this is the this is the test that comes on people who are good. Well if you look at the I had before that let's talk about people who are doing Vicar of Allah Allah Rhonda is talking about Sabri Allah, Allah Allah Hamas, Iberian and so on. And then Allah is very little gesture. Now these are texts which Come on people, inshallah, who are good people who are people who are pious or people who are,

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you know, nowhere near anything which is wrong, and yet, deaths Come on them. And the best of them are the MBA.

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And that's why he said that the people who are tested the most

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The Gambia and among them I am the one who has been tested the most.

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So why did why why do Messiah and why do difficulties Come on the NBS? Sometimes we feel, you know if either if something happens to us we will know what did I do? After all I'm praying I'm doing this. The test comes on the interview. Who are you? What is your prayer? What

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does comes on the Navy? difficulties Gambia.

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We sell a lot is around last two sons.

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Right? All of them. All his children died in his presence except for Mr. de la. She's the only one who died and she died six months after him. All his other children died and he buried every one of his children.

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And it is not is it not he's also a human being. That

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so just come Why does it go. So when when the test comes and if we think that we are good to have the Nigella Meola keep us good and make us good. But if just comes the test is coming in order to raise the dollar jack of those people, it is coming to test Joe so there are lots of analytics that will then send these rahama and will send his Salawat on the horse. Unless Maratha is not much more to send the AMA in this way. We are not saying that I like and only then Bama by just No, this is the Kibriya vamos vamos or if he wishes, he will send it without a test and if he wishes he will send it with the test is up to him. And we of course asked him to send it without a test. inshallah

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that's come for another reason. The drill to test comm for two reasons. One is this on good people to increase their enhanced data

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that's come from another reason and people who have not been good people who have been doing wrong, and these are referring to Muslims.

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I'm referring specifically to Muslims

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and about them

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wherever they can now minella gonna do more as I will aquarela longer do

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we send on them his wall punishment before the big punishment, so that they can return to us.

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So this test also even though in the right in this life, it might seem to be very hard on ourselves on this test also is that if Allah subhanaw taala wished and indorama nam, Allah, Allah has mentioned is very clearly

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that those who rebel against Allah, Allah Subhana Allah him a

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miracle minca above Allah say, Allah subhanaw taala will open on them the doors of all his damage.

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And this is the sign of azova Allah subhanaw taala if you are doing wrong, and you are allowed to continue to do wrong, then this is a sign of the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala because then that will lead us instead into the agenda. But if you have been doing wrong for whatever reason and if you are pulled up, and this is a run of Allah subhanaw taala the first and what was the need to thank Allah Allah you woke me up.

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You woke me up if you had not woken me up, I would have landed in the pit.

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And then Allah said, La La homier just saw that you will return to Allah read the ads of Surah Tauba. relating to the Battle of oh nine what was going on? What did Allah subhanaw taala do with the

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image vine when Nevis Allah Allah Allah is Allah was with them.

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We think if a desk comes on us, we think it's a great thing. What about the What about the Baraka of the presence of the NaVi in the Battle of oh nine

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but that did not save them from the test because they had a feeling and Allah Allah, but I don't think any of us have actually said this in an arrogant manner already. But they had a video I was gonna mention that in the run in the app of solar power, where I mentioned who then he said you thought that you had weapons and you had your phones and you had your army and you thought this could give you victory. So Allah subhanho wa Taala turned it upside down. And Allah, Allah made the earth very hard on you and very tight on you, and very constrained for you.

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And then, of course, we will make Toba and Allah relented and Asmara sent his help animals monitor or send sent down Sakina on them and Allah subhanaw taala help them with forces which they could not see.

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So therefore, what do we learn from this? We learn from this, that when a test comes, what should the believer do? Number one, the believer must make Toba.

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The believer must make our so called poster for a bomb in Ghana of

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30 euro base that far make Toba and they are up. I was wrong. And I thank you for stopping me before I would have life instead of this test. If I had died, I would have been there

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and then there is no

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get from this.

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So we thank Allah, and we make Toba and remember the condition of our number one condition of Toba is genuine regret for what has happened. Number two condition of Dawa is to hate that action and never ever come back to the action and number three condition of power if the action is such that it was something which affected the rights of somebody else then you return that and you make up that

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you cannot follow somebody land as a supervisor I'm sorry I didn't know if you wanted it then you give it back? No

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because you are you harm somebody else is landed somebody and you got a little I'm sorry, we will be sorry but what about the harm you caused the person so you go and apologize you will tell the people that I'm sorry I landed this person actually is not like that it is my fault.

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Right. So that is part of if you don't do that they are not acceptable as manager please understand very clearly, the injuries caused to people the in the things that happened was overly bad. unless those people forgive Allah will not forgive. So therefore we have to go and make up those things over and the savasana What if the person has died? Maybe I slandered somebody and then you know he died and then only data I got this object.

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Now he's dead. What do I do? Who do I go and apologize to he said, that make dua for that person, make solid and make law and ask Allah to forgive the person inshallah ALLAH forgive you. So when we have difficulties when we have been doing something wrong, and we can assume that we are doing something wrong, believe me, people like us, when we have difficulties, please don't fall into this trap and think, Oh, I am so great and so wonderful that this difficulty has come only to raise my arm or no, this difficulty came to give you a kick in the backside to break up. Right? That's a standard the good assumption to make about all of our lives, so make Toba immediately, number one.

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Number two is increase your obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala look at your life and say what in my life is going against the orders of Allah and what in my life is going against the sun of Asana and bring it back online? Please understand, if you have difficulties and you want to get out of difficulties, the only way is to become obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala put your head in such that and stay there until Allah Allah forgives you.

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I mean, directly and figuratively both increase your head, start praying that God there is no sense you are in difficulty sleeping

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you crazy.

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You are in difficulty you start start staying awake in the night and pray to Allah subhanaw taala you pass that praying that just you cry before Allah subhanaw taala you give sadaqa you ask for not for upon us vannatta you bring your life in line and increase the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala difficulties are not going to go away if you increase disobedience.

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Difficulties will increase. If you increase disobedience difficulties will increase.

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And disappoint comes and I've said this before and I'm saying it again Allah subhanaw taala is to be aware of the fact that he has one alternate route that is not subject to us. Allah subhanho wa Taala is cause a roadblock.

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If you reach a point of rebellion, where Allah subhanho wa Taala is angered that Allah will close the doors of anger. He will close the doors and

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protect us from that. And never put us in a spot where the doors of Rama and the doors of he will die that are closed for us. And I am not making all of this fatawa the Quran does this. Go and read the app of Anam see what a lot of ontology is that we will open the door until they are completely lost in their disobedience and then we will get them

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and they will be broken in spirit.

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Allah assured that he will not give the time to make Toba and he will catch before you can make Toba May Allah forgive us. Please Please, please understand why we will please understand this dunya is going to end this is a figment of the imagination. This lampshade on your head tells us do this, do this, do this, do this, do this what happened do things that will happen? Nothing will happen. The only thing which will happen is that you will die. The only thing that will happen with certainty is that you will die and I will die. That's the only certainty in this life.

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And if we die in a state where Allah subhanaw taala displeased with us, then they'll forgive us because there's no way that we are going to escape the punishment of nanotech. Let us do whatever we can to please Allah subhanaw taala and the way to do that is to make Toba and to bring our lives completely and totally in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala and to make effort, believe me, we cannot reach Allah subhanho wa Taala through laziness, we cannot reach Allah subhanaw taala through being, you know, being sort of thoughtless on our last marathon if you want to connect with us

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You have to make the effort. You have to sleep less you have to wake up in the right you have to stand before Allah you have to read the paper and you have to make So do you have to make the effort to connect with Allah subhanaw taala it will not happen without effort. It never happened for anybody without effort. And if I am willing to believe that somehow I am special better than anybody else, that it will happen for me that I am a food then I am a complete and total food, it will not happen. We have to make the effort like everybody else made the effort. And then of course Allah Subhana Allah inshallah will give Baraka in this effort and we have the best of beliefs about Allah

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subhanho wa Taala to say that he will help us insha Allah, but the first step has to be taken by us.

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Bring our lives I remind myself when you bring our lives in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala look for the smallest and minutus part of disobedience that may be happening and do not say that this is a smart disobedience. Think about who you are disobeying the one you are disobeying is not the one you are disobeying you just said this Allah who stood up and said what Allahu Akbar. If Allah is Akbar, then his disobedience is also Akbar. not a question of small disobedience and big disobedience. That is the worst part of arrogance that today people have people are study Dean and the day and the studying of Dean takes them astray.

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Because you learn from Sharia law, you now sit in judgment and say, what's your takuna tomorrow Who

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who are you to serve as a sponsor and a big sin?

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A sin is a sin a sin and disobedience of Allah and everything is big.

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It's a different matter that in the Shara in the in the Shara, we have different categories because you don't want to chop somebody's head by everything. So naturally, you have some things for which the punishments are different, but that does not mean if some if we take this attitude that we become heedless about sin, and we become heedless about disobeyed as well as vanozza and we consider something to be this doesn't matter. You are saying that the disobedience of Allah does not matter.

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The hawala hotel,

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please wake up, wake up before the eyes are opened, wake up before the curtains are lifted, wake up before the light becomes clear, because when that happens, the doctor will close as well as Renata to us COVID to become obedient to Him to bring our entire lives in obedience to Him, and to never never disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala and never never go against the Sunnah is the result of Salah in any matter deliberately. If something happens by mistake, or by forgetfulness, we ask Allah, Allah to forgive forgive us and forgive, forgive our forgetfulness. But if we deliberately disobey Allah subhanaw taala so Allah He this is this is to stand in direct disobedience and to stand

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challenging Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as you can see in this dunya we can't do that challenging another human being, we can't use that challenging another animal our challenge our line escape from this water level. Well, it was obvious, never never do that. The position of the Muslim is such that there is understand this as the insula and says that in terms of our whole life, everything in obedience to Allah subhanho data was on the law highlanda will carry him while he was heavy as made erotica.