Reminders Dua Part 2

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The importance of worshipping Allah is discussed, including the negative impact of alcohol and pornography on people's mental health. A woman named Hope left a restaurant in the middle of the night to drink tea and found garbage. The speaker suggests avoiding expectations and advises against giving personal opinions. The conversation also touches on three ways to validate one's weak and capable abilities.

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Blanding salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen. While

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we were looking at the ayah yesterday with us, Allah k Valley and new for anybody

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that was around Allah said when my slave asks about me, indeed, I'm close to him.

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And we reminded ourselves to try to

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understand at an experiential level, what is the meaning of being close to Allah? Allah saying we need for anybody. I'm close to him, do we feel disclosed?

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And if we feel this closeness, what is the effect of feeling that closeness when I told you yesterday that one of the effects of feeling that closeness is a sense of peace, is a sense of freedom from fear is a sense of confidence in the heart is the love for the meeting of Allah, meeting with Allah subhanaw taala to meet with Allah subhanaw taala.

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So let us try to do that. Let's try to actually experience a feeling of closeness with that and the best way of doing that is in Salah.

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And then Allah, Allah said in this ayah

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huji, Buddha die is Allah and

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he said, when my slave asks me, supplicates to me, made the makes to me, I listened to his dog.

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I answered his obligation, I listened to his black, what is the way of making that?

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What is the way of making God what is the meaning of understanding? How do we understand when we say Allah subhanaw taala said that he listens to our God.

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You know, the place Allah subhanaw taala zero the only esta developer he said, asked me and I will give you what is the meaning of that? And before that, Allah subhanaw taala saying, we do darunter di e that Diane, that when my slave asked me, I listened to him. So what is this way of asking Allah? How do we ask Allah?

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No samsara we're making dry loudly, as well as

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your rub is not deaf. There is no need to shout.

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So what is the original doc? Allah mentions this and he teaches this to us.

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In surah, Maryam Allah Subhana Allah mentions the I love the Galle Salam when he made dua,

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Alexandra golden visa and Javier.

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And he spoke about the Coriolis alarm, he said he was in his mirror and he was worshipping Allah.

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So the real making God first is to worship Allah subhanaw taala. So ask Allah and to ask Allah only and without any ship, without any partners, associating anyone or anything with Allah.

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This is very, very important today, especially in this country. We live in the middle of Schick, there is no country which is more mature than this country. And because we live in the middle of shark, we have lost the hatred for shark

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shark has become normal for us.

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I remember once many, many years ago, when I was a little boy,

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somebody sent me to buy some chickens.

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And this is I'm talking about 4045 years ago, December to Buy some tickets. So I went to the market near Napoli. And I don't know maybe they had not collected the garbage for a few days. And maybe that was a situation, the chicken jobs they're also used to dress the chicken for you, there's to kill it and so on and so on. And they will just take the trails of the chicken and they just threw it in one place.

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So that heap inside his market, had the end rails of chickens for a few days.

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So I remember the minute I entered that place, I almost vomited while rose up and I almost threw up because of the very, very horrible stink of decomposing

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But I noticed and I remember this 45 years later, I noticed that this chicken shop owners, they were perfectly happy.

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And they were drinking tea and joking and talking and everything is that smell which made me almost vomit I had to actually swallow back my bile had absolutely no effect on them.

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Because they had got used to that. For them that stink was normal air.

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And that is what happens to us in this country. We live in the middle of ship and shall become normal for us.

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So it is quite common for us to say oh but so and so is a wonderful Where is it? So such

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good person and Xena says oh nice people and they are that great. So Allah Allah said in sheer colossal Nazim Allah says Shirky is the worst of crimes. The worst of crimes

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sherek is worse than murder Sheikh is worse than rapes. If it was then pornography schilke is worse than stealing silk is was that every single thing I don't want to list the number of crimes that he would be committed, but every single crime is less than ship.

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Obviously, if somebody is mentally retarded and says, Therefore that we are recommending other crimes, and they're stupid, I'm not saying that we are saying that in the list of gripes with Allah subhanaw taala the number one issue

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and it is part of the VEDA, Walla Walla Walla Bara,

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among the Muslims, part of Akita of Allah Al Bara, friendship and hatred for the sake of Allah subhanaw. taala is part of the Akita to Richard,

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it is part of the refusal to hate you. It is part of the rocky the also to hate the actions of those people who come at you.

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You're not spreading hatred is spreading the hatred of

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what you say about somebody who says, I do not drink, but you but that person, you find him only in the bars.

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He doesn't drink.

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But he is in the company of people who drink and he is always to be found only in bars. What do you say about a person who does not forget what is to be found only with prostitutes?

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What do you say about a person who does not Who says I do not take drugs? But you always found him find him in the dens of people who take drugs? Is that the place you should be? Are those the kind of people who should call your friends.

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Your friends are drunkards and prostitutes, what does it make you?

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It doesn't matter that you don't drink and you don't want to get.

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The reason I'm saying is that to acceptance of that.

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To stay away from Cirque du Soleil stay away from those who come and check is part of the conditions of acceptance of that

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loss rather than Rogers as I listen to the person who makes blog.

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And that person was big guy in a state which is free from ship.

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And then he must make the law in a way.

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Neither and Javier, read the opening ads of Serato Surabaya

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Allah subhanaw taala taught us the methodology of asking God

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and what it is a

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very Allah Salam. Salam spoke about his own weakness, and about his own the fact that he he said, Yeah, Allah, my bones have become weak, and my hair has become white.

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What does that give me a virus? Give me someone to take this message of your dean forward.

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And he said My wife has is gone. She's old. She's beyond the age of childbearing.

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But give me a virus.

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He did not say give me a young wife. And give me a child from that wife. No, same old woman.

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Same or woman. Why?

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What is Allah teaching us? Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us that we should look at the hadith of Allah subhanaw taala. When you asked why.

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We do not realize if you're asking another human being

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they will look at this person is he capable of doing this?

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And what is the point in asking him for 10 million when you know he does not have 10 million.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the mind will somehow develop

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the treasures of endless random data we cannot even begin to understand what they are forget about counting them. We can't even understand what they are.

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So ask Allah subhanaw taala by putting forth

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our own weakness first, by glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala and glorifying His grace and majesty. And ask Allah subhanho wa Taala in keeping with his blessing, Majesty, remove all the so called constraints that are in your mind. There is an illness, the doctor told you there is no cure, laugh in the face of the doctor.

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laugh in the face of the doctor. The doctor is speaking from his knowledge. What is the doctor?

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What is the doctor

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hamdulillah he's doing his best. And what is the level of his knowledge or knowledge? Nothing

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is an umbrella term for your diagnosis but I'm asking the one who created you and me and that person and the disease and the school

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are asking you

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you know who created the disease and also graded secure and with the complete yaqeen that if he wishes he can do it.

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So three conditions number one

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ask give

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ourselves completely free from ship.

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Number two, as putting forward your own weakness and glorifying the greatness and majesty of Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah

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Yeah, Bali Kusama Guatemala. Yara bhullar shell Kareem

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ask Allah subhanaw taala by his glorious names and by Doris attributes, and the third one is asked with complete pain that if Allah wishes you can do it.

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That if Allah wishes he can do it that way or the other, keep your eyes and your focus on the growth of Allah subhanaw taala

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make the effort, but keep your eyes on the holder of the wellness monitor.

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And when you ask ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah made the effort, my effort means nothing. My effort means nothing.

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It is your odorata masking from and if you want you can use

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and the last method of asking law is to add the word continuously 24 seven not only in Salah in Salah outside Salah, walking, talking, sleeping, lined out, ask and ask and ask and ask and ask keep that one thought which you want in your mind is they Allah give me Allah give me Allah give me

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a lot of Ramadan like this unless around $1 like the Quran, Allah likes the person to ask again and again and again.

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Make a nuisance of yourself like a small child makes a nuisance of himself to his parents until he gets what he wants. If he wants to document you will make your life miserable until you

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do that. Ask again and again and again and again and again until you get it and you will get it in Sharla. Tomorrow we'll talk about how do i is accepted what are the ways in which was accepted inshallah, but for today, for yesterday, feel the closest with Allah for today, how to make the keep yourself free from chick, would your own weakness and the glory of Allah subhanaw taala lot of Allah and asked with complete jackin that Allah Subhana Allah can and will give because he said he will give

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he said he will leave when he was at a diner Dan is not making me dizzy scholar.

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He said this and he does not lie. Allah does not tell lies. If he said he will give you will give

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to ask. Ask cannot cannot continue like this. And insha Allah Allah was done and does matter will give and tomorrow we'll take this further inshallah was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as main data hermetica