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Tariq Ibn Ziad

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are we learning Munna? shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine, our beloved brothers in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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I hope you're well. And I mean, I'm with you in that the few sniffles and coughs. Allah Allah swag that he would you for coming out in the cold winter is Hadeeth whenever someone mentions whoever has patience of the cold weather of Medina, there's an extra reward. That's fine. A lot of cold weather of Capetown is a little bit colder than Medina I think. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, except from you and put the goodness and Baraka in this effort that you've made. We continue our series, the heroes of Islam, and we said last night's hero, today's hero follows on from last night's hero. And who did you speak about last night? Who remember,

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most even when we said this man was able to say what made him great. He was the governor of North Africa, Tunisia, and he oversaw the Muslims in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and he had a different policy to the governance before him, because the Muslims were never able to fully hold North Africans. today. When we think of North Africa, it's like 90 plus percent Muslim. You know, it's like a heartland of Islam. There's no question about Islam being firmly fixed. In the end, it was the efforts of this man, Messiah, genocide that brought Islam into the hearts of the people. It's easy to conquer land, it's easy to conquer territory. But to conquer the hearts is a very difficult

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thing. This is the challenge of law.

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You cannot compel someone to worship something. So mostly from the side with these tactics. And with his example, he made the people of North Africa, the Berber people of North Africa, fall in love with Islam, and they fell in love with him. And they supported him and followed him. And like we said, last night, we concluded, he basically went to the edge of the world to the end of Morocco. There was nothing left for him to conquer. And he told the halifa helaas, I've conquered everything. But of course, on the other side of the ocean or not ocean across the other side of the Mediterranean, there was Europe lying in white. And we said Europe was going through the dark ages.

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The Europeans themselves admit this, they were going through the dark ages, where civilization hit a rock bottom, there was no honor. There was no dignity, there was no justice, the strong rule, the weak and they were oppressed, so much so that Europeans left Europe to come and live in North Africa, particularly the Jews of Spain, they would smuggle themselves across the streets of what we call Gibraltar, and they would come to live under Mussolini said, this great governor. So let's go over into into Spain. When you think of Spain today, what do we think of soccer?

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Soccer, and we would be surprised if I said, Do you think of Islam, Spain as a Muslim country, we'll say no. And Islam ruled Spain, Islam was a Spain was a Muslim country for almost 800 years. Muslims belong in Spain, then Europeans were in America. Think of it like that. Muslims were longer in Spain than Europeans. We're here in South Africa. That's how long seems how long Spain was regarded as a Muslim country. And it was called Al Andalus. And began with Musab inside Spain before Islam came to it was really in extreme bad situation. The Catholic Church oppressed its people. And the people ruling Spain were called the Visigoths, the Visigoths, and they subdued the people with force. They

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were theoretical, they abused the people, and anyone who stood up against them were killed. They tax the people severely. Basically, you worked night and day, just for a piece of braid so that the land knows whose land you lived on, could work of the sweat of your backward love of the sweat of your back. That's how it was in in Spain at that time. And just before, just before the advent of Islam in Spain, the king of Spain was killed, assassinated by one of the governors, right, the king of Spain was assassinated, and one of the governor's took over. And this was the backdrop to how things would play out when Islam would enter Spain, there was civil war between these five items. So you

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had a leader of one city, and he would control his army and his people and you have a leader of another city and they would fight one another. And there was a king, his name was Roderick or Ludovic. Limerick as they they pronounce it in Arabic. And he was not a fee and just ruler. In fact, they mentioned him he was a soldier, and he had a hand to play in killing his own King. And they also mentioned him to be a bit of a playboy, taking the women as he please. And this led to one of the reasons why Islam into Spain.

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Mossad when you say back in Africa, he had conquered most of basically 90% of North Africa. There was a small Kingdom in the north of in the north of the north of Morocco, which is ruled by a Christian governor called count Julian. Count Julian and he was special

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Manish, and he sent his daughter to Spain to learn the Spanish waves and the religion of the the Christian religion. And while his daughter was there, the king was king Roderick raped the daughter of the king Julian, and this infuriated him. Julian had fought Messiah genocide in many battles and he just recently lost tanjo, Tangiers to Mousavi, Messiah. So even though there was a rivalry and there was fighting between them, he respected loosey goosey. And after his daughter was abused like this for the king of Spain, he made an alliance with Musa he told Moosa, I will give you my fleet. Look at this, he's a Christian man. He said, I will give you my fleet. If you send your soldiers to

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Spain, and you remove the skin from us, unless we move up on the side had the idea Should we go into Spain, should I send my army into Spain? It's a new world. It's an unknown territory. Muslims have never gone this far before. It's like going live safely. You're going into space. It was like for the Muslims across the ocean. Remember that these are people that just recently come to grips with the ocean in a time of Satan armor, which wasn't that long, not even 100 years ago, save number four. But the Muslims from fighting on the sea said we can't master the sea. This is too dangerous for us. Now these these people had already conquered islands. And now they were going into a new

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continent. And he had to think long and hard. But his army was ready. And we said he had a brilliant brilliant general at his side, a Berber by the man by the name of Tarik even his yard and these questions as to what is politics we don't know much about this man's history. Some will say that he was a slave, a young slave boy, Musa purchased him and freedom and instead of letting him carry the bags and the food and washing his his clothes, he trained him to be a military genius. He trained him and made him your commander. Another narration says that he was a Muslim because his father's yard is a Muslim name. And his grandfather was Abdullah so they were early reverts from early on,

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they became Muslim from the Berbers, and he worked his way up the ranks. Nonetheless, Tarik was adorable, and shows you once again that when Islam enters a region and why Islam has stayed for 1500 years, not by the sword, you can't force a conquering people to fight for you. They will only fight for last panel with Allah and the Berber people embraced Islam properly. And it showed Moosa didn't discriminate between Arab Muslims and non Arab Muslims. other governors did this. There was a time and it was in this time when Islam became global, that the AppStore that they had a monopoly on Islam, Islam belong to them, you know, Arab Muslims or beta. Muslim knew differently, that Islam

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belongs to them. Whoever has taqwa Allah is with him. So he saw taqwa in this man, and he saw skill and ability. So he gave Tarik, he said, Tarik, I'm giving you 7000 men across this short distance between Morocco and we said you can actually see Spain from Morocco. If you're at the top of Africa and the top and the bottom part of Europe. You can actually see when the when it's calm and clear. They cross what they call the narrow streets. That time it was called something else today. What is it called the Straits of Gibraltar because we thought it took his 7000 men and he landed in Spain at a huge rocky place. They named the jabiru Tarik the mountain of Tarik today, it's so called

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Gibraltar he's name still attached to that city to that land, and the Straits of Gibraltar, that small passage, if you see over there with a.is, between these Spain and these Morocco, that little corridor with a Mediterranean enters the Atlantic Ocean. That's the geography lesson era with the Mediterranean on the right into the Atlantic Ocean to the left, that little pocket of water is called the Straits of Gibraltar. And this is where the Muslim army crossed over into Spain. So Tarik was his army with his 7000 Berber army. They began and they came to this new land, and they found some hostility, but Allah subhanaw taala gracias in victory. The King of Spain wasn't close by he

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was fighting uprisings in the north of his country. And when he heard there was this foreign army that entered his country, he called all of these governors together, and he called all of the soldiers of Spain and he forced the slaves and the people of Spain to support him. And he amassed an army and there's some debate here. The Muslim sources say this army was 100,000 men

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100,000 men today modern sources, it's impossible that 10,000 or 7000, Muslims could be 100,000 men, but Allah Allah with a 50,000 with 80,000, the Muslim sources and the oldest cynic would say the army of robbery was 100,000. And in a way we can believe it if the king himself is coming. The King obviously before he gets to battle, he makes sure everyone else is doing it right. He's the last one to get the everyone else. Even the ladies will be there first before him. So every single fighting person that Roderick had, he said will crush this army and get rid of them.

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And this number must have been huge, because even the Muslims, this Berber army, this Muslim army, they were afraid when they heard this huge army was coming for them. They felt that look, maybe we should go back, we came to this land we didn't we didn't know what to expect. Maybe we put off a, you know, something too big that we could choose. And it's mentioned in the reports of historians that Tarik had a dream that night, any dream of the prophets of Salaam and the prophets are still told, tidy, continue on Allah is going to grant you victory that you are here for just who is the people of Spain and the operation. You know, as a side note, you're amazing. It's mentioned that as

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part of our ex army was a legion, a group of Jews, Spanish Jews were thrown out to Spain, they said, if you're gonna go and fight, we want to fight with you. And they went with a group of Jews fighting in the army. So Tarik had this dream. And when he woke up that morning, he did something really strange. He burned his ships down all of them, he burnt them down. And then he addressed his army. And he said, and this speech that is well known in the books of history is recorded. And when I don't have time to narrate the entire speech, but some lines from it, he said to his people in a methodical way, do you think you're gonna go, you only have the C behind you and the enemy in front

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of you, there's no way to run any more chips are gone. So all you have now is your courage and your patience, these are the only things that are going to grant you victory. And you mentioned them that you are here to make a loss and aim high. That's why you are here. And that these as Allah promises in the Quran,

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you can there's only two outcomes in this battle. Either you win and alone makes you victorious. Or you die and you get the big victory, meaning Jana, and he reminded them don't think I'm encouraging you for something that I'm not going to do. I am going to be right in front. I'm the first amongst you and I will take the first blow. And you mentioned the king of Spain, who was a fearsome warrior. He said, He's I've basically marked in his mind, I'm going to go after him. And you will see, once I kill him, he's people will flee, and they will be afraid and alone will go on to victory. So don't be afraid. This battle occurred, you know, when the 20th of Ramadan. And the books of history says

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that they spent the days fighting, and the nights in faraway and liquor and tahajjud. And they will continue and this battle was was severe. For eight days they fought once again, if a battle is that long, it means it can you can understand how many people we know the monsters were only about 12,000 for them to take eight days to to win that battle. It meant you can imagine how large the enemy army was. So how does 12,000 beat 80,000 or 100,000? How do you do it? Besides the grace of Allah Spangler, of course, it's mentioned that the Muslim army, and this is from the time parsimony, he basically set the playbook how you win a small army beats a big army, you have the best cavalry in

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the world, then that's what they had. They had the bass horses and the bass horse riders in the world, and you could strike and they can hit you back. And you keep doing this over and over attacking them, hitting them hard, and then running away and attacking them from another direction from the left from the right. Until a huge army cannot move easily. A huge army can turn and maneuver and you make them tired, you exhaust them, you move from one location to the next. This is tactics. Hartigan will lead us, they would land in one area. And when the army finally this big army lumber to this area of the battlefield, they move to another part. And this is how they basically

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defeated them. And they will tap them in a location close to wherever. So you can't really run and thought it was able to maneuver that the enemy found themselves in a bad place next to the river, and they were surrounded. And also it's mentioned how even the rodricks own generals deserted him, they lift him. And when Tarik saw the opening, he charged full on and he surrounded the army with his cavalry, and they will push it into the river and many of his soldiers drown or cut to pieces and the entire Spanish Army was destroyed after that, after this battle, and it's called the Battle of Gulati, if I pronouncing it correctly, he now defeated the king, the king of Spain was dead. The

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army of Spain was did what was left was an unprotected Spain. And Tarik now divided he's really small army here, 12,000 men, a number of them more than a quarter of them died at the battle. So it's a very few few soldiers left. He divided his army into four and he says, Don't worry, each of you go one to the east, one to the west, one to the north, you continue on, and don't stop until basically you die. You continue going until you die. And he went to the capital, the capital of Spain was called Toledo. And he found that basically, the city was under unpredicted and he conquered the city. And this was the end of the Visigoths. This this this empire that ruled Spain

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for 200 years, has never ever returned after that. Tarik said the end of them. And when tautoko back to his master Mousavi, new site in North Africa and he said what had happened was I was actually nervous. He said don't go further. You're going more and more into unknown territory. You are

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writing your army aren't you doing you're biting off too much than you can chew. And he came in he said, I will also come and join you. And he came over, and finally told him the one problem we having is we can't break the fortresses of Spain. So in open battle, we can win this there is no fear in our army anymore. No battle. No one faces us on the field, except that we beat them, but in the fortresses is difficult for us to win. So Moosa came with five catapults, he himself came, and he went to the waist for further to the waist. So within one year by we said the year when he tried to cross the streets and enter Spain 711 right. So don't forget that the Muslims entered Spain 711

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by 712. One year later, moose and Tarik was standing on what is the peonies apparently is, is the mountains between Spain and France, meaning they conquered Spain and Portugal. And they basically decided, Europe is lying ahead. what lies beyond this area, nothing by the grace of Allah will stop us and they entered into France, they actually crossed the mountain into France and they conquered southern France, when all of a sudden, while the victories were going in the road back to the halifa. The hollyford the time was worried. He wrote a letter to moose I told Musa you better get back to Damascus, you and Patrick, don't go further and bring back all the spoils of war and the

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treasures that you've got from Spain. I went to see you guys immediately. And Moosa being the obedient general that he was governor that he was I thought it as well. They stopped the campaign, and they came to Damascus. And they found that the halifa was about to die. He was old and he was he was on his deathbed. And his brother Sulaiman. And it's good to understand. We said, Yes, we sit in the week that the rulers of Baloo Baloo, Maja hollyford, one of the most famous and just people and look what you see today, and even worse tomorrow, what they do to the heroes of Islam, so halifa, to be Sulaiman is the brother of Allah worried, worried, is dying, so Sulaiman told, told Tarik and

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Musa stay outside Damascus, we don't want you to come in. I want my brother to die. And when he dies, you must bring the spoils and tell the people of the conquest of Spain and say it's because of me, you know, because in my name, I was the brains behind it. Musa couldn't do this. We know the kind of man that he was. And he disobeyed this order from the basically the acting amin and he entered Damascus. And he told the people that it is by Allah's grace and in honor of the halifa that Spain is now a Muslim state that Spain is a Muslim country, Spain and Portugal, the entire Iberian Peninsula is under Islamic control. And when the halifa died, so a man was unhappy about this, and

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he stepped out of his governorship. And he took Tarik he, both of them were expelled from the army even mentioned they took away the properties and the wealth, that not long four years after that Musa died the poor man and similarly Tarik forbidden from entering the base general, the Muslims had forbidden from entering the army, and he lived his life on a pinch in some way obscure in Syria. But what he did and what they did, while they were halifa, seated him like that, we know the books of history will continue to write the till today, we have a mountain of Tarik jumble of politic, and for 700 years, or more than that similar 50 years, Spain, Muslim, Spain would be the most advanced

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civilization in Europe, the kings of Europe, the kings of France, and England, would send the kids to universities in Spain, they would send the kids to Muslim University in Spain, like we would send our kids to Oxford and Cambridge and Harvard, they would send them to Spain, and Spain was speaking Arabic the people of Spain, even though not most of them, many of them were not Muslim. They spoke Arabic and they were proud to be Spanish with Muslim Muslim rulers and Muslim civilization. And it became the most advanced country in the world at some point in time, Spain and we'll talk about the great philosophers, the great scientists, not only that, even Islamic law, imagine people would

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leave the Middle East to go to Spain to learn about Islam. Great tafsir that seems to be probably second or third greatest tafsir a man from Cordova and Cordova, Cordova is the was the capital of Islamic Spain and it would remain the capital for many, many years. Just as a side last note, it would be interested in,

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in in Medina, and if you haven't Malaga want you to go there. If you see the architecture is based on the architecture of the Grand Mosque in Cordova, the way the pillars are within, within elite bricks, this was a replica the inspiration came from the end the Lucien the Muslim Spanish architecture, some Allah subhanaw taala grant that Islam returns once again, not with the sword, but with the hearts and with the man to the people of Spain and throughout the world and these great heroes while the efforts were not appreciated by the Khalifa at that time, Allah subhana wa tada sees and I'm sure Allah subhanaw taala Allah gives without limits from Allah subhanaw taala blessed

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And gone through mercy. I mean, continuing with our quiz

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last night, and any questions before we continue on? Oh, tomorrow, what do we speak about tomorrow? Right? Okay, we'll leave that for the end, we'll decide what to speak about at the end of the course. Any questions? Nothing. Okay. So getting on to our quiz yesterday's questions? What is the worst of all sins? Are these ship worshipping someone besides Allah? worshipping someone other than Allah? This is the worst of all sorts even worse than murder. What the next question, Who are the following do not have free will? So it's a bit of a tricky question. nabby. Adam, does he have free will? Yes. He believes to the free will. Yes. For our free will. Yes. Therefore, the last few is

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this urbania. And what is ivania? In certain scenarios, urbania. We'll call this urbania lasagna, or the 19 angels in charge of them. We don't even want to meet them. They are the 19 angels who are in control of jahannam. They're called the savanna and the leader is Malik. Right, the Angel of Johanna. Then the last question, Who were the first people who began shooting basically the first people to intervention and worship idols were the people of New Halley salatu salam, how they built both graves on top of those statues on the on the graves of pious people earlier, and they started worshipping those statues saying that these statues intercede for us with a loss paradigm of course,

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this was

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our questions for this evening. Are the everyone have their cards? No cards? So I don't know we have a cards inshallah we will.

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Do we have the cards? No. And then we at the end of the lecture, inshallah, you can click cards and fill it out. So just to remember your answers once again. First question

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that people have ADD, were destroyed with wind, water, fire or an earthquake. How are they destroyed? So just remember the answer the number number one, you remember the letter number two, nobody knows profit, no holiday so latos law? How many years? Was he calling his people to Islam? How many years? 90 years? 900 years? 950 years? Or 1000 years? Remember the answer? And then the last question, the following which prophet is mentioned the most in the Quran which Nabhi is his name mentioned the most Nabil Mohammed Salim Nabi Musa levy Isa nahi, Brahim, easy questions, easy answers, remember your answers and then at the end of the lecture, we will we will give the cards

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out and you can fill out the answer, put it in the box, and I think we'll have our outro tomorrow in the week inshallah. So tomorrow, who's our who is our hero tomorrow for a spot price?

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You must give me his name because his name will be easy. But you must tell me why he's famous. What did he do? His name is the same name as the prophets of Salaam, meaning His name is Muhammad. And his father's name was the name of the eldest son of the Prophet what is the Prophet's eldest son's name?

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Awesome. So he's Mohammed, the son of Kasim. Kasim who's Mohammed even a costume

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who knows

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how much it costs him another Gen at the same time, the same time historical things yet he was the general of the East that conquered the subconscious. And he brought Islam to the Indian subcontinent at the age of 17. He did what no other general in the Islamic empire did. He brought Islam to the Indian subcontinent. So we'll talk about him tomorrow. Insha Allah, no one got the price right. So I get the price.

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Signal Mohammed Ali, salaam serene handler Samadhi