Reminders Dua Part 3

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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah I should have been on the bilaterally he was happy Oman while

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we are continuing on the subject of

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we talked about the issue Allah subhanaw taala said away that's Allah Chi very uneven anybody and we said Can we try to feel the format of Allah subhanaw taala

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the closeness of Allah subhanaw taala

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and then we talked about Allah subhanaw taala saying, Would you data data that

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then mice live from me when my slaves public is to me when my slave next door to me I listened to his dry announced and

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the two are related obviously, because when we are close to the source of all goodness, it is only natural that we ask and that is what Allah subhanaw taala expects from us as well. And that is the reason why also lasala salon in a famous Hadith, he said a door omak polybag he said that is the essence of

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the more means the brain the more means the metal in the bone, it is the essence is the essential thing of a bad guy is the bad and that is the reason why it is prohibited to make God to anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala. So, people say I made dry to the shareholder shareholders cover of their coverage, even though these are essential, and we say they dry, dry, dry, dry.

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So to make dry, obviously,

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we do not marry by the law. So therefore to make dua to anyone other than Aloha. So Adorama elevada. So now, I also mentioned to the issue of how to make do is today which is we do three things.

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We put our own weakness and our own lack of resources, the reality actually the reality of ourselves, because if you look at it, what do we have, you have nothing. We are dependent on Los Banos Allah for every single breath we take. I take him when I breathe in, I cannot say with surety that I will breathe out. And if I breathe out, I cannot say with surety that I will breathe in.

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It's only by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he allows it to happen. And the same thing applies to everything within ourselves, as well as to all our of all our our affairs, we take a decision, we don't know whether the decision has benefit in it or whether it has, you know, a loss in it. We don't know, we do our best but we have no idea. And it's only by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he saves us from loss and he gives us benefits. So therefore we depend on Allah subhanaw taala for everything. And so therefore we put this before last minute and then we talk about the greatest and glory of Allah subhanaw taala which is right, because the right of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala that he should be glorified by slaves, because that is who he is. And we do this glorification of Allah subhanaw taala with the full knowledge that we can never do it to the extent that it is to be done. It is not possible for anyone to actually glorify Allah subhanaw taala to fulfill this right of Allah, we cannot possibly fulfill desires. We try to do our best and you ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept proof from us and that is why in the state of Nicosia, in zero so the VAT the higher he mentioned this but also la sala Salaam said among the people before you, there was a man who Glorified Allah subhanaw taala in these words and the rounds are not be like Al hamdu

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lillahi wa Chico has a missile tonic, he is aroma Arab. Praise vidrio and thanks be to rub Bella callaham karma young bovee with Jelani watching, in keeping with the grace and majesty of your glorious face, where as the missile tonic, and in keeping with the great glory and majesty of your kingdom, and also of another upset the melodica or a court. They went to Allah subhanho wa Taala and they said and of course Allah subhanaw taala knows before they were like I tell him when we mentioned this it only means the Malacca speaking to Allah subhanho wa Taala and mentioning Allah subhanaw taala asking them Allah does not mean Allah does not know. It is only to establish 100 in

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favor of or against his lips. And therefore as Renata Malacca mentioned Allah they said oh our up your this so and so's neighbor of yours and has glorified you in word which we have never heard before. So how are we supposed to write the reward of this? So Allah subhanaw taala says, you write the words of my slaves, my slave as he said them, and I will reward him in keeping with My majesty and grace. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward us in keeping with his majesty and grace even though these words are not our words, we are repeating somebody else's words, but if he is pleased with those words, and if he gave us a trophy, to say these words, then we asked him to reward

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So in keeping with his measures to increase in Java, so we glorify our line. The third thing is we keep our focus on the fact that Allah subhanaw taala can do absolutely everything he wants. Allah subhanaw taala is your final Maya Kumar you read, he can do whatever he wishes and he can order whatever he wishes and therefore when we make draft, we do not make dua with hesitation and with fear in our hearts to say, will this happen will it not happen? That which we cannot imagine? Allah subhanaw taala makes it happen and therefore, we asked Allah subhanaw taala with just full and complete confidence, that he is listening to us and that he is answering us and he is capable of

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answering us and is capable of doing not only what we asked of him but of doing whatever he wishes The third point

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understand in what is the hedges on Amazon Milan is uncertain because I've asked him visitors Allah we have been a draw and we find that some of our draw is accepted for example we make a business deal with Allah give me a higher in this and Allah tala gives us profit is that is that all we ask you do not have children somebody Oh Allah give me agenda like as a child, or for whatever reason, something else. So

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we ask Allah Subhana Allah and revitalizant and I gifts, but we also asked Allah subhanaw taala for things and we find it does not happen.

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So how are we to understand this because we know unless Ronald Allah said, you ask and I will give you but we find that when we ask, we are not getting what we have asked for. So how are we to understand this? Love is Allah Allah, Allah as I was, Adam said,

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he said Allah subhanaw taala accepts da in three ways.

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One, you ask Allah and Allah Subhana Allah accepts it, as you asked, it

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is all I give me this and then it gives it

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he said there is another da when you ask this law, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not give you what you asked for. But Allah subhanho wa Taala removes a calamity that was to befall you, as a result of this law.

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Because we remain dry, we do not know what is beneficial to us and what is not beneficial. For example, you might say, well, I want to marry this woman, or I want to marry this man. But you do not know what fidra there isn't that. So, you'll find that this marriage does not happen to you be very sad, oh, I wanted to buy this one. So I could not die, but you do not know you do not know if you are married that person how much of a problem you would have bought versus violence rather than a saved from this. So Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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the in exchange for this law, Allah subhanaw taala removes the calamity that was to be folly, you make a dua, and maybe May Allah protect us and protect you all from all sorts of calamities, and maybe you are supposed to drive some somewhere and maybe there was supposed to be an accident or remove the accident. So now you went safely and came back. So second, second way of acceptance of that, you ask the doctor, you ask for something you don't get that something, but instead of that you a calamity is removed from you.

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Way of acceptance of DHA is where Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanho wa Taala does not give you what you want. And there is also no calamity to be removed at that point in time when your other

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sources are observed when you are presented before Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanho wa Taala will remind you and He will say almost live, you asked me for such and such and I gave you and you asked me for such and such, and today I will tell you what was the calamity that I removed from you, because we will not know this today alone.

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And he said sort of random Zed and the third law, something you asked for which Allah did not give and something where there was no calamity to remote fissara salam said those drawers Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps with him. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah will say, Oh, my slave, you asked me for such and such, and I did not give you and you asked me for such and such but there was no calamity at that point in time in your cover, so it was not removed. So you're dry is with me now. Now ask me whatever you want and I will give you

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personalized observe that if you realize the value of this, then you will wish that all your life, you make drama after drama after drama, and none of them are accepted in this world.

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He said if you realize the value of this drug, you will actually wish that every single one of yours which you ask in this world to do with anything in this world.

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He's not accepted in this world

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because then all of those drives are kept with Allah subhanaw taala what is the value of that dwell on the deltas what's well let me just think about it. What is the value of that though on the other one neither one is enough. Imagine if you have so many drawers and that is the reason why it is very important to keep on making the shaitaan comes in between

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zagara Krishna

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said I will tell you when you making go do our thing for so many days nothing is happening and it is not going to have

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you keep making the

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you keep making the

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you don't worry about whether it is happening or not have you keep making that over and over till the day we die we make

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because inshallah Messiah is there is higher in that it Allah will give us if there is no hiding this dunya Allah subhana wa tada will keep the DA and those drawers which are with Allah subhanaw taala what is the value of that door on the day of judgment?

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Yes, so let us make this into a habit continuously make da and that's the reason why the dryer is the thing

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between the slave and Allah subhanaw taala the shaitaan cannot come and stop.

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Because you think about it when you're looking we were talking about Salah many times I mentioned that we should try to get concentration in Salah. We should always have Tojo Allah subhanaw taala. But the beauty of the law is that while the only provider where the slave automatically has knowledge on Allah,

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they cannot be covered in

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Nevada other era that including salah and so on, but in Gaza by by definition, they cannot be reflected because you're asking Allah Allah May Allah give me a

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there cannot be anything other than that and that is why the law is permitted to be made in any state widow or Novato inshallah outside Salah

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any language of your choice

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of course under law it is a very good idea to memorize the drivers of lupus Allah Allah in Arabic and to make those wise are we because there are very jammer the very you know complete in every respect, but definitely it is permitted to make dry in any language of our choice

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except for the toilet or something there is no place that you cannot be dry any any condition sitting standing lying down running, walking, anything anything is continuously we're talking to a lot talking to talking to building a connection with a glass of

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water inshallah we'll talk about the times and places of acceptance of the inshallah, but for today this is enough for some Allah Allah, Karim Allah Allah us. Have you enjoyed the erotica.