Reminders Diseases Of The Heart

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The basis

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that we do or we don't do

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this is that

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a lot of different dresses

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inside the hotel

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send them say that PBA ticket

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Be cautious, take caution

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in the body, human body,

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animals in the human body there is a piece of flesh

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manava piece of flesh, the child is conceived before the

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limbs, other things start coming it is a piece of flesh.

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Sometimes miscarriage takes place in deflation and

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can be careful

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that in your care that in your body days a piece of blush

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It doesn't mean sound

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then the whole body main sound

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and if it goes back

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and then you say goes off,

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it goes back

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then was that for volleyball

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then and

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then indicated towards the heart.

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Be careful

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this is your heart.

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And Come to think of it.

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If you want to do anything,

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the first thing comes in your

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will this is where the beginning takes place.

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Now Quran

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does not refer to brain

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the heart all the time does get enough

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And therefore, Quran says that the shaitaan always attacked

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me was was refused to do

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what is in the salute and I've been attached to the heart

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and therefore it's important that what is in your heart to heart was conceived inside nobody's own soil.

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Unless you explain all you do, what you have got in your in your mind.

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And therefore the effort all efforts

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are made

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to keep the heart sunk.

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Quran the Hadith says in Salah has Allah has just

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defeated the mean. So,

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everything is solid

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then this means

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somebody has to correct it, there has to be a Muslim

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otherwise dead like test here somebody has to

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clean it

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and therefore sufia say and the those who

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chose the path to get those corrected. So that the

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facade is said for example,

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for the first time

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the thought occurs

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in your heart

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to do anything wrong.

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That is the act of shutdown

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because shutdown first time injects something

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and then

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there is a demand from within to do it

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or the demand comes again and again to do it.

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This is the act of your notes.

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But all the shaitaan did sitting in your in your in your master slot.

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But then the demands come as they say in English.

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That is the audience know do the

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putting the honey on the wall

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to put the honey in the wall.

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flavored condoms is

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Then we'll tackle income the government come to the conclusion

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that's why it is important to take our jobs and control those

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people who have gone by the deny that how to train the Napster sort of example

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to get our day in the morning

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very difficult and give you all kinds of

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if you listen to the exclusive access

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and enough unobserved demanding,

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if you oppose it and keep on opposing it a time comes that is completely surmounted and conquered.

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And therefore, it is important that our our knifes

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should be in our control,

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not that we should be in control of the naps

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and if we are under control, then we can not something that we do things wrong can be corrected.

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The last point is that is yes, they may be wrong for men is weak. Sometime it happens

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but that Allah Allah has already given the medicine that you make Toba because I would not do it again.

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taba means with the intention

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orientation do my best to do it

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doesn't matter

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this place kind of thing and therefore it is the same although

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you know mother might need to invent something to do something so not far enough is very maka Wasn't

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she will know that people don't realize

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and therefore we must take care of our naps in such a way as to ask us to do and for that you need help somebody whom you trust that instead This was our, our camp, our camp

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came up

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so in the very famous companions named Angela, he came up

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and then he said

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the worker has a lot of

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focus on what's happening. So when I come out of the company, I was alone, I want to do this

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which is not a requirement which is not the demand but this was comfortable enough to receive an apartment policy as well as a solo company are very good to come out.

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though I also feel like this

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is going to

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turn them off.

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Today I did

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have them

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calm them downs is just not a normal thing. But take care of your nerves in the sense that keep

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reminding yourself that you are a moment and this is what the requirements are inshallah Nothing will happen.

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llama National Academy

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and welcome

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to another

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