Abu Bakr Zoud – These are 4 qualities of poeple who love Allah and are loved by Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses four signs that Someone can see their faith in Allah and that they love them. These signs include being humble towards believers, visiting people with negative behavior, not wanting to admit their own mistakes, and not wanting to admit their own victory. The speaker also discusses the importance of not wanting to admit their victory and the need to be mindful of others' the importance of not wanting to admit their victory and the need to be mindful of others' actions.
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Another form of signs were mentioned in surah almeyda for signs that you love Allah and Allah loves you back Allah azza wa jal, he said in the Quran, yeah Johan livina m&r Many of them in command Dini for Sophia Tiller hobo calm in your head boom or your head buena, Allah azza wa jal, he says, ooh believers, Whoever among you abandons his faith, anyone who leaves his faith.

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Allah will replace them with others,

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other people, people that he loves and they love him.

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And he gave four qualities. So these four qualities are qualities of people who Allah loves and they love Allah Stojan. Number one, if we let in Allah meaning

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they are humble with the believers, Yanni they have manners towards the believers, Allah Akbar, my brothers and sisters in Islam, if you don't have manners among one another,

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then that is not true love for Allah Azza wa ocean. If you love Allah truly, and if you want to know if Allah loves you back number one sign after being Allah azza wa jal is that you are humble towards believers. You are humble towards the believers

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as we let in Alma mini Subhan, Allah

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amor insulting each other, cursing each other, swearing at each other, fighting each other, eating people's money, unlawfully robbing people from their wealth and their families

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transgressing the limits of others. How can you claim that you love Allah and that Allah loves you? If you have filthy manners with your Muslim brothers and sisters all around you no matter where they are. So that's number one. Number two are visiting lol caffeine foam towards the disbelievers.

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You know foam. You must be firm towards the disbelievers. You know, look look I'll give you an example. If someone cursed and insulted your parents, would you love them? If someone cursed and insulted you, would you love them?

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Then how should the case be with when you know someone has insulted Allah and cost Allah

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you must be firm against these people. And you must declare innocence from them and everything they worship. I set in Allen care fee. This is a sign that you love Allah and Allah loves you back of the Latin Allah many are deserted island caffeine, you know, and one of the ways to show firmness towards the disbelievers is to implement your deen correctly and uphold your religion and follow the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala and show the enemy of a law that you implement Allah's law 100% That you don't care about anyone and anyone's opinion and anyone's criticism that's being firm towards the disbelievers. When you implement laws law correctly,

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usually he Don't disobey the law. That's the third sign that proves you love Allah and Allah loves you, that you struggle in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala when she had feasability let is many ways is many forms. One of its forms is to she had she had enough's, to struggle against your own self.

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Right to rise above the temptations, the evil temptations and desires that are within you to give up your sins. Heather, this is the greatest of jihad, you have to knifes because you cannot engage in jihad against the enemy of law. If you haven't done jihad of your own knifes

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if there are sins that you love, and you cannot give up, how are you going to think that you're going to give up your soul feasibility? And it doesn't make sense. This is why you need to understand uj he don't if he sebelah right. So first work on yourself. Fight your evil temptations and desires. Make sure that the love of Allah azza wa jal is above everything else. love Allah more than you love your sins and more than your the attachment you have to your sins and evil desires. Then it only makes sense that such a person can give up his soul FISA vilella Right there is you're here to learn struggling with your wealth. Once again, how do you think that you're able to give up

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your soul FISA vilella If you cannot even do jihad with your money, you're going to give up your soul. If your money in your pocket you cannot give it up and feed the poor and the needy with it. Even she had to learn right and in this she had to hold the pen and write against the enemies of Allah subhanahu wa

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Allah and to spread the deen of Allah has origin. Now this is another form of jihad fair we need to understand you share he doing the feasibility there the main thing is the struggle get out of this comfort zone and struggle and strive in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala do things that are pleasing to Allah azza wa jal spread the deen of Allah azza wa jal and teach the people how to pray, how to fast how to love Allah, how to connect with Allah, how to build their relationship with Allah. And then the fourth quality is well a half Brunello Matala in the fourth sign that Allah loves you and you love him is that they do not see no blame from anyone. Meaning they do not see

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anyone's criticism. So pray in public pray in public. Don't see what people would say.

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A bead at work, keep it don't shave it because of work. That way you feed someone and what he's going to see. But those who love Allah and Allah loves them, they don't see anyone's criticism, and hijab, wear the hijab, wear the niqab and don't feel what society is going to say to don't feel what they're going to say.

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what I have found no Matala,

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Aslan, the fee of other than Allah subhanho Medina is of three types. There is a feat of shirk.

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If you see someone believing that fearing him will benefit you on the Day of Judgment that should a person becomes a gaffer, he left Islam, there is a field that is home. And this is what we're talking about.

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If you leave an obligation out, or you commit a sin out of fee of someone, then that fear is haram. And it decreases a postinstall heed of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then there is the natural fee, such as you feed a dog, if you're a lion. You see these natural normal things right? That's normal, then there is no harm in that now. So that's how fee is these are three times when I have Brunello Metalla him. Don't feel the criticism of people. If you're upon the truth and calling to the truth and doing that which Allah azza wa jal is pleased with. Allahu Akbar. Allah Hoff una Rahmatullah him. So these four qualities is a sign that you love Allah and Allah azza wa jal loves you in

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