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alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Sheila for Gambia evil Mussolini, he was happy

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about Allah subhanaw taala said in his book, for me, Amal makara, doctorate in hiring,

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for my family

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in Shaolin era

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for the Hello, hello, I was

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mentioned and said that on the Day of Judgment,

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whoever does an atom's worth of goods

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will see it, and whoever does an item's worth of evil will also see it.

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What I want to remind myself in you is

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that there is no such thing as no such thing which is too small,

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when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala,

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neither good nor evil.

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The reason I say that

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is because if you look at it,

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and define what is good and what is evil,

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good is that which pleases Alice router, and evil is that which displays the last parameter.

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So, if you look at good and evil, then it is very easy to understand from this description from this definition, that obviously, there cannot be any good or any evil that is too small, because the one whose pleasure is sought and the one whose displeasure is feared, is not small.

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If Allah has done a cover, then whatever is to do with Allah subhanaw taala

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also has to be big, it cannot be considered to be small,

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the issue of good and evil. One of the problems today is that we have easy access to religious knowledge. But because the access has become very easy, we do not pay much attention on the preparation that is required in order to understand religious language, religious knowledge, and that's the reason why sometimes religious knowledge is misinterpreted and is

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misused. And that's why when we look at good and evil, we get

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confused by the definitions of what we call

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70 euro and Korea

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you have to understand that the definitions of what is big and what is small in terms of sins.

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Simply made in order to prescribe punishments. Obviously, one cannot give the same punishment for everything and therefore, some things are classified as being so called smaller or less serious than others. This does not mean that in effect, that deed is less serious. The reader understand this is that

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version, and we don't have to revise this we know that one day this will happen. We will stand with Masada. And when we stand before Allah subhanaw taala.

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And our deeds are put on the scales. The question to ask is that what is the value of that deed on that scale? What is the width of the deed on that scale?

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With an amount of data, when we are looking at a deed and saying that the deed is the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala then

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the question of small and big data analyzed whether there is something that is obvious player or less and less than he does automatically and therefore on the scale it will be heavy. And that is the reason why we have to understand this and ensure that we do the best with regard to our lives. So Monica lamarckian diversity, Laila elantas

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overlaminate angelonia

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introduced himself and said, we're Long live, he

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he is alive,

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who knows?

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Everything about the world which is hidden, the world which is unknown,

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and world which is visible.

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Allah Misha knows,

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knows about the shadow,

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something which is visible

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but also told us

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link between these two worlds

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is at the heart of

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a Venus. The user in Bolivia will

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also have data said that the trials and tribulations, the difficulties,

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the diseases,

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the ailments and illnesses.

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The difficulty goes material,

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physical, emotional spiritual

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trials and tribulations like earthquakes, and tsunamis and floods, and tornadoes and so forth. All of them, the whole facades, every kind of facade has come as become visible,

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just on the land, on the seas, the markers of identity Dinesh because of the deeds

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that come from the hands of people, because of what people do,

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and another ulica, who

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rather lovely,

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thank you.

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So that people will be shown,

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and given a taste of the

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result of such deeds, so that they may have a genuine loss of habitat,

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decisions or loss of habitat which descend from the heavens to the earth,

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descend as a result of the deeds that leave the earth and vice up to the heavens.

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These deeds are good

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and decision

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to the heavens, from the hands of people

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of oppression, deeds of snatching away the rights of people

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in the oppressed people crying out their pain, to their loved one boom, nothing is hidden,

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in the decision that descend from

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decisions of punishment.

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Punishment can take many forms, it can be a general punishment,

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like we like to call the natural calamity can be individual punishment,

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like physical problems, emotional problems, sicknesses, and so forth.

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Cause of both of these, the same which is the deeds of people.

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I want to remind myself and do that, especially when we are going through difficulties in life.

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And anyway, generally,

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it's a very good idea and we know this,

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to keep on examining our lives to see what kinds of deeds are emanating from our hands, and rising up to the heavens.

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Nothing leaves the heavens until something.

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What is in our control is what is the earth but that is what defines what we did the heavens. So therefore, let us look at ourselves and say, what kinds of deeds Am I doing the

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the obedience?

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Or are these deeds that are likely to attract the anger and punishment for

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Muslims and you

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at the end of

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how did I do

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then to make conscious change?