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Karim, Allah,

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Allah whether you are

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us you going to read off the bat when it comes

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what I was hoping when I was

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in shallow Thailand to this club, but I'm going to be talking to you about I am number 257 of swords, which

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is a very powerful and beautiful

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English a lot revolves the entire subject or on one of his things this ayah is it covers many things on the one hand, it covers a difference of contrast between people who believe in people who don't believe. But at the heart of this is really trying to understand one of the ways in which we are related to Elon. One of the relationships we have with the law, for example is he is well, he's the master and we're slaves. Another relationship we have with him as he's called him, and we are asked to please the Creator. And we are the creation.

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Another relationship that we have with a licensed lawyer, I think I love him for odd. He's the teacher, remind them, we're the ones being taught with the students, we have several relationships with a loved one of those relationships is the heart of this item. And that relationship is captured with the word winning a lot when he uses it.

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A lot is the winning of those who believe. Now before I go further, I want to create in the beginning of this hope are some questions in your mind. And hopefully try to address those questions as this progresses.

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One of the things that will and that is of course, the heart of this, this is at the heart of this quote by is the name of God that Allah is our wedding.

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Another name of a lot that is very similar is Mona like when we meet her and topo Donna COVID caffine. As a matter of fact, the word polar comes from the same origin as the word wedding. They're related to each other.

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A lot of xojo calls himself Willie in this ayah and some other ions he calls himself Moana, and there is a difference between them. So the first question that I want to put before you can shut them down and I will try to address is that in this ayah Allah says that he is willing to us and I haven't described what what it means here. But he is willing to us along with you.

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And later on in this ayah he says that those who just believe they also have a bunch of Winnie's the plural of what he is only. So he says what the inner council will do.

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That those who disbelieve they have when he also a bunch of women, a lot of them and they are all called phones. We'll talk about that in a little bit. But the first point I want to make is we have money and they have money. Our money is a lot there when he is out there only our outcomes but we both have one we both have.

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When you go to Select Mohammed

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way later in the Quran. Allah says Daddy, cabbie unknown la

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la moda. Okay, so what is the Buddha? Buddha?

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Allah is the Buddha of those who dispute those who believe Allah is our winning, and he is our Mona

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But then he says, well, under Katharina,

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disbelievers don't have any modem.

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So we have a wedding, and we have a modem. And that's all

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the disbelievers have already. Or they have a lot of Wendy's and they were called the hoods, but they have no odor. They have no motor. So there must be a difference between elite and moolah because the law is both to us. But to confirm or not, the hope is not both to go far, you understand? So we'll have to discover that a little bit. But I'll leave that question simmering in your minds for a little bit for now.

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The second thing I want to mention is that before I talk about the meaning of the word when he

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did not say in this level, but even

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then Allah is when he to those who are the strongest in their faith and what maybe isn't defined as used in the Arabic language is used to suggest people that are solid in their faith. People that have the strongest kind of emotion are called movement. These people are so awesome and don't count on them a lot even before they get to the hospital.

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Even in this dunya he says about them after

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they have already done most of the people that are called motivate have already attained success. They don't even have to wait to get to the author to be successful. They're already successful. Allah does not say this for under the

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under Xena, our Lord are just like you many of you are familiar with the phrase of the idea.

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And then in other words, a broad term, it's not like

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and will be known as the best of the best. These are those strongest believers. And then the other way close anybody who's a believer whether they are strong or weak or even hypocritical, even though profit is included in the phrase, yeah, you know, how do we know that? Someone just says you're

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alone. Those of you who claim to have you know, translated differently. Now, those of you who claim to have him on those of you who have who came to him at one point, may not be there now, but he least had it at one point. How do you Why do you say things you don't do? Why is there a contradiction between your speech and your deeds? No, a true believer is consistent between speech and deeds. But a hypocrite has inconsistency between speech and deeds. He says one thing he does another

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guy you handed in a

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suit to try he says, Those of you who claim to have you, man, what's wrong with you? What is wrong with you? Why will I say what is wrong with you? Can people who have real if you really have any luck, there's nothing wrong with you? What Allah says those of you the larger body, all of you who claim to have you monitor some of them, you've got there's a problem. There's something wrong with you. When you're told march forward in the less path, your feet get stuck in the earth to get planted into the earth, if

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you end up enough

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to be Alesis. Those of you who have you might have you might

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already have you might Why would they be told to have you been? There's something missing in the month of their total victory map? Complete journey map? You know, perfect. The magenta line is messenger. What am I trying to tell you? When you read read the phrase and Athena Armando it is the strongest believers it is the weak believers it is even those who are suffering from elements of hypocrisy, all of them were included. But when you really don't want it to be you,

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it is the best of the best, those who have already attained success even in this life along with me because suppose, having this ayah Allah says,

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Allah is offering this relationship of weed, I tell everybody, you don't have to be the best of the best to have this relationship with us.

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Some of us are good Muslims, we're doing okay. Some of us aren't doing that great. And when Muslims are not doing so great, you think a lot hates them.

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11 doesn't want to be their friend. A lot of us want to have a relationship with them. They've messed up so much in front of a lot. Why would alone to be there for them? Yet online? This ayah tells us that matter of fact, is anybody who entered into Yvonne, any of us who became Muslim, who are Muslim who said that?

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Who said, Well, how about those who lost a loved one, I think it was in this relationship, a lot is available to us. I still haven't translated. I keep calling it Wednesday, and not translating. So it's time we discuss some of its meanings. Here's the most casual meaning of the word buddy. Oh, poor translation of the eye will be the light is the friend of those who lead.

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And that's typically what you find, you find the translation of light is a friend of those who believe the nuance of the Arabic language is that the Quran, for example, uses eight or nine words for friends. So the heavy Luffy in a saline and what he wants to words for friends, and each one of them highlight something else about friendship of all of those words, for example, with the relationship between Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is that of Allah? So he says, What the hell are we running honey then? That's a different kind of friendship. But for us, for us with a love the one that all of us have with a lot these allies with each other. So what does it mean? when even

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the linguist argue the first thing about when you should know is that the word when when the Arabic or other weather in Arabic actually means closeness and approaching when someone is right next to you. Now you have friends that are far from you and you have friends that are close to you. You have friends that you Skype, or you call long distance. You have friends that live in another city. You have friends that live in another country, but a friend that lives next to you that is next to you that spends a lot of time with you. That is accessible to you at any time because they're right there with you all the time. That is one of the meanings of what he is

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What is the law telling us? He's telling us that the relationship he has with us is not a formal relationship. It is a close relationship. It is one in which he is close to us, like Allah says in another place in a way that by the end, it was one of the meanings of wedding. He's offering a kind of friendship in which he is close to us. You might act like you're distant from Allah. But Allah is always close to you.

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You can pretend these far. And that's the other beauty of the word. What do you

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mean, actually, and it's not even Arabic. Anything that sounds funny actually means constant. He's always close to those who have you been? Even those who have been doing bad things. If they make copper right now he'll find a light still there.

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That's why the beauty of the

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Obama Hema knowledgeable law, they were not even looking for love. But if they started looking at my new videos, and they find a big, something over always loving and merciful. They find him in that state, you get us but he's always there, you're looking for him, you'll find them immediately. That's one of the beauties of Woody. They see an Arabic tuber as

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someone who's very close to somebody, but he went away and he's no longer keeping touch. After being so close, he went away This is

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further reinforcing the idea of closeness. from it, you get the verb when you're when you're yelling, you know, so what my uniqa is a nervous tic, what is right next to you.

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You mumble

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mumble where you are in buka. What is right next to you take that, like when you're eating dinner. The plate that is closest to you the dish dish that is closest to you is unique is right next to you. It's accessible to you. What we're learning from that is allies accessible to those who believe this is an accessible kind of friendship. Now there are friendships, for example, you're friends with busy people. You're friends, with a doctor with a surgeon, you're friends with someone who travels a lot, you get their voicemail. They're not accessible to you, hey, when I hang out, Roy, you're busy, I'm busy, I'm busy. I don't have time for you. You have to make special time for them.

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Because they you you can't be they can't be on your schedule, you have to be on their schedule because they're so busy.

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Alone, the white man you couldn't do yeoman's work each and every day, he's involved in something only you can be involved in. He's engaged and occupied in so many tasks, and yet is always accessible to us.

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This part of the meaning of the word when this is what he's offering to those who believe in the love with you. And

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then of course, when he also from you get the verb when not like he couldn't he which has been what he had in the laws of logic says for every person, for every direction, there's someone who faces it, when 911 when you turn your face towards someone when that 80 to one not

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the one that

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when you turn towards someone and you face them, just because someone is close to you doesn't mean they're facing you.

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Sometimes you have people that sit next to you, but they don't talk to you, they ignore you. Like for example, a lot of times in juvenile hall in the slot, there's over a verse next to each other. But you don't want the person next to you. And most of the time, you don't say sit up to them, and you don't have a conversation with them, you just get up and go. So you have closeness, but you didn't face each other. You didn't actually engage each other a lot. And you just leave it at closeness. The part of the meaning of buddy is also someone who faces you and someone who you can face but you don't have to be embarrassed in facing them. And the other is constantly facing in this

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part of this beautiful because on Judgement day there are some people a lot refuses to face then when I deal with Dr. Mati he won't look towards them on judgment day. And Resurrection Day. Now we're learning allies attention is towards us allies actually paying attention to you is not ignoring you. A lot of people feel like allies ignoring them. The word when he tells you allies not ignoring you, along with you that

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this is an invitation is not just to those of you that are making pm Monday every night, or you're praying for God to match to the morning and every night and you're trying to memorize the Quran and you're trying to learn Islam and all of that. This is to all of you that work in an office all day you barely have time, even though it's ignoring and getting lazy with their prayers, even the ones that aren't even learning anything. You're not even teaching their children, even those of you that are ignoring a lot less not ignoring you along with you.

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Then he says what's proof? What is proof that alive and by the way, actually before I get to the rest of the I saw that.

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On the one hand the lies are already I told you in the beginning of this hope others another name Mola know that this meeting is a little bit different. No dynamic actually means

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the rescuer, the one who sell which is the one if you're in trouble, he'll pull you out and it's a molar really the other meaning of money or for example, they say I want

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to take control of something decadent

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Take a hold of something to take control of something. Allah is close to us. He's facing us. He's paying attention to us. And he's ready to help us whenever we need. He has expressed his willingness to help us take over, take over whatever problem we have. But when he becomes himself, I actually shows the intention. Like if a friend is already to another friend, they're accessible, they're close, they're facing them. They don't ignore that. And they say, Listen, if you need help, I got you.

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If you ever need help, can you help me drive, take my car, they expressed, they haven't helped yet, but they've only shown the intention. And know that is different. And Mona is all of those things, plus someone who actually does the help. And

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so when we actually sell images, in other words, you find yourself in trouble. When you find yourself in trouble. You don't need a buddy, you actually when you find yourself in trouble, you need a modem, you don't just need someone who says, Listen, I'll help you. You actually need someone who is helping you, you follow. So when he is the is the potential, the intention and mobilize the practical actually allow helping, you will not actually rescue him. Now,

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the law says allies are awesome. But the coffee well under Catrina No, no, no, no, no.

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There's no one to rescue them. But they have money. They have people that will come to them and say I got you, I got you covered. I'll take care of you when you need, I will back you up when you're in trouble, I'll be there to help you. They can make that guarantee they can make that claim or when time comes to actually protect them. They will only remain with you they will not be able to be with us upon the love. That's only Allah, Allah will give us that guarantee and come through for us also, this is a lot.

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But what's the first proof? What's the biggest evidence that lies? What do you mean? He says you may not even do that he brings these believers out from all shades of darkness and so beautiful how consistently I thought, right? On the one hand, I'm gonna explain to you is a variation of believers and not all the same level, very high believers are under under the

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beard barely holding on to Islam is also from my lineage. They're all men in that category. So Allah says, he pulls them out of multiple darkness into light.

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First of all, there are multiple darknesses outside of his step. Outside of Islam, somebody who was a Christian, somebody was a Jew, somebody was an atheist, somebody who was an agnostic, somebody was a Buddhist, somebody was a Hindu, somebody was a materialist, somebody was dealing with all these kinds of things, and a local people out from all those different kinds of darknesses and brought them to Islam. They didn't all come from the same kind of darkness. They are all different kinds of darkness. But they keep on the same theme they keep on the same road. That's why the lightest singular, not even the newest one light is one thing, but he had different darknesses before. But

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even after Islam, there are multiple darknesses some people are suffering from laziness. Some people have a very short temper. Some people don't pray, they refuse to pray. Some people don't have any knowledge. They don't have any access to knowledge. Some people have different problems. People are doing different some people are earning any money, Muslims are earning money in a homily, in a questionable way. They've got different issues. Some people are not giving fair do an inheritance to their family, when the time to give inheritance comes all kinds of darknesses and Allah says my friendship is there for you, if you turn to me, I will pull you out of all of those darknesses even

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if you're listening, just because your boss It doesn't mean you're out of darkness yet. There's still gonna be shades of darkness, and he's going to pull you out of all of them into light, and that helped mobilize constantly accessible to you. This is

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on the other hand, those who denied him, those who disbelieved those who are ungrateful. And by the way, one of the meanings of Garfield is ungrateful. Those who are grateful, you know what that does the previous ayah What does it do? It makes us say that the fact that Allah is willing to be wanting to you and me, even though we don't show them gratitude, just that offering them the luxuries of Vegas, excessively grateful. And if you don't appreciate that relationship, then the opposite is true. What are the only are

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their friends who offer them protection, who will take care of you, the ones who pay attention to them, the ones who offer closest to them, all the artists, all the artists, the rebellious, all the artists, you know, the ones that want to do outrageous crimes, outrageous bad things. They're the only ones offering them friendship. When you reject a lot. When you deny a lot when you

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Ignoring the offer from a lot to take his friendship, then the other friendship comes along. And the other friendship is the worst kinds of people, the worst kinds of role models that are called follows. And they are represented by the highest forms of rebellion. You know, rebels, you know, whenever you give them a rule, they just they get pleasure in breaking it. You know, there's people do sins in different ways, right? Somebody who just said they do something bad, they feel bad. And there's a who, who does something bad and feels proud.

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They feel proud that they, you know, I did it so well.

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And they take pride in, like a lot of you that a lot of the young people that go to public, in a public school, you'll have guys that, that are proud of, that are proud of the drugs they did, that are proud of the subject somebody, they beat up the pride in that, that or pride that they you know, they had a fake ID and they got some alcohol and the drunk, you're proud of it, they're probably the part they're proud of this stuff. When you take pride in rebellion, that's really

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a lesson. That's the alternative, on the one hand is his friendship. And on the other hand, it's a spiral. And he goes on to very bad state just a little bit before I move further, in this this part of the aisle.

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You know, what he was telling us in this ayah is, on the one hand, there are people who befriended a lot, and they keep getting better and better and better, they keep coming out of one darkness, the next level of darkness, and the left looks a little darkness. So let's talk about ourselves. Maybe we have a lot of problems. But when we attempt to love friendship, it'll help us with one problem. And once we come out of that problem, then he'll identify for us the second problem, and he will elevate us on that one too. You don't become an angel overnight, you don't get rid of all your problems overnight. But maybe he helps you wake up for pleasure. First, you accept this friendship,

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you turn to him and he helps you wake up, you start friends, then he helps you avoid bad things on your own. On on your laptop or on your tablet, you got the strength to do that. You gotta love that, then you give you the strength to even go to the masjid and pray, then you got the strength to do that, then you've got the strength to even cut off some of the bad friendships that you have. You're coming out of darkness and the next darkness and the next darkness in the next darkness, it's going to be stages. This is usually your home a lot. And your life is your life is getting full of light and more light and more light and more like they're coming more and more into the light. Your life

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is getting happier, you're getting plenty more peace in your life, this little life's doing for you. But on the other side when you ignore love. First, it's not the worst crimes. In the beginning. It's a small thing, guys, what's the big deal?

00:22:38--> 00:22:44

Y'all can watch something, but that's hurt anybody, just a couple of days of limited click, what does it matter.

00:22:47--> 00:22:50

And it spirals into a little bit more worse and worse.

00:22:52--> 00:23:16

And worse, until you're only up the people who you hand your matters over to the ones that do things for you. And you do things just like them become the worst, the most rebellious, the most outrageous criminals. But it starts with small cities, you know how the drug abuse they call it the gateway drug. It's like that it's the gateway sin. You start small and then work your way down all the way to becoming public.

00:23:18--> 00:23:22

That's that's the spiral on the other hand, so we have to understand something from this profile. And

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he can only keep people out of light into darkness. You know what that tells us? That there are people that are in the light that are close to a lot that are doing good, they're in the light, but they're still in danger of falling out of that light. Just because we're Muslim. Just because we did good doesn't mean we're guaranteed. They're still good, and he can still pull you just one inch. He just needs to pull you one inch today. One inch tomorrow, one inch The day after. Before you know it, you're miles away from the light. That's what he wants to do. None of us can feel secure. You know whom in annuity, you know how much So how is it that not only the lights going to pull you out

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of the darkness and keep bringing you to the light? How will he keep you in the light. That's why he tells us he's our wedding. He'll protect you. They'll keep you here. You'll always pay attention to you. He won't let you fall off. If you slip a little he'll pull you back in. he'll pull you back in. This is the beautiful relationship we have with a lion. This is

00:24:27--> 00:24:38

an annuity that they keep taking people on a plane into darkness and some people give up on a lot. They were pretty good last year. There's some of you that were amazing. Last year this year you had a bad year.

00:24:39--> 00:24:59

Last year a lot of this horrible person. You just went downhill. You compare yourself to how would you use to pay attention in prayer back when you were in college. And now when you're working and you say man, what happened to me? I used to be so much closer to a lunch This makes so much time and go up. I used to be so much more patient with my parents what's going on with me? Why am I spiraling down

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Words, why am I getting worse and worse and worse and worse. This is because we haven't accepted a less friendship. We have to accept a less friendship is protection. We have to turn to a light acknowledge that he's already. And when we are down in the dumps and we're really in trouble, then we tend to realize our moda and he pulled nobodies beyond hope. Nobody else can say, Okay, I messed up so much. Look at me now. You know, every other relationship was like that. Even parents can become like that, you know that even parents sometimes give up on their children. The mother that give you birth might give up on you. It happens. I've seen it with my own eyes. I've had mothers

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come up to me and say, I don't even want to think of him as my son anymore. And I said, lady, you can think of him as all anything you want. He's still your son. You know? But does she did she take took herself or art because he's done such bad thing? A lot does not do that to you and me. A lot does not give up on us. A lot does not say Oh, look at this one. I taught him so much. I gave him such an opportunity. I made him Muslim. How many people in the world don't even have the blessing of luck. They don't even get to have mercy on their tongues.

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They never got to read one. I'll go on how many people in the world the majority, and I blessed you with that gift and you turn away from me? Even then is your money. As offensive as that is even though he's human.

00:26:26--> 00:26:28

He doesn't give up? What are the what?

00:26:29--> 00:26:29

What are

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we You and I have to learn the lesson here that we should never ever lose, hoping alone. Never lose hope in a less friendship. Never lose hope that allies I was able to pull us out. And that we can become good people. There are some people who give up on themselves and see I'm just a bad person. What can I do? It's genetic.

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What can I do? I'm just a liar. I'm just lazy. This is how I am wrote this whole love Amy Actually, no alum made all of us with a propensity towards good. That's even this is why even bad people and bad people. The ones whose friends are who even they were told what was their starting point, their starting point was new.

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A new class

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in which they will remain. I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite I had these of the profits.

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I did not know this existed. I did not know I actually happen to come across it when I was researching a word and

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I was we should be sitting with inheritance. Right? And the IRA is like, why

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are you doing the IRA is about the good believers moving on the top notch believers who don't just pray they have put you in their salami all the time. I mean, seriously. The ones who are constantly cleansing themselves, the ones who just do awesome things. They do amazing things. And at the end of it, we're not a government body.

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These are the people who will inherit

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the highest gender. And I read that passage and I say, Man, these people get the highest gender.

00:28:19--> 00:28:26

I mean, that's a pretty, pretty high set of accomplishments to get the highest gender. What am I even mean?

00:28:29--> 00:28:32

For those people are pretty high caliber. So I'm looking up the word

00:28:37--> 00:28:46

was so shocked. I thought it must not be authentic. And it will be true. When you ask a couple of hundreds or even for real like

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this. Yeah, of course.

00:28:49--> 00:28:52

I can't believe I never heard this before. The Messenger of Allah tells us

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that a lot of created a house in those houses, right? It's not just any gender, it is the highest gender, a lot created a house and a family in us. And those are every human being on the earth. Every child of Muslim, non Muslim, Christian, Jewish, atheist, you name it, every one of them was given a houseware not just anywhere in Canada in and Windows. And then when the believers make it to Geneva, they will see that a lot of homes are empty.

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There are a lot of homes empty, because a lot had made a house for them. It was already made. It was already made and their families were waiting for them. They were waiting for them and they just didn't want to take the offer. They didn't want it and then those empty rooms will be given to the believers in inheritance and that's that

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

they're gonna inherit those homes that were made for all of humanity. What does that tell us? Not just the believers

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

Allah is even hopeful that all of humanity, a lot expects so much from every human being to make it degenerate. He built in the house matches even in the lowest level of gender in the highest level agenda. How can you and I say about ourselves? I'm just messed up, I can't allow things to you are so awesome. You can earn the highest level of tender. Why would you go to a house there?

00:30:22--> 00:30:23

Why would he do that?

00:30:24--> 00:30:36

He will only do that because he thinks you can easily he knows you can do it. I can do it. I can get it. That's why he built that house. I pray a lot of people have hope. And then people of accomplishment

00:30:38--> 00:30:57

accepts us all of us as his lady and that we take advantage of this powerful relationship that we have with him. I pray that a lot of it helps us strengthen our relationship with him as the days go by. And when those days come when we fall into weakness and fall into mistakes that pulls out those darknesses and bring us back into the light Monique along

00:30:59--> 00:31:00

with a fine you