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in Amarillo, salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Mandela said, What

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is the hoonah tsaatan? Well, I stopped him, unless I said when the time of death comes, it cannot be brought forward by a PSA or delayed by PSA by any measure of time neither by an hour away a second or a minute, the time of death comes

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when the time of the death comes, lie ista hironaka cannot be delayed by a PSA while is stopped the war cannot be brought forward by our

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brothers and sisters, I would like to remind myself a new that Allah subhanho wa Taala when He created us,

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he did it completely meaning that He created us and in and part of that creation, he also established the time of

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the duration for which we will remain on the earth

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that is part of creation, part of creation, if you are creating some things to see how long will this take,

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what is the expiry date of this thing? We call it expiry date okay? Remember again, even something expired medicine expired means what

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last mantra created us completely. And part of that completeness of creation was to establish how long we would remain on this earth.

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So, the first thing for us to understand especially when we face the death of a loved one is that when he was born, his date of death was established.

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For some it is a few years for others it is a long life, irrespective of that, whether somebody dies at 10 or 20 or 200 or 10,001 day he or she will die. There is no escape from this or is it as Aloha, la esta Corona Sato.

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So, when somebody dies, naturally because we love them, we feel sadness. And this sadness is from the Rama follows Renata

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and also lies Allah his own son died.

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He was holding the baby in his arms and tears are falling from his eyes. And one of the zabo was very sad. yaroslava even your solar cell film said the tears are a sign of the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that Rama is in your heart. And he said if you have no tears, then it means that I fear for you that you have no ram on your heart.

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Second thing is with regard to death is Allah Allah said that when any of you faces calamity, remember that the greatest calamity that you could ever have faced has already happened. And that is my death.

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The death of enemies Allah Allah Salam is the biggest and greatest calamity that this oma could ever have faced, collectively or individually. Unfortunately, we don't understand who the enemies we don't understand the meaning of an award, we do not understand what is the loss. So we feel that the death of my father or my mother or my son or my daughter, is a bigger calamities and then the reversal of this ama is to say my parents we sacrificed our heroes of Allah.

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Meaning what meaning of my old family dies, it does not matter. But May Allah Subhana Allah keep you safe.

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The story of

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the Sahaba among the Sahaba, the lady

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in the battle Awad when the rumor happened, the Nabi sallallahu alayhi. Salam had passed away. She loved mother and she went running.

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And somebody met her on the way and he said, Where are you going? She said, What is the situation was Rasool Allah Allah? He said, I do not know that but I just know that your father just died in this jihad. He was Shaheed in the chat. She's around Hungary law, how is nebbish Allah Allah said, she said that he said, I do not know he went further.

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And they said, same question was asked by another person.

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And he said, Your brother has died in this in this in this battle.

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And Jesus that does not matter, hunger Allah, Allah gave him Shahada. How is nothing Allah Allah, Allah, Allah

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and father and he said your husband died in his death?

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He said 100 Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala Uganda but how is Nevis Allah Allah Allah

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is that we do not know. And you and father somebody who has a son has been Jade he has been killed in this battery

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Under the law, how is the reseller license

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and finally when he is on a visa lottery that was allergies are unreliable are we Arizona you are okay.

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What was this just well what was this feeling in that?

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Did you not did this lady not lover father or son or husband? No.

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And this is a story of the sister of Abdullah when Raja Ravi olana

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was one of the greats I have often visited archives and

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they understood the meaning of the, for them a calamity meant a calamity. Indeed, a calamity meant the calamity in human calamity meant a calamity that's what the troubles are. Well, Salah is the greatest calamity.

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Why did Allah subhanaw taala make it happen?

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so that we understand and this is the famous story at the time of the passing of

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what was the reaction was isn't our

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turn our reaction but the lanos reaction was the reaction of your love which blinds you to everything. He said now visa Allah Allah Allah. Allah has gotten to meet his rap like Musa went to meet his rap. He has not died. If somebody says that the Prophet is dead, I will separate it from his body.

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He was walking up and down to the masjid was a drunk short, he said, If anyone says that I will chop it.

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Now what was the situation with our guest, de la

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de la Crescenta, whether or not did not love Love is Allah Allah who loved

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more than avoca.

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And who did varicella kind of love more than

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he was in the house of his wife who lived outside Medina.

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Just that morning, he had taken permission to go, because there is a law that they looked well.

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So he took permission. He said, Well, I have not seen her for so many days, I have to go there. So if you permit me, I will go he said you go.

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He went, and then he was there he got the news.

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So he wrote back on his horse.

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So that the law says he came straight into the into the room.

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He saw his alum lying on the bed, he had passed away. Our Casa de la who kissed him on his forehead.

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And he said you are as beautiful in depth as you were in life.

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And then he went outside

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and in the masjid. Omar is walking up enough.

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And people have said that I was one of the last one disallows and he cried and cried and refused to leave the house

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that are in a state of shock.

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How long has it been construed as a member?

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And is that those of you who worship Mohammed Salah Allah, Allah Allah know that Muhammad is dead.

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And those of you who worship Allah know that never dies.

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and does not have a left arm or advocate all against the law.

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What was it that made our physical galanos make the statement and says

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he said when I heard this statement, Robert Garcia Delano my legs lost their strength he said I fell down he literally collapsed

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within the reality struck him

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and he said well I

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recited the air from the hora

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if my enemy is killed or he dies, will you turn away from Islam? He decided is Africa. And then our Villa was happy. He said it is as if by her desire for the first time.

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He said it was for me as if I had never heard this as long

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as you were getting it for the first time reality

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and that is a reality or is that a jello last

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reality is that we have to meet Allah

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let us think about this he made a draft for somebody. If I asked you to make draft for me

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or you asked me to make draft for you for our hobby now what do I really mean? roseola May his hobby was

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what is the meaning of it? Ola may not be on the map may not be the right up here. There is hot reviews right Mr. So that you forgive him may be as a Shahid visibilty law. Yes. We will make this up on me and I will make gela

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So now if I get that, right you can

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you might get what you asked for me.

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Why is that?

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being sad emotionally Yes, I agree. We love somebody. Angela is the person passed away. We are sad.

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sadness to the extent where now we are losing our own you know mental equilibrium.

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And you know, why did this happen?

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Why did this happen?

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This has to happen, but this has dropped there is no way that this will not happen.

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So, that has come back, what what has algorithmic

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his knowledge told him that this is going to happen Allah subhanho wa Taala said that this will happen

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and life has to continue.

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And is not the end of the world even though it's the biggest calamity Why is it Why is the death of the biggest calamity bigger than the death of my son, your son, my mother, your mother, my father, your father, why? Because the ye of Allah subhanaw taala stopped,

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is known to be after this Allah.

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The God the connection with Allah has a direct connection with Allah subhanaw taala zabba would ask the question Allah would answer this stopped

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him. So let us deal with calamity with knowledge. hamdulillah so what do we do when a loved one passes away?

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We say Alhamdulillah

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Allah we are content with what you have decreed. Because Allah subhanaw taala said he will do this one and I will one Lacombe je mineral Kofi well, Jerry we're not seminal, I'm worthy. Well, I'm Tara. Well, I see this Avi Allah de nada sobre todo Tomasi bottle carlu in de la he were in la de la Jo. Ooh, la, la sala de Mirage in LA. But with a humble Moton. And last year were really and truly we will test you with how franjo with fear and and hunger. One of them is alcohol with loss in your business and in your wealth. What unfortunate Samarra with loss in yourself meaning with disease and pain and suffering what camara and with death and pain and suffering in your children and in your

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family. You will just deal with all these things. While Bashir is sovereignty, and the good news and the Bashara is for the people who have suffered what is evil is that God will not allow you in a ledger are you and then Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah sent Salah on those people and Rama on those people

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darwaza Mira beaver Amma Elijah Wood Moto, Dona, these are greatly guided people.

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I find myself I knew that when a child dies, it is a great pain. It's a great test. But the test is our hamdulillah it was Al Hamdulillah. And this does not prevent you from crying. And so of course we have to be this is our emotion so hot and by all means feel really bad.

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Have some

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cassava contain a letter in there. And then be sure and content with the fact that Allah subhanaw taala sending you rahama on you. Ally sending is Salam on you. And Allah subhanaw taala said that you are the rightly guided person, which Allah Allah said, when a child dies,

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and the Malaika come to Allah Subhana Allah Allah subhanaw taala said, How did you find my slave, the father or the mother of the child, and the Malaga cerebellum in the US, your slave was sad. And they were crying, but they had supper, and they were not complaining. And they said, this is the color of our up.

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Allah says then in that case, what else can I give them other agenda.

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The child had to die, the child died at his correct time, at the time at which he was destined to die. But a hamdulillah the child died with Yvonne, a child died in sha Allah with the correct data on Islam. And the child died in sha Allah as his visa medialab because the way in which the child died is one of the ways that also known as an incentive by if any of my own might die in these ways, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will count among the Shahada.

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So, this was your this was your own door, that may my children die with the man and May my children die as a visa will have been accepted your law at the time at which the child was to die anyway, whether this does happen at the age of 20 or the age of 80, or the age of 2000 makes no difference.

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It is the same thing. But hamdulillah so do I was accepted and your child dies in the state? Of course you feel sad, but we also behave with suffer.

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And we do not unnecessarily confuse ourselves as they Why did this happen and this and that. lalala what a level? No, no and if any countries amarilla this was to happen it will happen at this correct time. It happened our hunger Li in the right way. So we behave with server and Allah knows that then send Salam on us and I'd love to have that insha Allah will give a gender for this and inshallah your child is already done in sha Allah Medina because we do not make pronunciation

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Not because the signs are there. And because there is a lot of absurdities, we say inshallah, Allah subhanaw taala given

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to Alhambra reliability, I remind myself I knew that there is a way to deal with grief. And this is the way to deal with grief in which case then what happens is that our own life then continues Alhamdulillah as well as we understand the reality of the situation. We ask a lot of our data to give support to the parents and to the whole family. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for them. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to remind them that one day we all have to go and a hamdulillah their son went in a good state and inshallah he is in Ghana, and he will be in Ghana, and that allows Ramadan inshallah Allah count him with the Shahada May Allah subhanaw taala give him

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Jonathan for those who are really SAP and Bella. Bella include us all in this was Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was heavy, his main