Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Death

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of not being able to handle data in the Quran and the importance of staying up during difficult times. They also emphasize the value of privacy and safety in relation to Islam, as well as the importance of not knocking on anyone's door and not causing harm. The speakers emphasize the importance of remembering the Islam's teachings and learning to live in a state of forgetfulness, and urge individuals to use the opportunity to earn money and not just focus on money.
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In the family law we set out to

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do while early he was every woman whether

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a mother

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doesn't handle data mentioned in the Quran. Hola, como la como de la Mattila de Ville, Kayla welcome Samira.

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As Rhonda said, say to them, that malaco mouth has been set upon the head, and he will extract their souls and they will come to their up they will be brought to their up.

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Now, the issue and of course, you know, the head is unresolved, Solomon said the most intelligent Who is the one who remembers his death more often.

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The question I asked myself and asked you to ask yourself is in the last 24 hours? How many times did you remember your death?

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In the last 24 hours? How many times did you remember your depth?

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How many times did you ask yourself?

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Remind yourself that I will die?

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How many times the last 24 hours? Did you sit? And think about what will happen to you at the time you are dying?

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In the last 24 hours? How many times do you think you sit and think about what will happen to you when you are putting your cover?

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What will go with you and what will not go with you?

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In the last 24 hours? Did you take stock of your time? and say how many of those 24 hours did I spend in doing things which would which will go with me into my house and how many of those 24 hours were spent in doing things which have absolutely no value or which actually have negative value? Which is that they will actually cause problems for me Michael?

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Did we take stock? Did we do this? If we did not do that? Then what should we do about this? I have the

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the because Allah vandalising reminding us, like

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Allah does remind us to say, what is it that you have done in the last 24 hours.

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The reason I'm saying today and reminding myself a new is because we spend time on things which we consider to be important.

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We spend energy, we spend money, we are willing to put up with hardship. We are willing to stay up in the night. We are willing to travel long distances, we are willing to go without food and without water at the right time. All of this we are willing to do four things which we consider to be important.

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If I tell you for example, that

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I want you

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to pray continuously without stopping

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from 11 o'clock in the night to three o'clock in the night every day.

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Will you do it?

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No matter how much you love me or no matter how much you fear me, will you do it? But you will know and I know that in the bps of our city here. There are people who are doing it every day.

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There are people who are doing it every day. There are Muslims who are taking calls and who are on conference calls and who are answering questions about credit cards and lost cars and god knows what. From 11

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in the night, to three in the morning

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and then continuously and after that. They come home and they go to sleep and they don't remember

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they do not press another button.

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And they don't do this on one day because they fell asleep they do this every day.

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And if you ask them and it was their family unit say No How is it your son or your daughter or somebody sleeping at the time of Rutherford It is an honor Don't disturb BJ which it would be Jaya which are about 13 by

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the way as a compositor as Nina mozzie.

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Why there is no problem with that person having worked in three o'clock in the morning.

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But there is a problem if you wake them up.

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Why? Because they are seeing the value of a few rubies earning

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in that job.

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But they do not see the value of some of the prizes.

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Forget about being being bred in the multi which is where it is supposed to be bred even at home.

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There is no value for that. There is no value for what Nabi sallallahu Sallam said when he said what he said by Nana obey no masala woman.

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Guevara he said the

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Difference between them and us in society Sarah, and the one who deliberately leaves it and the one who leaves a Sarah has committed covariance, because

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we have no value for the word of

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one can understand one day who fell asleep,

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but it is it happens.

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So what is to visit?

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And you know, and I know that if you had worked 3am and if one of your American clients or UK clients or somebody had scheduled a conference call at 5am you would have kept an alarm clock and you would have woken up at 5am again to answer that particular conference call.

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But Allah subhanaw taala margin says, Hey, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, there's no problem with it, we ignore it.

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Because we see no value in that we spend time and money and energy on that which we see value in.

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And that's why I remind myself I remind you, where do we see value? My brother's sister is not it's not a funny thing. It's not a question of, you know, answering me You are an answer, we will answer I will also answer Allah.

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And we cannot live our lives in a state of offline in a state of forgetfulness.

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saying one thing with our tongues and doing something else that's why I was rather than demotic una vida de Prado,

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Amano lamotta una vida de novo believe it was a thing which you don't do

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is I'm Muslim, and I'm the local Muslim. So what is that Muslim Muslims pray? Very good. But I don't pray. So what kind of Muslim is this?

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Today we are seeing value

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only in money, no matter how it is earned. And that is why nobody has any problem with their sons or their daughters going to work or our hours of the days and the nights. There's no problem with that the daughter is alone in the in the office, working a night shift. And if you ask the passengers in a boat, I tend to have a very nice

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and she's very safe and so on so forth. There is a What is your standard of safety?

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What is your standard of safety?

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Because you single girl alone in the middle of a whole bunch of non married people, according to Islam is not safe.

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So how can you say she's safe?

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Which center of safety is is not is not the Islamic standard of safety? How come you you create a new standard of safety? Where is

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the video that we don't need is religion. Why do you need Let's follow your religion whatever you have invented, we don't need this religion.

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No problem. Why? Because she is earning some money.

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Because she's earning some money.

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And only Allah protects because there are so many cases where

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the inevitable happens.

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I don't want to sit here and describe what that is. I'm sure all of the all of us understand.

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The point is why do we do that? Because we see value in that money.

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We don't realize our logic

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we see the company or whatever it is as the logic

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and we

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therefore allow for ourselves things which Islam has prohibited us from doing.

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But the same thing you ask and you say well, what about salah

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and I'm saying Salah because that is the first step there is what is the sense in talking about anything else, when Salah itself is not guaranteed. There are many other things to talk about we spoken about is not only Salah,

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but we have to go step by step is the first step itself is not that

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you do not praise Allah, then it doesn't matter whatever else you are doing, because your Salah has taken a lot of Islam, you're not praying the law has the motive of Islam anyway.

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So what about this fella who is also great, you want to stay up all night to talk

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to some American client or British client or whichever client about this or that the other matters of dunya.

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But when the time comes, we're presence of our brains, rather fast asleep.

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We don't see we don't pray.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to remind us and to help us to remember our debts and to do that which is beneficial for us. Because the day will come when we will recall all of these things but the point is around that day to recall all of this is of no use because nothing can be done.

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The key is to do it now because Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has given us life and this is the biggest blessing of Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given us life. That is why we can do things Alhamdulillah has given us life is given a help is given the opportunity is given of an eagerness to opportunity to worship Him is given as a nice place to do that and so on and so forth. So let us make full use of this opportunity and earn those

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Things which will go with us into our color

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and not make that bargain where we sell our Acura for the sake of a few rupees or a few dollars in this dunya

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was Allah Allah Allah will carry while it was five years ago.

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