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The speaker discusses the concept of " claiming to be a good person" and how it can lead to problems in one's life. They explain that people may not always remember certain moments or events and that certain moments can be lost or deleted from memory. The speaker also mentions the importance of living according to mapna culture and how it can lead to blessing in one's life.

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Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, that has meant

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that there was a line when view on something which was not even mentioned.

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This whenever we think of our loads, we tend to

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even if you don't say it, we tend to act as if the sun is rising only because we are here

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and the sun is setting only because we are here and that his whole world is running only because we are

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Allah, reminding us and saying that no matter how much of power you have, no matter how much of authority you think you have, you are something which is not even worthy of mention. And there was a time when you are not even mentioned. And if you think about it ourselves, even after we were born,

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forget about before being born even after you were born. And this we were actually given a name.

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If a new one child dies, what do you see who died

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just so and so's child died

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there's only

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after being born after a few days before the attack or whatever, even if the child dies, then he just says once a child died, he does not even have a name although it was born it existed.

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And so, also after we we die, no matter how long we live, after we die, I have seen generally two kinds of things.

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If you are a good person

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and people loved you very much. And by your death, if there was your family and so on they were very upset in the children and the wife It was a very sad and is to cry, people will not mention you in front of them

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because there was a female if you take them lightly, but if you take them as children with Ruby's, so they will not mention your name. And if you are a bad person, they won't mention him anyway.

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So whether you are a good person or a bad person, your name was deleted from the memory.

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So hello, except for those who choose to do the work on the winners. Because then their name will be mentioned because they will there is one so

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that you can discard that column Other than that, if you are a good person you are not mentioned because it will cause it to the EFT or near and dear ones. And if you are not a good person you're not mentioned.

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So before we were born, or even after we were one for some time, we have no existence.

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And the minute our eyes close

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again, to me of Santa Monica,

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I remind myself and you that therefore

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between the time you are born and the time you die

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in you go to Christian graveyards, in our

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in our mobile we are not permitted to build any structure and so on. But if you go to a Christian graveyard, you will find there is a date of birth born so and so. And then there is a tax and then date of death dates on so you know what that that is? That that is your entire life.

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That that is your entire life.

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on this date for me one 20th of October 1955 that's died, whatever the date, that death is my entire life.

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What do you and I want to put in this class

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because it does not matter when we were born. It does not matter when we die. What matters is how we live this life.

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And that's why this rather reminds us

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that don't think you are so powerful and so great and so on.

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Remember there was a time when you were not even mentioned

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and remember a time will come when you will no longer be mentioned.

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So this time when we have

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some random ability to do something that has tried to use that in order to please others

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and not without service. And

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to show that that if you live this life according to the

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It is a very beautiful

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if you are passing another and if you eat

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So hold on the right time and then you have thought at the right time and if you read it in reasonable quantities, the whole day goes very nicely. The digestion is good, you don't feel drowsy, you don't feel sleepy nothing.

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But nowadays when you overeat and you

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just dampen that down

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after eating after that you can read all night because there is activity and you know, eating too much or biryani or whatever.

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When we live our lives according to our own maps, it not only is a cause of problem in the academics because the problem here right

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but when we live our life according to the

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inshallah, it is a source of grace and blessing in this area and of course, inshallah, source of forgiveness and visit India

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getting what it was