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he was having a

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lot of adolescents autograph,

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which is, which is most apt to recite and read today on demand

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is rather a zip code is

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a bunch

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of insha.

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Allah does it say that you are

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100 Jaffa lumen, the one who wants to believe that Emily, one share a polyp for someone who wants to deny it and

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love it in other than olive oil in an hour and a half.

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And doesn't realize there are consequences. The consequence of denying Allah subhanaw taala of cover is the fact

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I remind myself a new

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vein is about living consciously

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about living consciously about living

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with an intention, not living accidentally,

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not of just existing and being a life

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of breathing air, and eating food. And sleeping and waking up, then is about living consciously and living in such a way that every moment of our lives goes in fulfilling the purpose for which we have been created.

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And that is

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that there is no compulsion and then somebody wants to follow welcome. We don't want to follow welcome. But freedom of choice does not mean that the choice is free.

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The big mistake that people make the free work, absolutely no problem no doubt, it's a free one, what is the meaning of free work? It means that we are free to choose does not mean the choice is free, we are free to choose, but every choice has a price tag

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the ability to have anything we want, but every choice there is a consequence there is a price tag, there is a result that will happen as a result as a consequence of making that choice or making the choice and that is the reason why is that is wireless data centers column that as well as referral center Zambia.

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So that people are made aware of the consequences of choices.

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The purpose of the MBR coming is so that people are made aware of the consequences of the choices and the I did not come from Eileen which are baralacha data that you are not being sent as a as somebody to compel them to do this or that No.

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But what was in Abby's show the choice, if you do this, it will lead to this one. If you choose this one, it will lead to something else.

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And then the person is free to choose. So I remind myself that we have to consciously live our lives, consciously choose. If we choose to sleep, there is a consequence if you choose to wake up there is a consequence if we chose to speak something there is a consequence. If you choose to keep silent at a time when you should be saying something, there is a consequence.

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The greatest injustice is to remain silent in the face of injustice in the face of oppression. And the peak of human azolla comes at the peak of the man. Absolutely the pinnacle is to speak the truth before utterance

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without fail.

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So for everything there is a consequence. And that is the reason why it is very important for us to continuously take stock of our lives and continuously try to live our lives in a way which will be beneficial for us both in the dunya as well as the athlete to live consciously, to live thoughtfully and not to live accidentally and not to live unconsciously. That can allow parents who are at the lower end

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of alarm