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I want to close by two things.

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One by saying to you

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that how can you love someone unless you know them?

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And therefore my brothers and sisters make effort to know a lot.

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And what is the best way of knowing Allah?

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The best way of knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala is to read Allah subhanho wa Taala his introduction about himself.

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Because nobody can describe Allah better than Allah describes

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the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala as the most powerful word there is no word which is more powerful than other than his word.

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And therefore

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read what Allah subhanaw taala said about himself in the Quran and reflect on every single word of what you are reading.

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Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah Allah

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the one we love.

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Be the name

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shame in real me he

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was the CO CEO

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one low

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sobre la

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usury mo

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lasma was Na

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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last summer that led me

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while I'm here

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this is

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reflect on every word of what is it?

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And then that tomorrow which is sure will become real.

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Today Why do we plan for tomorrow which never comes? Because that is the tomato we talk about all the time.

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And the more you talk about something, the more that thing becomes real and why is it that even though it is our Yaki even though it is our EMA and that there is a tomorrow which is definite which is the younger era and which is the agenda which comes after that inshallah. Why is it that we still don't work for it even though we know this because we don't talk about it.