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Alhamdulillah an open alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala philomela even one city not only he was happy as of yesterday, we spoke about sort of the Lancer

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swears by himself by time. They say well, actually that insanity possible.

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And we talked about the importance of reflection and seeing where we stand with respect to the statement, are we in a state of loss? And I mentioned how it's important to think of yourself as a person individually. It's not about all of Infineon it's about you and me personally.

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And Allah grant Allah put the condition and said he lives in an environmental study. And we said the people who have except for the people who have the land and the people who do good deeds and richer in the good deeds, the importance of Salah Today we will be look at the other two aspects one by one so we'll have our service Saba a loss rather

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and the people who invite towards the truth right towards the loss

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and the people who have suffered and patients, when conditions come as a consequence of inviting towards that. So what is this business of inviting towards Allah subhanaw taala What is the meaning of Dharma, Dharma consists of three things, three very important things that will reveal the will

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and standing before Allah Subhana Allah and the night and crying and asking for it and for the people to whom Tao has been given. Today we live in a world where we do everything partial. And so although is done

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and in what has become today the norm is to do the will

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to do which is Dharma by speaking almost exclusively, we do not concentrate on our own.

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In Napoleon as a viewer, this

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is your o'clock

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and that is our we'll do our starts with o'clock. Please understand this very clearly. That we'll start with o'clock.

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Your o'clock and my o'clock have to be such that people must be attracted to us. Unfortunately, today, the situation the Muslims is that our classes are so bad that people run away from us,

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our mamilla of deceit.

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Amami lads are full of deceit, they're full of lies and cheating. Muslims are known for bad quality, if you want something to be done badly even

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if you want somebody to be late, due to a Muslim, if you want to know which function will absolutely definitely be late. It is a function, which is an Islamic function.

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our, our marvelous, we live with Jews, we grab other people's stuff, we take things rather people which do not belong to us and so on.

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Our watchers, our society, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever in our watchers and the masses of the people who do not have Islam, no difference whatsoever. We are highly materialistic, we are highly greedy.

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We rise and fall based on our possession.

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And as far as our dealings with people are concerned, people run away from us, we

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had to send down the column Allah subhanaw taala had to send out orders to say to people leave him alone.

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If you invite you for a meal in the middle go, he has a private life led by Leave me alone for some time, give him some space.

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So simple as that guys

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do not stick to him the whole time

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that our bill comes before everything else, we have to develop a plan where people are attracted to us remember

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conversion or reverse liberal Islam before that comes the step of curiosity. People have become curious about Islam, nobody is curious about something that they fear. Nobody is curious about something that they dislike, people are curious about what they like. So, therefore, are we certain that we attract people towards us then then how is it that you are like this, how is it that in the in the face of this is there is no sign of hardship on your face? There is no worry on your face, how is it that in the state of loss you are not crying and weeping? How is it that when the stock exchange rate has fallen by so much you are not jumping from the top

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quintile questions will be then you present our bill lol.

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He said I know this because we know that this jr is going to end and the accurate is what is important.

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And in the world who sadly had a loved one Maroon or Green Apple has

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not bothered because these children and this wealth is only what is the natural limit anyway.

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I'm worried about my Amal because my Amara Amano San Jose, who is Allah?

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Who is Allah?

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Question will come, the bill comes second after the hour will read. And the third aspect of the hour, which they almost never do, is what they used to do in the nights. They would stand in a night and weep and cry the warlock rhinos Allah for the desires of the people that they spoke to during the day.

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We have forgotten this completely.

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We did now as it purely is my job to go and dump and go away.

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Whereas they have to understand it's not your job. It's your job to present it in such a way that the person accepts it.

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And there is a beautiful story of who was

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in the abattoir, wherever Hassan

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was going to die,

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which is known as the logic of money.

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At one point they can remember, in this particular house where he is the commander in chief of the army, there are more than 10,000 troops, well armed and everything else they can do nobody calibrating

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and also does another

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language called Iran.

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Now in this place where they were camped, and during this, there were a lot of new converts from the brush. Who had done this as well, because this is the art of hatanaka. So these people were never without, without anything, they just became Muslim, and they were with the army.

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So there were a bunch of young, noble, noble, young young people. When they're

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gone India, one of them started making fun of VLANs

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and the others were joining him in that fun and they were laughing at them.

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When the unfinished restaurant This is a golden

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but they got very frightened because this is now what happened because he's got his bodyguard. He is the commander in chief of the army. Now what happens? So it was a game they had no choice because the soldiers went to get them they called them.

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He asked them to sit on the sat in front of him. Then he said Which one of you was making fun of villains?

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No, he knows who it is one so there's no hiding from this one so so is it come close.

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And that man thought now when I come close, he's going to signal to somebody and they chop my head.

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He said come close, he came and let

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this hour

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Shall I teach you how to make the other

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repeat after me.

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And then he says a lot of work about the law of

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law the mandates.

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So the law the man repeats this twice.

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Demand repeats

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demanded it's a law, the law of

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demand repeats.

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Law demands

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that you understood the other nice areas.

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Then the

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three hour block helps

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the masses yearn to be alive.

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Below bullets in your wall when in Medina

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it may or may not

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make your house a buck.

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You are my mother.

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And the people that the people have written the Sierra that is man died almost under the age of 100 years.

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And lucky to have a long life.

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And they said every dollar he used to come to us to make our us to break through rocket and then he would call them

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separately everyone

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has even

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this is our This is our that was not to go and shout and scream and dump a day.

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enter Islam otherwise was born in the Hellfire whatever you will prefer to one that was enter your kind of Islam where you are going to be accompanied by an agenda for him if you are recombined in in general has not done

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dolla with our actions and behavior then Tao we'll call that our with our speech and then standing in the right and crying before our last route and this is what I was obese with.

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And then of course if the conditions come, whatever we suffer we'll talk about that tomorrow, or Salalah harana will curry body was happy as vendor article