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The responsibility of accepting hateful claims is recognized by the title "The responsibility of accepting hateful claims." The responsibility is recognized by the title "The responsibility of accepting hateful claims." The success of Islam is highlighted, including the belief that it is a responsibility and the importance of following the callimachus Allah. The speaker emphasizes the need to not disobey Islam's actions and allow others to interfere with their own success.

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Nelson Mandela salatu salam ala Mia. While earlier he was happy he

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went bad

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to continue with the creed with the Agatha

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Kalamata de

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la la la la

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Welcome to the second part of the Kadima sharwanand mother Rasulullah.

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The responsibility of accepting this glimmer of saying I shall one know how mothers are advised to say that I bear witness that also advised Allah Allah Allah Who

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is the Messenger of Allah is the Rasul of Allah.

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And we say this, we are also saying and accepting that

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Salaam in the last and final messenger of Allah, that after him there is no way after him, there is no message after him, there is no GitHub.

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It is part of the courage it is part of the Muslim to believe this, if someone believes that anyone after Nagisa Lalu Salaam received revelation, that somebody after so docile asylum continued to receive more hate,

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whatever the form it might be, for example, somebody might say, Well, you know, so and so,

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did not say he receives the heat, but he said that Allah subhanaw taala made Ill hand to him, and directly Allah put something in his heart. And therefore, he claimed this and that, for example, there are people who

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follow Rama qadiani and they claim that qadiani is a profit after service.

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And of course, we deny that and we say that their claim is false, and that they any or anyone who believes that is covered and that he is not a Muslim. Similarly, there are people who believe that a person by the name of said mama john booty

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also received what he, some people say hey, some people say lamb, but he claims and we have from his own writings and from his, from the people who teach his religion that he received

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revelation from Allah.

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Allah grace and quality will have what they say he received revelation from Allah and Allah said that He is the God and that he is equal to reform, in rank, and in every aspect, that he and I are equal. And that to follow him is to follow Allah and to deny him is to deny Allah and therefore a moment and Muslim can be only somebody who follows a Ramadan booty. And if someone does not follow their journey, then the person who is not a Muslim and he claims and he starts a new form of Nevada, and he says on the 27th of Ramadan, you have to pay to rock out of salah and this type of Salah he has been inspired and where he can blame a lamp came to him from Allah to say that 27th of Ramadan

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is ricotta and therefore he has to break out of salah and they do that in their diary or of this is for all of this is exit from Islam, all of this is false, all of this is lies because these people are saying something which is against the Quran and Sunnah.

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And Mohammed Rasulullah we deny all of this, we say we say that was a lie is a lie. It was I will say lamb is the only one and the last one, not the only one but the last one, we will then we are before him also received a letrozole is nslm is the last person who received a from Allah subhanho wa Taala in a form that Allah subhanho wa Taala was pleased with the way that he received was, which came from Allah subhanaw taala in a form that is almost 100 whatever the form was, in different ways, and as well as our way and the way he ended with me sort of thing. Therefore, he is the soul of Allah. He is also the last sort of Allah, He is clad in his heart immortal soul, there is no

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other way after him, he is allowed to be a buddy, when I'm at a bar Doc, there is no other way after me and there is no mud after you and inshallah that is our agenda. And we do not believe anything else. If somebody claims anything other than this, then we deny that person and we deny that claim. And we refuse it and we refuse to accept this claim.

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It's very important for us to understand this very foundational principle of appealing somebody believes other than gives them the budget anonymously.

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problem, we have got nothing against

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somebody who calls themselves x or y or Zed. And if somebody says I want to follow any Muslim, please follow. If someone says I want to follow Mama, don't worry, no problem follow, but that is not Islam. That is not Islam, You are most welcome. Please follow follow john booty for anybody. Do whatever you want. If he tells you to do this or that most welcome, please do it. There is no shortage of space in general or Ghana. Both are equally big. And therefore there is no problem do what you want. But do not call it Islam because that is not Islam. That is not Islam. Islam is what Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought anything other than that is not Islam. But

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of course, people are welcome. They can follow whatever they want. We have got nothing against them. We are not preaching any hatred for anybody was welcome after Allah Hindus going and worshipping in the temple. So let him do it. Let him do it. But he said Islam is not a Christian is worship worshiping in a church? And he says no, this is not Islam, this is something else. That is your own invention. And that is what Islam and Islam is to follow what it was all about. And that is why I find myself in you that when we say shalonda Mohammed or sola, we are accepting number one, that Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the Messenger of Allah, he was an avid user of

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Allah. Number two, that he is the last and final messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala Jenner Allah and there is no messenger, no Naveen, or soon after, as well as Ella and anyone makes any claim to any way any lab any form of revelation whatsoever from Allah subhanaw taala visa is a liar we say that the person's claim is false. And we do not accept this claim. Number two, number three, when researchers are no Hamada Rasulullah we are also accepting that the day in which aerosolize Allahu alayhi wa sallam brought which consists of the Quran of Allah subhanaw taala and it consists of the sundown one masala is the best Deen is the only day in Ghana in Angola, Islam, Allah said in the

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eyes of Allah, the only game in Islam there is no other way. And therefore we accept this.

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Allah We are also accepting this, that we accept the fact that this Deen is the best. That is the only thing which is which is then everything else other than this is not there, it can be anything else. But it is not there and it is not Islam. It is something else. And we accept that the son of Salah is the best way of being it is the best way and the way and there's no other way which is better than the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when we accept this caliber, he let us understand that it is a great responsibility that we are accepting we are not simply saying something with our junk, it is a great responsibility that we are accepting and

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therefore we accept this with the full and complete understanding of what is available. That's why it's important to understand that and when we do that, that is the reason why as well as the one who says the callimachus Allah Allah,

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Allah with a class, when he says it with good luck, inshallah, you will enter then they said what is the wrath of the kalama? He said, that class of the kalama and it keeps you away from her. So, therefore, then, we are accepting the kalama you are accepting the Vidalia novella. We are accepting the result of Muhammad Salah you accepting the finality, the last and final position of socialism as the last and final messenger of Allah. And we are accepting the fact that we consider his Sunnah to be the best way of being. Obviously that means that if you say that it's so nice devasting then we follow up on not just matter of saying it, it's a matter of saying it and therefore, we follow us on

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and if there is any anything, which where the opportunity for us to do something against this one, I will not do that, we will do what is the tsunami? Because

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if it is the best and why do you do something which makes no sense that you say this is the best, but I will do something which is not as good as domination. So obviously, when you say this is the best way, then we also we said with our client and we follow it with our actions and that is why the final part of the kalama ledger and the beginning of the day is that the firm will come to accept the kalama in your heart. Well, Melissa, to speak the kalama and to state the dilemma with your time and all ama will our clan than the AMA that comes from the hands of the person and therefore if we follow the kalama we accept the karma and inshallah we do accept the karma, then our actions must be

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according to the development of Allah which means that we should not disobey Allah Subhana Allah, which will not go against the karma of wellness monitoring anything in our life. Why? Because the karma will stop us and

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We should not go against the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in anything in our life, because the Kalam should stop us from this, if I said I said the lightline Allah, then I will be Allah. And if I know Mohammed Rasul Allah, then I follow Mohammed Salah Fela, both of these, the our action is proof that we follow the claim. If we certainly follow the customer and our action is different from that, then we are denying the karma by our actions. And as I explained yesterday, whether it's an issue of shape, or whether it is something else, if I say I worship Allah, and then I ask help from somebody else, and I'm denying my own, if I say that allies worthy of worship and I do not make

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Salah that are denying the caliber, so similarly for other things, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from that we have to save us from being the caliber and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will enter the agenda, because we have complete and total faith with sincerity in

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Jolla or salon and while he was on his way