Ahmadi fails to prove death of Jesus

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Do you have your belief in Missoula Rama Qadiani has another prophet. That's the real issue. Okay, all these discussions, which are very important on the Quran on Tafseer on Hadees, our disagreement, everything stems from one phenomenon. And that phenomenon is the claim of Missoula Qadiani to profit. That's where the real issue is. It's very kind of him, I really appreciate that. I'm very happy that you guys came, I gave him a big hug outside in the parking parking area. And

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I just want everyone to know that we can continue this spirit, okay, we will not here to degrade or humiliate or insult each other. Rather, he will say what he thinks is true, and I will respond. And I will say what I think is true. And that's it. It's a very short conversation. Let's keep it dynamic. You know, let's not stick to one topic because that is gonna go on this hit up as many topics as we can. So I just want to start with one important thing, which is that for me, the Muslims like the Aquila, this one thing we can agree on, is the beautiful steamy of Hazzard. Naghmeh dibny humble rahamallah You're aware of it were someone where he basically explained that I would

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jib to I get so amazed that, you know, someone gets a Saheeh sonnet and they respond by saying Sofian authority said this or you know, and for us, Hoja is Quran and Hadees. Apart from Quran and Hadith, the only hijab for us is a gem of Sahaba not a Sahabi is personal because like the Athlon de sola my extreme goal is Sahabi Lisa be Hoja right. So I want to start with but how about Hadees when you say Hadees Do you have a standard to follow these for example authentic this because I have found that families use a lot of inauthentic fabricated reports to support the view as well. So we're glad Maddie Lysa see this question of LoL manualised ESA it's really important some Ibni Marja

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right and some scholars are authenticated as well. Okay. For example, if Nicosia that Mala in Obadiah wanna hire he writes that people see this hadith is weak because of Khalid bin al Joon dndc His Mattoon but then he explains that he was actually the shape of Imam Shafi Allah ma also accepted hustle bustle Mujahid used to say that establishment is the Imam methey okay used to believe each and every single

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statement will have to be qualified from it's not and we do not have any authentic it's not to my knowledge that stayed there that Eastside esalaam is Maddie Mercer deathmatch II Sebnem marine Imam and Madeon if we have master data they can pull it out or you can get laptop

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I have the scan here

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and we can check those

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any Adnan be any references a coat right? I'm obviously going to be extremely careful. So I just

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have to open up every reference I'm taking this is what I'm saying. Just keep it let's keep going but

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this buddy can check it up. It's a decent number. Sorry. This isn't my laptop so

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I use a double screen desktops are not useful. It's mostly a deathmatch. Okay, I have it right here. You guys pause for one second I just want to see here working

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mighty yum in mama net D this is in Messina definitely Okay, okay, so we can look into the authenticity of yoga Angelica is seven and my mama my daddy so he will meet no no

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young men command Asha min Kanaka from you who meets he sent me not only this anon Bay in so we have to check the authenticity we'll do that where do you have the yeah Angelica Yeah, he's on your memory and Adnan be not only that, whenever we discuss in Montmagny we start from Buhari and listen but all of these points you see they are very important point so we can discuss them are our main contention you know, as the lead when I say Muslims, again, when I say you are non Muslim, this is not an insult. This is by our standards, okay, by you know, we are sitting in the masjid and we're talking, you know, like brothers in humanity. Okay, we don't see eye to eye with each other.

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Clearly. I'm not an armory, and you're not a Sunni, okay, right. Sunni Muslim. But we we believe that because because of the virtue of your belief in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani has another prophet. That's the real issue. Okay, all these discussions

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which are very important on the Quran on Tafseer on Hadith, our disagreement, everything stems from one phenomenon. And that phenomenon is the claim of Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani to prophethood that's where the real issue is okay. All the things we discuss, okay. It will come and go your secondary primary is Mirza. Okay, so this is what Mesa Mesa is at the center of it. So, this is why

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when I say that we should not discuss anything else other than Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani himself, I don't mean that we can't discuss other topics. Other topics cotterman Naboo or topics like Rafa Tomasi or Hayato mercy, okay. All of these topics can be discussed. But why do the AMA these discuss these topics because they want to bring the buck back to Missoula has Qadiani because they want to show us

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as we seem to be misguided to the Ahmadiyya community, we appear to be misguided to them, because we're not believing in a true prophet. Right. So you want to bring us to the true prophet of God and his dilemma. Qadiani. We are saying, that's where we want to start. We don't want to go to any other discussion on this, I just want to make something clear. So first, we have to understand what was the claim of Hazzard Morales and what was his claim? So everyone is aware, right? The main difference between us and this is 12. His alleged sums books, is that not the AHA district here on Missoula mercy. These are mutawatir Hadith has a definite the lesson says whoever denies them is

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minimal indicating anyone who denies Missoula mercy is denying what the water hotties. But the question is that we have Sahil Buhari here, the most authentic book after the Quran right? We should look at what digital Sula Sallallahu osmc ago has it is a lesson and what does the Quran say ago as it is a lesson because if as it is a lesson is alive in the heavens with this body according to Kitab Allah and so here Buhari everything is finished, but if we pull from the mahkum ayat of Quranic Karim, that has it this lesson has died. And according to a Guan of Nabi SallAllahu, listen and Iijima of Sahaba incited Buhari, then the ladder de Messiah has to be someone else. And that is

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all found inside here. So let me just quote one verse because it's, I understand Yeah, we'll let you record the verses Oh, just the point is again the same point, let's say for the sake of the argument we cut to the chase we concede that easily Salam died

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out of Allah We don't believe that we have

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I know.

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When Mirza

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when he was not a prophet yet when he wasn't getting hungry. What was it with the Quran and the Sunnah in front of him? And did he did his there had like any other of our Muslims? What was his opinion on Hayato? Yeah, so in this time, he believed in exactly what we believe exactly. And this is clearly stated in his book by Brian Williams is that you see them as the topmost color given from his understanding of Quran and Sunnah without additional what he did not get that out of so this is a really disagree with this is a really important question. But there's a famous concept right in Islam that I want to cut to the chase. You see I this all of this conversation, this discussion, I

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want to cut to the chase so we can see it, we can see it. So let's let's say for argument's sake, is Ali salaam died as the Ahmadis claim, although they're the first ones to come up with this. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani had to come come up with this. Let's say he's right, for the sake of the argument. Okay. And let's say that you know, prophethood is still open for the sake of the argument.

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I'm going to give you this you know, space to move around. Let's say for the sake of the argument I'm making it very clear that this is to ask this copper to believe this is copper TCE clsm has died. No.

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Actually, we do that. I believe this. Okay, so now Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, because it goes against the Quran. Okay, my understand because I believe it's in the Quran. The the life of a Saudi Salaam is no Quran dasa again, because anyone who denies that Claire verse of the Quran, anyone who denies any verse of the Quran is