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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the use of AI to make a choice between rushed and re-instering, the differentiation between rushed and re-instering, and the use of guidance to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. The transcript also describes the use of AI to guide people to make a choice between rushed and re-instering, and the use of guidance to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.
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Alhamdulillah horrible alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shara film via evil mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge main bad. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Allah subhanho data, said

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la cucaracha Dini caught by rush domain la familia for with bajo de Ville in Villa in cerca de stem circa bill or what it was for long office Armada for law who sent me when I leave

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my brother's Allah subhanaw taala. When this ayah was revealed, the shadows of this ayah is that the bundle Nazir had broken the covenant with a sort of lie sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And as a consequence of that, they had to leave Medina.

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And as they were going, a peculiar problem arose, and that was that there used to be a superstition among the Arabs of among the outs and hundreds of the Arabs of Medina who used to have high infant mortality. And there was a superstition among them that if these children were brought up by the Jews, that they would live. So there were several Arab children, children of the Sahaba the Muslims, who were living with the Jews have been in Bangladesh. So now in the banner, they were leaving Medina, the vacuum de la sala, Salah, and they said, What about our children? Should they should be forcibly keep them back? Or should they be allowed to leave and go away with one another, you know,

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obviously, the Sahaba wanted their children back. So they asked us what they should do. And that is where Allah subhanaw taala revealed this AI.

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The AI is about making a choice unless Allah is presenting a choice. And interestingly, this ayah comes immediately after ayatul kursi in Surah Baqarah. So if you read this ayah in continuation with ayatul kursi. What we're seeing here is Allah subhanaw taala has introduced himself of who is Allah in the ayatul kursi. And then Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about making a choice and others rather than saying, He begins the ayah by saying la casa de, there is no compulsion in religion. Unfortunately, people who are Muslims who don't understand the Koran and who do not understand the issue of the noodle of if they tried to use law economics with Dean to justify disobeying Allah

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subhanaw taala despite being Muslim, which which is which goes against the entire grain of the whole part of being a Muslim. Muslim is one who's in submission dollars rather, so they will disobey Allah subhanaw taala and then if you tell them this, no, no, don't tell us anything like that. There's no comparison really.

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Like the end game for the non Muslims. There is no compulsion for anyone to enter Islam. But once you enter Islam, the AI that applies to the Muslims is

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now illegal and Rasul. Allah we hear and we obey and forgive us and view is our return that is the air that applies to Muslims the Muslim is the one who is in submission Before that, he is already submitted to Allah subhana wa. So where is the question of compassion on him because there is no competition out of the level one as you have done is submitting to law so to come back to the law said like

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there's no compulsion in religion so these people are not compelled to stay back on they're not compelled to go they have to make a choice the choice is left to them and then Allah tala de la ikura v de cut by IANA rooster MonaVie. Allah tala said the differentiation between rushed and re the differentiation between guidance and Miss guidance has been made clear. There is no confusion there is no problem there is no misunderstanding, what is right is clear and different from what is not right. Allah subhanaw taala has been introduced to you, you have been told who you should worship, you have been told not to make sure you have a solemn is there with you and among you, so

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that the the path of guidance is clear. Let them make a choice. And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the consequence of this choice. Allah de la casa De Niro's terminal Ray, for my yuck for Beto, diva, you may Mila Sokka distance will over the last column is Allah, Allah does it that the one who denies and the one who refuses to follow the taho

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the one who forbid the one who would deny is and who refuses to follow the Tao what is that was that was obviously are the idols and so on and and other objects that are worshipped instead of Allah subhanho data, but it is also any system

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That goes against the system of Islam. For example, if somebody, if a Muslim says that I will write a will, for my children that are by property should be divided equally among the men and the women among the boys and the girls, the sons and the daughters, and this is against the Islamic Sharia, which gives the sons twice the amount that it gives the daughters, then this person is following the oath and the person is committing Sheikh. Similarly, if the boy if anyone follows a system, which is against the sun, our solar system, which is against the Sharia, and he follows that system, believing that system to be more fair and more just and a better system to follow, then that person

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is following the law who is not the one who's mentioned here? Oh, my yuck for bitter hold. He is the one who's following the devil and he has not he has he has denied the man in Allah subhanaw taala. He is committing ship. So let's run into that the one who does not do that the one who denies the towel from a corbetta od. What do you mean Billa and the one who has Eman on a lot of handle data, this dumpster will or will deal with column three zamyla he has got hold of a handhold he has held a hand and that handhold will never break so handler theory, the majority of the things that I said if you give your hand in the hand of my hubby and make bow of Islam, and we are not alone, maybe as a

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Muslim is not with us today that we can give our hand in his hand. But accepting Islam and going into Islam and following Islam is to give back to Allah is Allah and and to accept Islam. So rather than being the one who take this handle of Allah subhanaw taala that handhold will never break and he will never be never be released and he will never be abandoned to himself. For her the stanza below what the rows column for some Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who hear everything and who knows everything. We ask Allah Germanotta to guide us and to make our hand hold firm on this Deen and never to break this handle. And to keep this hand hold firm until we are

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entered into Jonathan for those who are either within a visa law lives I will tell them the radius of insha Allah subhanho

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wa salam ala l mursaleen. Alhamdulillah Arabella

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